The Heir of the Dragon Emperor and his Bride Corps Translation

19.2 The First “Appointing of a Castle Lord”

[Now then, I designate Shouma Kiryuu as the castle lord.]

“The King cannot become a castle owner.”


“The king governs over the castle owner. Being designated as the castle lord is contradictory.”

So, the king can’t become the lord of a castle due to being the castle lord’s master? The Dragon Emperor-san’s skill… is so troublesome.

[Hey, Lisette, I take that back.]
[What happened, Shouma-nii-sama?]
[Can I give this castle to you instead?]

She is surprised.

[I suppose receiving a crumbling castle like this is pretty troublesome…]
[No, it’s not like that. Just, what the heck are you trying to do?]

Lisette enters the tower and unflinchingly stares at me with a serious expression. 
…..How should I explain this to her?

[……To be honest, I obtained some skills in the “Dragon Temple”.]
[Yes, I know.]

Lisette nods her head without hesitation.

[Lisette noticed when Shouma-nii-sama was enchanting the weapons. A remaining legend of the Dragon Emperor-sama is “The king is the person who grants name” after all.]
[Right, and also, there’s another skill. It lets me designate someone as the lord of a castle.]
[Are you, designating this castle’s lord?]
[I think so. If I succeed, that person might be able to use the mana within the land. The Dragon Emperor-san most likely used that power to establish the mamono repelling barrier,  or that’s my conclusion anyway.]
[So, you want Lisette to become…?]
[I tried it on myself, but it doesn’t look like I can’t become the lord of the castle.]
[You understand?]
[Because it’s the King. The King rules over the lord of the castle.]

She says the same thing as the skill.

[Except…. if it works, will you need to live here?]
[Probably not, Lisette doesn’t think that’s necessary.]

Somehow, I understand. This skill doesn’t work like that. Otherwise, it would mean the lord of the castle is the same as a human sacrifice. When I met the Dragon Emperor-san in my dream, he had a human face. He didn’t seem like someone who would do such a vile thing. The Dragon Emperor seems to have been a benevolent ruler, unlike the Black Flame Emperor.

Moreover, this skill is called, “awaken the sleeping magic”.

[I understand.]

Without me noticing, Lisette clutches the hem of my shirt.

[Please, Shouma-nii-sama, please designate Lisette as the lord of the castle.]

…… Why are you looking at me with such a straightforward gaze? It’s too dazzling for an originally almost 30 year old corporate slave.

[Lisette as the one whom inherits the land of the Dragon Emperor…]

Why? For some reason, she’s looking at me with a strangely tender smile?

[Lisette wants to protect this place, to keep from becoming an embarrassment as Shouma-nii-sama’s imouto,.]
[And I want to protect this place for the sake of a peaceful and quiet life.]
[Then, for the sake of Shouma-nii-sama’s quiet life.]
[Then, that’s fine.]
[Yes, it’s fine.]

I feel something soft against my hand— as I have that thought, I realize my hand is on top of Lisette’s head. I draw it back in a fluster.  Actually, was that okay?
…..Even though I’ve barely been here for a few days, I feel like I’m becoming distance from my former world. How troublesome, my soul is being pulled towards becoming “Kiryouou Shouma”…..

[What’s wrong, Shouma-nii-sama?]
[…..Nothing. Let’s finish quickly and go back.]

Lisette smiles and I activated the skill once more.

“For the sake of awakening the mana within the land, please designate a lord of the castle.”
[Will any risk befall the lord of the castle?]
“Please designate a lord of the castle.”
[……I inquire this under the name of Kiryouou Shouma.]
[In the name of Aberrant Overlord, should the castle lord come under any risk, I swear to subvert and dispose of this skill by whatever means necessary. If you don’t like it, then speak, skill of Dragon Emperor.]

The skill momentarily grows silent at my words.

“——The King——received the emperor’s appointment…. The “King’s Vessel”….. reaffirmed……similar term spoken by the previous Dragon Emperor…..received.”

It spits out a message I do barely understand.

“Explanation for capabilities of “Dragon Pulse.
“To awaken the mana sleeping within the land, bestow the right of use to a lord of the castle. However, migrating the land’s mana is generally impossible. Mainly, the mana of land is used for barriers. Furthermore, within the castle’s sphere of influence, support effects can be provided to the retainers of the lord of the castle.
“The magical power of the castle lord will increase while inside the castle.
“To be more specific, spells will increase in strength. Their duration will also increase. The lord of the castle does not need to permanently reside within the barrier to utilize it. However, a ritual where mana flows through the magic circle will be required once a year.”

Information flowed out on a window all at once. Reading it over… good, it doesn’t seem like there’s any risk. Then, there shouldn’t be any problem

[Well then, Lisette stand there.]
[Yes, Shouma-nii-sama.]

Following my instructions, Lisette moves to the centre of the magic circle.

[–In the name of Aberrant Overlord, I bestow upon you the abandoned castle–]

….No, I should give it another name. Even though the lord of the castle will be my imouto-in-law, Lisette, calling this place “Abandoned Castle” is too much. It deserves a name befitting of a descendant of the Dragon Emperor.

[Lisette Ryuge, I entrust you as the lord of “Dragon Tree Castle”.]

I say such while touching her forehead.

[The mana sleeping within this land is yours to use. With it, protect those who believe in you.  Now, Awake— “Dragon Pulse”!!]

Lisette’s body trembles. At the same time, the magic circle drawn on the floor shines. Its radiance is incomparable to earlier.

The light washes over Lisette as it overflows. It’s as if her skin is shining—her clothes turn transparent, leaving the shape of her body clear to see. Lines of light crawl over her skin. Her eyes are shut, lips sealed, and for some reason, her was cheeks scarlet.

[….Are you alright?]
[I’m, fine, Shouma-nii-sama.]

Lines of light burst from the centre of Lisette’s chest.
[Lisette Ryuge, at Nii-sama “Shouma Kiryou” sama’s decree, accept appointment as lord of “Dragon Tree Castle”.]

The moment Lisette makes her declaration—

Light particles rise from the ground. A countless number, one after the other.  It was almost like snow was drifting around us.

[Ah, Aniue-sama! Lizu-nee!! The outside is pure white, what are you doing!?]
[I seem to have made Lisette the lord of this castle.]
[What are you doing, Aniue-sama!?]

Haruka is surprised. However, I’m also surprised by this too.

[Anyway, come and see! This spectacle is amazing.]
[Yeah. Lisette, you too, it’s already fine to move now.]
[Ye, yees.]

Lisette for some reason, hold hands with me and Haruka as we step out.

The forest is surrounded by light. It feels like magical power is welling out from the ground and ascending to the sky. The shrieks of mamono can be heard from the forest. I look and see the silhouette of a goblin as it runs out of the light.

Other mamono are also there. A large, black, dog was late on trying to escape. It stands, trembling, in place. The magical power coiling around seems to be preventing it from moving. It can neither run away nor fight.

Garunga-san sees the mamono and defeats it with a, “Sakuu.”

This is the “barrier”? The Dragon Emperor’s, field of magical power he used to protect his people… was this?
…..It’s amazing. I understand now why Lisette and the others revere the Dragon Emperor-san so much.

After a while, the light disappears. However, there is no sign that the mamono will return. The “barrier” of monster aversion continues to display its effectiveness. Garunga and his friend are screaming, “Hyahha” as they are hunting down the mamono that were late in escaping.

[It looks like the barrier is working well.]
[….It’s not on that level of discussion, Aniue-sama. This castle….. including the surrounding forest, hasn’t it already become a safe place for us?]

Haruka’s eyes go round as she stares at me.

[Do you know what it means for an area where mamono can’t semi- permanently get near to?]
[You can totally eat a lot of rice!]

That’s really hard to understand, Haruka.

[That’s why! The area around the castle has become safe for hunting. Moreover, the mamono outside the barrier aren’t that scary anymore. Everything will work out just by escaping into the barrier. Then, when we counterattack, we can force them towards the barrier and pincer them from both outside and within it.]
[That’s not all.]

Lisette takes over Haruka words.

[The space surrounding this castle no longer needs to be guarded. We’re free to gather fruits as we please. We could even clear up a patch of the forest and develop a field for crops. In other words…..]

Lisette gives me a dazzling smile.

[In other words, Shouma-nii-sama has evolved the village of Lisette and everyone else.]

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