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15. Metal Turtle Shell

“That reminds me, I forgot to explain that when I transport anything, my magic power decreases in proportion to its weight. Whenever Taniizumi is around, I’m very much unlikely to remember to say anything about that.”

It’s easy to forget, but heavy objects consume an appropriate amount of magic. Continuous usage of the skill depletes mana and makes it unusable. The heavier the object, the more my magic gets diminished. After that, I can only either wait for it to recover or look to Himeno-san for help. Therefore, if I think something is too heavy to teleport, it’s better to not rely on me.

Not even Ono’s duplication can change these rules. In conclusion, magical energy can’t be restored in any way except by rest. Furthermore, my ability takes five minutes to activate. Well, our spoils can be dismantled and duplicated with Hiyama-san’s ability. Transporting should be possible like that.

“Alright, let’s leave processing here for now. What do we do with the meat and refuse?” 

We could use it for food, but the cook will get suspicious if we bring meat from an unknown source. Cooking and eating it ourselves…isn’t possible. 

We…no, everyone other than me has to rely on the cooking ability. Hence, no one is able to cook at all. Of course, there are some classmates who know how to cook. Just, it obvious after thinking about it a little. How many people are there capable of cooking and eating rats? Also, the mamono on this world seem to have a high chance of causing food poisoning regardless of whether they’re boiled or grilled. 

During the time I had returned to Japan, someone was unable to withstand their hunger stole some food. Of course, it was thoroughly cooked, but it still caused their stomach pain. That is what I heard. The symptoms seem to have been quite severe. The person was only able to survive due to receiving restoration and medical treatment. Since then, the consensus seems to be that eating food not prepared with cooking ability comes with a high risk. 

Taniizumi and the others also seem to be studying food. Apparently, when cooking food yourself, your Lv affects the potency of the food poisoning to a degree. Well, the taste seems to be terrible. There are also rumors that food made through the cooking ability can boost the eater’s abilities. I don’t know how true this rumor is, but… I don’t think it’s impossible. 

“Looks like there’s no choice but to rely on Yukinari to make it all disappear.”
“Ah, there’s something that I can process with my ability.”

Hagisawa says while raising his hand.

“Hagisawa, can you design anything for storing food? Or perhaps use this stuff for bombs?”
“Ah, the guy in charge of cooking and point consumption are problems to that.”
“Then, in that case, I’ll stock up for Hagisawa… can I entrust you with disposing of this before it rots?”
“Of course.”
“By the way, it might be a good idea to store it in the culinary warehouse.”

If I do it in small quantities, we might be able to share it around.
…or am I being too optimistic?

“Be mindful of your thoughts before doing anything.”
“I know.”

Thus, we discus in secret as much as we can. Then, later in day, once the sun goes down, Taniizumi and the others return with their usual joyful expressions. 

Next day,

As planned, we get ready to hunting again. To play it safe, we find out where Taniizumi and his group are going. Well, his course seems liable to change on a whim sometimes, their overall policy is to start from places that they can reach.

During these two weeks, I’ve often been impressed by the difference between the mamono that can and can’t be defeated. Do Taniizumi and his group descend upon them like a tyrant and skillfully take their lives, or do they use their superior abilities to mainly just crush small fries?

“I made this from the leftovers of the Metal Turtle shell without using my ability!”

Shigenobu says, revealing a shield made of the Metal Turtle shell as it was. It’s quite plain. All he did was attach a handle to the other side of the shell. Rather than say he made it himself, he probably just didn’t have enough points.

Metal Turtle Shell | Granted Effect | Magic Nullification

It’s not a shield, rather a shell. Still, magic nullification? Ah, then shouldn’t it not be effective against Taniizumi’s flames? That must mean his abilities are magical in nature. Although, there are also abilities like swordsmanship. It must use the laws of physics with its sturdy shell to defend against them. This is a creature completely dependent on its status for survival.


I casually grab the handle of the shield and try lifting it.

I lift it up, but that’s all I can do. This isn’t weight lifting competition.

“I- I have to carry this with me?”
“…you can’t?”

Shigenobu quietly nods in response to Hagisawa’s comment.

“To be honest… I thought as much.”
“It might have worked out if your Lv is higher, but for now, it’s too heavy for us to use.”
“Can’t be helped. Should we turn it into fertilizer for the warehouse then?”
“No, if we use small pieces… they might make for good protectors. I leave breaking it up to Yukinari.”

Maybe I can use teleportation to divide it?

“Understood. I’ll try it later.”

Even if there’s a good material, points are consumed to properly process it. So, will there be any problems from me doing this? …is this even something we can use at the moment?

“Well, shall we go?”

Hiyama-san causes a portal to appear with those words.

The points and materials we gathered yesterday were used to improve our equipment. This led to me receiving Hiyama-san’s old gear.

Obsidian Sword | Granted Effect | None | Sharpness | Poor

If this were a game, this would probably be a very good sword. Instead, even a knife is more powerful than this…
It’s like a bone sword… it makes me feel like a caveman. Just how well equipped are Taniizumi and the others for their battles?
Would bringing a knife from modern Japan be dangerous? …for now, putting aside whether I’ll use it or not, I’ll bring one later.

As for this obsidian sword, I recommend it be given to Shigenobu. Hiyama-san, however, refuses to allow it. Like that, we depart! Then…

“Maybe someone should stay behind as a look out?”

Hagisawa says.

“Sakaeda and the others come here pretending to be busy, so it might better for someone to stay here longer.”
“…that’s true.”

Shigenobu nods in response to Hagisawa’s remark. Now that it’s being mentioned, since we don’t know when someone might visit Shigenobu’s workshop, it might be more pragmatic to have someone housesit and lie about us.

“Himeno-san will be suspected if she doesn’t return every two hours. It might be best if we use two hours shifts.”

…Make sense.

“Hiyama-san and Himeno-san are pivotal for hunting. If Hanebashi, Hagisawa, and I take turns…”
“How would we transport the hunted mamono here?”

Hiyama-san says that for some reason. I tilt my head to the side in confusion as to why Hiyama-san of all people would say that. Shigenobu looks like he’s thinking the exact same thing.

“If it’s a small mamono, can’t we just put it in a bag?” 
“…That’s Hanebashi-kun’s job.”

Hiyama-san answers with some discomfort. Even though I’m not complaining about the increase in my workload, Hiyama-san needs to show me the proper respect. Shigenobu nods as if he understands my intentions.

“OK, Hagisawa and I will take turns keeping watch. Is that alright?”

Hagisawa has no objections, so all he does is nod. Eh? That’s fine? If anything, I’d say raising the Lvs of Shigenobu and Hagisawa should take priority…

“Yukinari, if you see that turtle, absolutely make sure to defeat it and bring it back.”
“That alone is the entire meaning behind Hanebashi coming along.”

I nod to Hagisawa’s supplement to Shigenobu’s words. Ah, so it was something like that. It’s true that I’m the only one who can defeat that turtle. Therefore, it’s more efficient for me to come along. Furthermore, that turtle, there’s a possibility that Hagisawa can use it to make good equipment. I don’t know how, though.

“Alright, then, who’ll be staying behind to keep watch first, Shigenobu or Hagisawa?”
“As the first person to suggest this, I’ll do it.”

Hagisawa answers.

“Understood. Well…shall we go?”

And so Hagisawa stays behind to keep watch while we depart.

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