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10.2 The Rose Garden’s Visit

“I’m so sorry, Riol… the rumors about me and His Highness certainly stopped, but no one heard the story of the world’s coolest Baron’s third son…”

“…because you don’t need to spread the story of such a fictional character.”

It was lunch break.

Having only managed to fulfil half of her main objectives, Sharina headed rather dejectedly to their usual meeting place—the backyard.

“—it isn’t fictional—!! He’s an actual person—!!”

“…now, I’m finally convinced of it—you perceive the world differently than I do.”

Coincidentally, she met Riol on the way. It seemed that Riol had just left his classroom as well. Meeting in a corner of the school, they decided to walk together.

“By the way, today’s sandwich has a new taste! The fillings consist of fried chicken coated with tartar sauce, honey mustard, and your favorite black pepper.”

“Hee. Looks delicious.”

She proudly unwrapped the basket and revealed her masterpiece to Riol.

“Yes! The chicken in my land was frozen and delivered here at high speed! By none other than the Gigan Eagle of my house—!”

“You let a bird deliver an otherwise deceased member of its race, a chicken…? Gigan Eagle…? You raise one…?”

She was worried that serving a Hamburger Sandwich everyday would bore Riol. When she consulted with her chef, she was advised to change the meat.

“Ah, it seems that I forget to mention it before. Yes, my house adopted a carrier Gigan Eagle. They are different from carrier pigeons—they can easily deliver large or frozen items like this.”

“Finally, my confusion about how you got the ground beef for the hamburger in such a frightening speed is answered, too.”

Riol uttered, although it didn’t seem to bode well with his reasoning.

“Even so, I’ve heard of Blood Crows and King Owls—but it’s amazing that your family managed to get their hands on a Gigan Eagle. They can easily catch and carry one or two big monsters, right? How did you manage to get them?”

Gigan Eagles didn’t attack people, but also didn’t follow people either.

Other than that, it was probably only the Clydea Family who adopted such a creatures and assigned to them tasks that should had belonged to carrier pigeons…

“The beast tamer in my house, Apollon, is a genius that could tame both animals and demons. My father told me he managed to tame all the watchdogs in one go during the interview, thus, he was hired.”

“Again, such an amazing sounding name being revealed as Clydea’s servant! …Aren’t those just some incompetent watchdogs—!?”


“No… your watchdogs, obeying a stranger they met for the first time just like that… what would happen to their Master?”

Apollon, the proud servant of the Clydea Family, was fond of creatures that didn’t eat human.

The first time he had arrived at the Clydea’s household, they had to comfort him, who was just being dismissed from another house for some reason. It was unlikely the reason would come forth anytime soon.

“He and the Gigan Eagle bonded nicely. Since then, whenever he leaves, he will use a gondola carried by the bird.”

“Certainly, I said that it can easily carry one or two big monsters, but still…!”

“I also used it as a means of transportation whenever I went out…”

Finally, they reached the backyard. She was about to relax under the shade of the big tree, sitting on the fertile soil near the foot of the tree…


She saw shadows on the thick tree trunk. Not just one or two, but four.

“—it seems that you didn’t listen to my advice.

A familiar, cold, and sharp voice she had just heard yesterday—

“—Lady Rosalind…”

Why is she here…?

Sharina stared in surprise as she held the basket tightly.

Rosalind Ariarose; the fiancé candidate for the First Prince. This time, she came with the other candidates.

They met again.

“All of you from Rose Garden, do you need anything from her?”

Riol responded, his posture as straight and firm as Rosalind’s.

Unless they called out, Sharina would probably not realize their presence.

Did the severe princess education also include some tidbits about erasing ones presence?

“Didn’t I say that if you’re unprepared to take on the princess education, you should never approach His Highness again? Don’t say that you forgot.”



Sharina and Riol both blinked at once—even if they were told to stay away, they hadn’t come across the Prince today.

“You’re about to secretly meet His Highness in this spot, right? As I’ve said, I did my research on you. Do you think I won’t know this much?”

Sharina was about to interject—however, Rosalind was as uninterruptable as usual.

“Handmade cookies, handmade sandwiches—yes, they would certainly taste unique to His Highness, who’s meals are always cooked by elite chefs. But, you don’t know the fundamentals, do you?”

Rosalind kept staring daggers at her basket—

well, I don’t know what this ‘fundamentals’ thing you’re talking about—

—however, shouldn’t someone fundamentally be waiting for another’s reply when talking?

“Why do you think there are so many elite chefs serving His Highness? Why do you think we don’t stoop as low and do the same thing as you? Let me tell you, the reason isn’t just because cooking skill is wasted on noble ladies—”

The three people behind her also stood while glaring at her.

It seemed that they wanted to say something too, but Rosalind’s one man recital prevented them…

“—it’s because handmade sweets, handmade meals, can basically be made by everyone—!! Yes, they are that ordinary—!!”

…what should I do now—?

Unlike yesterday, it was daytime. Hence, she couldn’t hunt constellations nor admire the moon…

“Those handmade foods made by amateurs, they should’ve never entered His Highness’ mouth—!! Rather than trying to appear different, shouldn’t you prioritize the health of your kingdom’s prince first—!?”

…what kind of sin had Sharina committed in her previous life?

To listen to such an uninteresting speech was enough for her to contemplate dying.

As always, Rosalind didn’t give her a chance to speak.

Actually, Sharina had been blabbering ‘No, you misunderstood.’, ‘you’re mistaken—‘, ‘—OI! FOUNTAINMOUTH—!’ before Riol grabbed her arm with a look that said ‘are you crazy—!?’

“Edward, my brother-in-law and also His Highness’ attendant, tried to stop him. However, it seems that His Highness was deemed on coming here. For the purpose of none other than eating your handmade sandwich.”

No matter what she said, Sharina would only be interrupted. Finally, she decided to count how many clovers were at her feet.

—one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight…

…it was actually quite a fun pastime. Adjacent leaves overlapped, making them surprisingly challenging but also worthwhile to count.

“If you truly have feelings for His Highness, then stop putting his life in danger—!!”

oh, there’s a four leaf clover—!

“Should His Highness suffer from food poisoning, can you take responsibility—!?”

Rosalind raised her fist and flipped her hair as her speech reached its climax. While at the same time managing to steal all lines from her other three group member—

—meanwhile, Sharina’s hunt for four-leaf clovers had also reached its climax—

I found three…!!

“…that’s enough.”

Footstep could be heard through the weeds, as a new shadow emerged on the ground Sharina was staring at.

“Your… Highness…”

For the first time, Rosalind’s long winded speech got interrupted.

Sharina also lifted her face, pausing her four-leaf clover hunt.

“I’ve keep you waiting, my Uniquely Furred Cat.”

The man—no, the uncalled-for Root of All Evil, stood there with an angry face that was ready to rampage.

***T/N: …This is the first time I feel glad for That’s presence. And now I’m filled with self-loath…




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