The Witch Who Once Was Called A Saint Translation

Chapter 5: A Warm Meal and A Visitor (2)

This man called Eos was weird. She had vaguely felt such ever since the day after she saved him. Now, however, that thought has turned into, It’s not a vague feeling anymore, why have I never noticed this?

Astraea glared at Eos. This is already his fourth time stopping by. More likely than not, he’s been coming every day off he’s been given off.

Astraea had forgotten how many days had passed between them. Regardless, Eos’ visits had been happening too frequently.

“…Do you not have any friends?”

“Why do you ask?”

“That’s cause you’re here on your day off. Doesn’t that mean you purposely came?”

Astraea set up her residence there specifically because people didn’t travel near that place.

Eos, however, slightly tilted his head to the side at Astraea’s words. Then, he suddenly smiled.

“Of course, I have a lot. They’re all good people.”


Do you really have friends? Or maybe you’re just always being cast aside?

As I thought, he’s a really weird person.

For example, even if he didn’t, he should have other things that need doing on his days off. So for him to come here… Who else would do that except a weird person?

Today, Eos brought soup with simmered meat. Astraea drank it from a tube similar to that of last time’s. Nearby were two people’s portions of bread and butter with jam slathered on top. It seems that Eos thought to bring his own portion after his previous visit.

Just like the first, second, and third times, Astraea told him to go home immediately after the meal like it was a tradition. It was a conversation that didn’t seem like one. So, why does he frequently come like this despite my being so rude to him? Shock came to her first before any suspicions.

She wondered why it was he brought soup every single time. That was her first question from the very start.

But it smells really delicious…!

Though it was regrettable, she didn’t allow the aroma to win her over. Eos is also at fault for bringing a different flavor of soup every visit. She felt her sense of smell sharpening with each passing meal.

I’m being lead towards an extremely evil path… She thought such in a corner of her mind. Although as she did so, she had already finished the soup.

Astraea ate bread with cheese in between as she waited for Eos to finish eating. However, it seemed that today’s portions were slightly less than usual. Just as Astraea thought that, Eos suddenly laughed.

“Not enough?”

“N-Not really…”

“Though, I did make it so that you wouldn’t have enough.”

Four hundred years had probably passed since Astraea last wanted to hit someone. He’s not just a weirdo, but an evil weirdo! When she glared at him, Eos smiled as he brought out a somewhat large can from within his bag.

“…What’s that?”

“A simple chimney starter. And this is a frying pan. I will heat this up, put on a small amount of butter, and crack some eggs. Ah, but before I do, I should probably cook some ham first.”

Eos quickly prepared his utensils as he explained their uses. Even though he melted the butter on the frying pan, the first thing he lightly cooked was the ham. Afterwards, with the pan as it was, he cracked open some eggs. Once they cooked for a bit, he poured water into the pan. The he placed a lid on top to keep the rising steam from escape and waited. Once he removed the lid after some time, the eggs had cooked beautifully.

“I prefer my eggs half-cooked but… Do you like them as well?”


A delicious smell wafted about. Thinking that, Astraea unconsciously accepted it on a corner of her bread. With no hesitation, she bit into it.

“It wouldn’t have kept its heat like the soup if I had brought it here. And even if I did say I’ll make it here, your house doesn’t have any cooking utensils.”


It goes without saying that I’ve never thought to make cooking utensils.

No matter how it’s looked at, her one-room home made it extremely hard for any normal human to live in. That’s because it’s a cabin more so a home.

He probably thought, ‘Since she’s a witch, she made it work one way or another…’

Eos doesn’t ask Astraea much about herself. If he did, he felt like she might change her mind about eating. He especially didn’t ask about her reason for living in the middle of a forest or how she supported herself.

…I probably can’t seriously turn him away because he has never asked about me.

If he did, Astraea would never accept Eos again, no matter how attractive the meal he places in front of her.

Even so, it’s annoying how he keeps on coming back again and again.

She wonders, just when will he get tired and stop coming. Thinking that, she was slightly inclined to ignoring him today as well. Besides, she figured that since he’s only been ‘recently appointed to the fortress,’ he’ll receive a new assignment sooner or later.

Once that happens, his visits will have to stop as well. If he doesn’t ask her anything, then it might be fine to unreasonably ignore him. Eos isn’t particularly a bad person, just a weirdo…

Astraea was taken aback by her train of thought. What am I thinking? Even though she decided to live in such a place specifically to avoid people, am I being charmed by the multiple meals?

“Was it delicious?”


Astraea noticed at Eos’ question that she had already finished eating the egg. But because of her thoughts, she wasn’t able to taste it.

“If you come hang out at the fortress, I’ll be able to treat you to food as well, you know?”

“…I refuse!”

Though slightly regretful, Astraea shouted strongly at his words. Being tempted by food would definitely be bad.

“Quickly go home once the frying pan cools down!”

“Then, why don’t we eat some dessert until then?”

Astraea was vexed at the weird way Eos smiled. As such, she ate both of their desserts. She couldn’t even say anything at how he was smiling too much.

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