Translation We Dwell at the Base of the Dragon’s Peak

44.1 The Dragon Tribesmen and Demons

Dragon’s Peak is a mountainous zone that lies between the east and west of the Armard Kingdom and the countries controlled by the demons. The dragon tribesmen live in numerous villages based along tribal lines on steep mountains that reach even higher than the clouds and areas that are generally inaccessible.

Up until five hundred years ago, conflict frequently broke out between them and the demons. Sometime after that, a new maou took over the area east of Dragon’s Peak and suppressed the other maou. At present, conflicts between the two are quite rare. Still, radical demons do invade Dragon’s Peak and fight against the dragon tribesmen and dragons.

Mistral explains such to us while making a simple map on a desk. Key points are designated with small items.

“So, the maou controlling the territory that has Dragon’s Peak towards its west was replaced?”

“Yes, this maou is known as the Giant Maou. This maou’s strength is in a completely different league from other maou.”

Fuun. And then, there are radical maou in the north who continue to rampage?”

“My, my, well, well, looks like there exists various types of maou.”

“Such can be said of the demons of present. Just like how there are good and bad people in human tribe, not all demons are actually evil.”

“To speak with such a tone, Mistral, you must be acquainted with good demons.”

“Just a little bit.”

An uneasy expression crosses Mistral’s face.

“Relations with the area controlled by the Giant Maou have been improving. Hence, we have little interaction with them.”

Ehh, how strange.”

“It really is. Discussions about demons can be held without the preconceived notion that demons are heinous after all.”

Ruiseine and I nod our heads, “Un, un.”

“That can’t be helped. Even among the dragon tribesmen elders, such thinking exists. “

Mistral makes a wry smile.

“Then, within the dragon tribesmen, some are conspiring with demons?”

“That’s right. Just like with humans, demons, and even dragons, all tribes have good and bad members.”

“Just who is behind all of these evil deeds.”

“It isn’t someone working alone. Dragon’s Peak is ruggedly complex. There are also numerous clans living in various small villages all over. Crossing through Dragon’s Peak without being discovered isn’t something that can be done with an individual’s abilities.”

“That means, bad things are being done to those small clans?”

“I’m sorry for bring trouble to all of you of the human tribe.”

As Mistral lowers her head, I reach out my hand out to her.

“Mistral, this isn’t your fault. You don’t have to apologize.”

“That’s right. Mist-san, you did nothing wrong.”

Fufu, it really helps to hear both of you saying that to me. Still, this is a problem of the dragon tribesmen. As the Dragon Princess, I must be strict with this matter.”

“P-please do it calmly.”

Mistral is fierce when angered. Are you aware of this, dragon tribesmen members?

“Once this problem is solved, I would like to go to the Dragon’s Peak at least once.”

Uwahh. Ruiseine, you’re really capable of taking action.”

“Ernea, don’t you want to go?”

“Me too, of course I want to go. I want to visit Mistral’s home village.” 

“When we get married, you’ll have to greet my parents and the family head after all.”

Gununu, th-that’s right.”

My face stiffens.

“My, my, well, well, Ernea-kun, do please ensure to properly greet my parents as well.”

Gwahh, o-of course I will.”

Cold sweat breaks out all over my body.

What kind of people are Mistral’s parents? Are they scary? Kind? And I have to greet the chief too? Except, of course I do. I am going to take the dragon princess, the pride of the dragon tribesmen, as my wife.

Now that I’m thinking about it, I wonder if I also should greet the other dragon tribesmen in her village? Old Sleigstar said she’s popular and has a flood of suitors. I get the feeling the men will be scary.

Ruiseine’s parents must be absolutely strict. Anyone who sees her conduct can easily judge that. Ristia’s bride candidate, Kiri, is also a shrine maiden like Ruiseine. According to Ristia, they won’t easily accept someone with other brides. I’ve no doubt Ruiseine’s will be the same. Will I be able to convince them?

But before I can live a sweet married life with Mistral and Ruiseine, I still have a super difficult problem.

Mistral says, “Ernea, before greeting our parents, you need to make us fall in love with you first.”

“That’s riiiiight!”

Yep, that’s my challenge. Just, how do I make Mistral and Ruiseine fall in love with me?

“Rather, Mistral, Ruiseine, you don’t like me right now?”

“To ask that is a foul.”

“Do your best, Ernea-kun.”

Mistral and Ruiseine smile, both of them pat my head together.

After that, we continue to talk without holding back. Then, we separate for the night.

“Good night, Ernea-kun.”

Un, good night.”

“Ernea, don’t do anything strange to Priscilla. Nymia, please watch him properly.”


“Ehhhh, I won’t do anything strange!”

Mistral and Ruiseine smile at my fluster as they leave back to their room.

“Nymia, you’re still awake?”


I thought for sure she was asleep with Priscilla-chan by now.

Before leaving the room, Mistral put Priscilla-chan in the futon. While doing so, she made sure to leave a space open for me to sleep.

I turn off the illumination device within the room and carefully enter the futon. Nymia positions herself between Priscilla-chan and me, and then curls into a ball.

“Good night.”

“Good night, nyan~”

Afterwards, I fall asleep.

Or so I thought I would.  Priscilla-chan suddenly hugs me.

Ufufufu. I’m together with onii-chan!”

Uwahh, Priscilla-chan was awake all along?”

Could she have been pretending to sleep all this time?

Nnmtto, I’m just woke up.”

“My, did I wake you up?”

Priscilla-chan giggles as clings to my arm.

“Priscilla-chan, go to sleep again.”

Nnmtto, I’m not tired anymore.”

“No, no, no, it’s still night. You have to stay in bed until morning.”

“Don’t wanna, don’t wanna~”

“Even if you speak cutely, a no is still a no.”

Muuu, onii-chan is so mean.”

“Ahaha, come on, you really need to stay in bed. You won’t be able to wake up tomorrow morning if you don’t.”

Nnmtto, I’m not sleepy, so let’s stay like this for a little longer.”

“It can’t be helped then~”

She doesn’t look like she is going to get out of the futon, so I decide to go along with Priscilla-chan’s selfishness.

“Tell me a story.”

Ehhh, what kind of story?”

“Mist tells me fairy tales!”

Mumumu, that’s hard.”

Mistral is good at handling playful children. I panic at times like these since I don’t really know how to deal with small children.

“I want to hear onii-chan‘s story.”

Priscilla-chan is really closer to me. Her body temperature is warm.

“Yeah, alright.”

I speak while trying to remember all of the human tribe’s fairy tales my mother used to tell me long ago. Soon after that, I hear the calm breath of Priscilla-chan’s sleep.

Uuu. I wonder if it wasn’t interesting. Maybe I should be relieved she immediately fell sleep. While having that mixed thoughts, I enter my dreams.

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