A Thousand Years of Separation~ Today, I Shall be the Villainess~ Translation

35. Lewis’ Confession (5)

“Our powers are alike—we both inherit past memories. However, I don’t really remember the past that much. I can’t remember my old name, nor how long have I lived. One thing’s for sure, my knowledge is accumulated from my previous lives.”

He smiled.

“This is where our path differs—unlike you, I’m not tied down by anything. I was always alone. Don’t get me wrong, though, I do have parents and siblings. However, to be alone is akin to a basic instinct for me—once I was able to earn my keep, I left home—never to return. Haha, do I sound cold?”

Lewis’ eyes swayed, conveying his loneliness.

He went on.

“In the end, knowledge and experiences are the only things I have. I’ve tried everything—from becoming a doctor, a musician, and even a mercenary—well, that’s in the past, it doesn’t really matter now, does it?”

He laughed sardonically—and suddenly turned serious.

“Apart from the power to inherit memories, I also have another power. It lets me sense the powers of others.”


…sensing the powers of others?

Towards my expression, Lewis nodded.

“There are actually many people in the world who possess mysterious powers. Conversing with animals; foretelling the future; making it rain—those strange powers that separate some from others …I can feel them.

does that means people with special powers like me, Lewis, and Arthur aren’t actually rare?

It’s just that I wasn’t aware of them…?

Lewis read my face and answered.

“Saying that it isn’t rare isn’t really accurate… usually, there would be almost none in a country. Yet, since I can feel them, I can easily meet those people. I try to spend as much time as possible with them. However, no one other than me has memories of previous lives—yes, until I met you.


so that’s what it was all about…

Was that why he was looking for me?

Because I have the same power as him…?

“Meeting William was actually a coincidence. No, that wasn’t entirely accurate. I’m always searching for people with powers, saying that I met him by chance would be lying—

—when I first met William, I certainly felt something. But it’s really weak—it wasn’t even his own—indeed, what I felt at that time was your power, Amelia-sama.”

—or ‘curse’, I might say.

It was a curse I never intended to put on William.

This time, maybe… the truth behind the curse might come forth.

I listened to Lewis’ story.

“But, at that time, neither William nor I knew anything about you. All I could feel was your obscure presence, which lingers on William. I keep searching for you, to no avail—

—since then, five years have passed. One day, I finally found you.”


Lewis’ words made me delve through my memories—

—Lewis and William met when William was seven years old. During that time, Lewis was nine years old, while I was three…

Even five years later, I was still eight years old. Most of my time was spent in my house—my own territory. I was such an easy target to find.

Lewis continued.

“It was during Arthur’s 12th birthday party. Children of the aristocrats from all over the kingdom, whom were close with Arthur, were invited. I was also present because I was William’s attendant. That was how I found you. However, our distance was quite far—I couldn’t figure out your power, or even your name…”

Lewis became gloomy.

Perhaps, back then, he noticed my existence, but couldn’t learn who I was.

I tried to recall that moment too—…

—Arthur’s 12th birthday party…

I was certainly there. Nevertheless, that day, I avoided people and ran away from the party as soon as possible. Did that mean Lewis noticed me from the very beginning? …In those crowds… how powerful is he?

Not even I was aware of my power until now…

If everything he said up to this point was true, only one question remained—

Was there really a need for him to search for me to his utmost efforts, even though he didn’t know what my power was? If he could easily feel the faint trace of me from William, then he could have just as easily felt Arthur’s power

…Rather than looking for this obscure me, shouldn’t he instead be focusing on Arthur, whom was William’s close friend?

I pondered so. Lewis replied.

“Yes, there’s indeed a need for me to find you—because you’re wonderful.” Saying that, he smiled. “When I saw you up close yesterday, I could finally confirm it—you indeed possess the same power as me. But, as you suspected, there’s also another reason—

I realized it when I was by William’s side. I could feel a vibration… from the very core of William’s life—it’s very unstable…”


I opened my eyes. I could already feel it—this could only be a bad sign…

“This is the answer to your third question—the real reason I was looking for you …is to cut you entirely from William’s life, for his sake.”


Towards Lewis’ seriousness, my heart bounced.

The relationship between me and him—cut it off, he says…

well, that had always been my intention, hadn’t it? My presence threatened his life; I wanted to free both of us from that suffering.

—but, was that really possible? If it was, …how?

Lewis nodded slowly.

“Yes, it’s possible, however…”

Saying that, his gaze quivered for a moment. As if he couldn’t decide on something.

I decided to wait for Lewis’ continuation.

—if it was really possible; if there was a way; if Lewis truly intended to save William from his harsh fate… then, Lewis was William’s true ally, wasn’t it?

But, perhaps, it was possible that he wouldn’t just tell me. Not that easily; he wouldn’t gain anything by that. I was sure he would give me some conditions before he agreed to help William.

The question was: what would he demand from me? However, it was also unlikely for him to demand anything difficult… and I no longer had any choices…

Lewis, after a bit of silence—and probably having read my thoughts—finally opened his mouth—

“How to help William, and what you must do in order to help him—there are two conditions.”


I’m willing to go through anything.

I conveyed my resolve through my glance.


Lewis smiled gently.

“It seems that you’ve prepared yourself.”

On his usual inscrutable face, was a dignified expression.

“Well, the first condition is, until the time arrives when you have to sever all ties with William-sama… you must never defy my commands.


Lewis’ dark eyes stared at me. They faintly shook.

The color of those eyes… were probably projected by his loneliness. It came from the bottom of his heart.

Lewis gazed at me.

“—swear to me. You’ll abandon everything and leave with me. I won’t tell you to forget your old lover.”


Ever since that gaze of his landed on me, my thoughts had stopped.

—living with Lewis… while not having to forget about Elliot—I wasn’t that lost in touch with my heart to not comprehend the underlying meaning behind his words.

“Amelia-sama… please… accept me.”

His eyes were pleading painfully.

As if dreaming—Elliot’s facial expression flickered in my head—

—and I realized;


This isn’t a joke, is it?

—he’s actually serious.

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