Translation We Dwell at the Base of the Dragon’s Peak

42.2 My Destiny

“That’s why Ernea should firmly seize Ruiseine.”


Once again, mine and Ruiseines’ screams overlap. This time, Priscilla doesn’t wake up, nor does the patrolman peek inside.

How did it come to this?

Due to unforeseen circumstances, last night I saw Ruiseine naked to which she told me to take responsibility. Now, Mistral is telling me not to let her go and to make her my bride. Is it just my imagination, or is this turning into an unexpected marriage proposal?

Ruiseine is a beautiful woman. While I am happy to be told to accept her as my wife and accept responsibility, my feelings are a mess.

“I-if I don’t want to marry Ernea-kun, then what will happen?”

“T-that’s right. I think Ruiseine has the right to choose her partner.”



“Isn’t it fine? Last night, Ernea saw you naked. Don’t you also want him to take responsibility?”

“That is…”

Ruiseine’s face goes bright red as she mumbles in hesitation over what to say.

“Ernea, you also have to work hard to make in order to properly make Ruiseine fall in love with you. If she escapes, I will break off our engagement. And then, Ruiseine.”

With those words, Mistral slams down her jet-black rod.


Ho- How dreadful. She won’t just break off engagement, but also aim Ruiseine’s life?

“E-either way, I, don’t think you should threaten a shrine maiden.”

Nn? Then you’re fine with breaking off our engagement?”

“N-no, that’s not it. I firmly refuse to do that. But, to even aim for the shrine maiden Ruiseine’s life is a little…”

“You don’t understand, Ernea. Dragon eyes are just that enormous if a threat to us. Having them within reach is for the best. If that’s impossible, then it can’t be helped.”

Mistral is smiling, but she is not the slightest bit charming. Rather, she is scary.

“U-uhm, Ernea-kun, please take responsibility for everything, alright?”


Seeing Ruiseine act bashful makes me blush as well.

“By the way, Mistral, won’t me having more wives make you jealous?”

Fufufu, please make me love you so much that I’ll become jealous.”


Being told such a smooth and embarrassing line makes even my neck burn red. I’m so embarrassed, I can’t even look at Mistral or Ruiseine.


The carriage progresses smoothly. We reach a street lined with inns and dining areas late in the evening. However, since we boarded the carriage early in the evening, we haven’t gone all that far. That’s when the nice patrolman tells us we can board the carriage against tomorrow.

We gratefully accept. Not having to walk to the auxiliary capital as anticipated is great. I had been worrying about what we would do since last night till noon today, but everything seems to be working out fine. Well, in regards to our journey, anyway.

A new problem rose up for me just this afternoon. It’s a huge problem that will affect my life. Not just Mistral, I now have to take Ruiseine as my bride.

Even though that makes me incredibly happy, I can’t honestly rejoice about it. Somehow, I need to make Mistral and Ruiseine fall in love with me from the bottom of their hearts. How am I supposed make a woman fall in love with me? This problem is too difficult for me, someone who has never even gone a date with a woman before.

I wonder how Ristia made Kiri and everyone else fall in love with him. I should ask him to teach me later.

My worries, however, aren’t something the girls are aware of. They’ve been making a fuse with each other since boarding the carriage. Well, there’s no way I can figure out how they are feeling right now in the first place. 

We get off the carriage and, despite what our true feelings might be, decide to first find lodgings. Unlike yesterday, we come across an inn quite easily. Except, they only have two rooms available and only two people can occupy a room at a time. Worse, within each room is a sole, large, bed.

In other words, they are rooms for lovers and married couples.

What should we do now?

Our first idea is for Mistral, Ruiseine, and Priscilla-chan to share a room. Unfortunaty, an inn employee points out that the beds aren’t large enough for Priscilla-chan to join them even if she is a child.

We then consider searching for another inn. That’s when a different guest tells us there are no vacancies anyplace else and explains that’s the reason he’s staying there. As such, we book a room in a fluster. Now, we are in a trouble.

We gathered in one of the rented rooms and have a room conference.

“Perhaps I should share rooms with Ernea. If he tries to do anything, I am stronger.”

Un, that’s certainly true. Hearing that still hurts though. Not only does she believe I’ll attack her, she’s flat out stating I’m weaker than her.

“My, my, well, well, you mustn’t, Mist-san. Even if you are both engaged, a man and woman shouldn’t sleep alone together before marriage.”

“Even if that’s the case, we are all girls except for Ernea. Also, three girls can’t fit in the same bed.”

“In that case, how about me, a shrine maiden.”

“Unfortunately, being a dragon tribesmen, I don’t understand the significance of what you’re saying.”

“There’s no one in the human tribe devious enough to attack a shrine maiden. That also applies to Ernea-kun. That’s why, I should stay in the same room as him.”

“Rejected. Weren’t you reluctant over staying in the same room as everyone yesterday?”

Uu, that is…”

Eetto, I’m happy with anyone.”

Both of them glare at my smile.

Eehh, why are they glaring?

“Ernea, please be silent.”

“I’m sorry, Ernea-kun, but has been a woman’s battle from the start.”

What kind of battle is that? Furthermore, it doesn’t seem like I can choose either.

As I am feeling down, Priscilla-chan comes over and hugs me.

Nnmtto, Priscilla will sleep together with onii-chan!”

A smile covers Priscilla-chan’s whole face. No one can stand against her.

“I-it can’t be helped, then. Tonight, I concede to Priscilla.”

“My, my, well, well, looks like we were ambushed.”

Mistral and Ruiseine give Priscilla-chan a wry smile.

Somehow or another, I’ll be sleeping with Priscilla tonight.

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