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11. Battle Preparations

While making excuses for the concealed pastries I bought and distributing them to the persecuted base group members, the days passed.

Then, at last, the equipment Shigenobu was misappropriating reached the desired goal. We aimed for the time period when both the combat group was away and the security was weak. During that time, we of the rebellious faction of the base group come together for a meeting.

Well… is it a problem that there are factions even within the base group?

First, the combat group… the players, in regards to the issue of their priorities, distribute supplies to us according to our abilities. Shigenobu, Himeno-san, Hiyama-san, the one responsible for the barrier, the one responsible for cooking, and the one responsible for carpentry are included in this. These six, more or less, are the lifeline of the players. Though, Hiyama-san seems to have a relatively low priority.

We realize that we’ll be the only ones who suffer if we stand up to them as individuals. For example, they prioritized the distribution of our food. Those with favorable treatment are better off. However, Shigenobu, Himeno-san, and Hiyama-san, share their preferential treatment with those who were treated coldly. 

The one responsible for the barrier, the one responsible for cooking, and the one responsible for carpentry accepted the favorable treatment and had their relations with the base group sour. In other words, they were the privileged class of the base group.

Next are the girls who weren’t blessed good abilities. They cozied up to the combat group… they are a faction who prostitute themselves in order to improve their situation. I’m a guy, so I’m unsure, but according to Himeno-san, there are some girls like that. The class secretary said that a girl completely clueless on how to use her abilities curried a relationship with a boy in the combat group.

Well… to each their own. Can’t do anything about that. That’s why the base group isn’t unified.

Last are the guys judged to possess weak abilities within the base group… I am also part of this group.

There also seems to exist a lower tier within the combat group, though I’ll exclude them for now. They’re still part of the combat section, so it’s all the same. They are assholes who can’t master their abilities, so they relieve stress by taking it out on the lower members of the base group. 

…Overall, the people who are treated poorly could be called few in number. However, it’s true that a third of the class is in a difficult situation.

“How is it? Is the equipment ready?”

The level-raising group within the base group has been formed.

….The planners Shigenobu and Hiyama-san, along with Himeno-san who gives her approval would be in danger if word of their involvement gets out. As such, only those who are trustworthy are assembled.

However, with the situation being what it is, few people are gathered. We’re more or less moving about in secrecy to create for ourselves the ability to fight. As of now, there are very few people who are trusted by the planners. Fortunately, I was invited by Shigenobu and Hiyama-san. Although, while I’ve been good friends with Shigenobu from the start, felt guilty for my being treated as backwards compatible.

Another person being treated poorly who is with us is Hagisawa-san who has the power of tool creation. It seems that all the necessary raw materials for his ability are both numerous and troublesome to obtain. As someone who needs points to use his ability, he’s treated poorly.

His ability isn’t really that bad though. It’s just that when Taniizumi needs something, he has Ono copy the ability and make it instead. He does not want to rely on Hagisawa. Furthermore, he doesn’t even do that very often.

Is it his stance to not rely on tools? Or is it too inconvenient to get the materials? I feel as though there’s are points of consideration between him and Shigenobu who has the same system of item creation. However, Shigenobu and I can act together as we are thanks to my supplies and his assistance. Of course, there are times when I think that Taniizumi and the others believe we can’t betray them due to not being able to trust anyone.

Hagisawa’s ability isn’t bad. With a bitter smile, he said it would be cool if he could do alchemy. Was that because his ability lets him make medicine out of herbs? Giving him more raw materials would lead to more creations which would lead to more dreams spreading. If this were a normal RPG, then that ability would become more important the further along we progress.

“Mn, look.”

With those words, Shigenobu combines botanical monster hide and bones to creates light, fur lined, armor for everyone.

“Creating armor for everyone was tough. At the start, more so than gathering materials, getting points was a struggle.”

“…Hiyama-san was promoted by the combat group not long ago. Wouldn’t have getting points and transferring them for good equipment have been the best option?”

Although Hiyama-san is a girl, we all know that her Lv. grants her greater physical strength than us. This topic is utterly pointless. Do that and labor to get new equipment… which can be safer and more efficient by having more people do it.

“As one would expect, doing it alone is a bit… I’m scared I won’t be able to meet everyone’s expectations….”

Hiyama-san looks troubled as she answers. Even though we know how reliable she is, we don’t plan on having her fight alone.

In this way… we discuss the purpose of our attack.

“With that in mind, I’ll prepare some good weapons, starting with Hiyama-san. I think the first priority should be raising everybody’s Lv.”

  “Well, in that case, I’ll need some help from a guy with good mobility.”


To an extent, the strategy is complete. According to the proposal of Shigenobu and Hiyama-san, Hiyama-san’s portal will be used to travel a bit away from the base camp. After jumping to that place, the nearby monsters will be defeated. The one thing we must be careful about is encountering the combat group…that’s even scarier than looking for monsters.

“Himeno-san has to maintain the barrier, she-san can’t be away from the base camp for too long. There’s also the problem of having to return before the combat group does.”      

“These are complex conditions.”

 “Well…according to what I’ve heard, the combat group is heading west from the base camp. So, if we go the opposite direction, the danger of encountering them will decrease.”

“I checked the direction we’re going, there shouldn’t be any problems.”


The proposal’s words are logical so there’s no need to object. Next is to see how well it goes.

“Alright, we’re distributing the equipment. When it’s time to return, Hanebashi will teleport you guys back. Being unable to trust you, I believe that doesn’t apply to any of you?”

Everyone nods in response to Shigenobu’s words. Yup. Unlike the previous questions and answers, this is a comfortable environment. I’d say that the simple virtue of Taniizumi and Otsuka not being present makes this the best environment.

“By the way, how does this equipment compare to that of the combat group?”

“…It’s around the level of the third tier combat group. If you gather more points during the hunt, I’ll one way or another be able to use the materials to close the gap.”

“How does it fare by the standards of starting equipment?”

“In video game terms, it would be similar to the best equipment from the second town on the map.”

So, is that good?

Shigenobu handed me a bone breastplate that was lightweight and easy to move in. Then, he gave me a bone sword. Is this shield an onion shield? Ah, so there was an onion like plant monster.

Bone Breastplate | Effect Granted | Lightweight |

Bone Sword     | Effect Granted | Lightweight | Sharpness | Inferior |

Onion Shield       | Effect Granted | Mucosal Irritation |

These bones…aren’t they the leftovers from dinner? I get the feeling I can pick up a faint scent of meat. Oh, either way, looking at my status reveals that my defense is rising.

“What is this mucosal irritation ability on this shield?”

“You know how if you cut an onion, you’ll have tears come out? This will inflict that on your enemies… probably.”

Hiyama-san says while turning her gaze to the side.

……Can’t be helped…

That said, if the sting of an onion reaches the eyes in the middle of actual battle, it should prove a mild annoyance. Well, isn’t this about the same as the starting equipment? If anything, the so called main equipment should go to Hiyama-san.

“Alright, let’s go. The parties…have been formed.”

Friends can be set with the party icon inside the status. Any experience and points acquired can be divide with this system.

“Himeno-san, how much time?”

“The next two hours should be fine.”

“Alright, then the trial time will be two hours. Let’s try fighting.”

While being careful of the base camp’s lookouts, Hiyama-san creates a pillar of light inside the building. With our equipment on, we passed through it. The view changes in an instant. This…is what the dokodemo1 door feels like, huh?

The of method of teleportation seems a bit differ from mine. I was wondering about what I would do if my ability clashed with Hiyama-san’s and prevented me from traveling with everyone.

Looking around, I completely feel like I’m one with the forest. Realizing the area is going to get crowded, I step back a bit and wait for the others to arrive.

“Everyone is here.”

Hiyama-san stands before me.

 “Alright, I’ll take the lead in the battles with the monsters. Everyone else, do as you like and challenge yourselves by fighting as hard as you can.”

So, we set off into the forest to raise our Lv.

…Come to think of it, since my ability allows me to teleport to anywhere I’ve been to before, I’ll be able to go out on my own anytime I want from now on. That’s the reason why I couldn’t go out before.

Well, I’m not sure if I can fight alone though.

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