A Thousand Years of Separation~ Today, I Shall be the Villainess~ Translation

29. Julia and the Boy (5)

Snow piled up.

The forest scenery reflected outside the window was different from usual. Outside was a world of silver. Snow covered the treetops while the cute footprints of animals appeared on the snow covered ground.

I opened the window to see the fantastic scenery firsthand—

“—it’s beautiful…”

When I exhaled, my breath turned into a thin cloud, before melting into the forest scenery.

isn’t it amazing?

The pure white scenery made me forget about the cold entirely.

“—fufu.” The smile naturally arose in my face. “Won’t you arrive sooner?”

I was floating with joy. Today was Christmas, after all. I was going to have a small celebration with him here.

Last night, I had decorated my room. Today, I woke up two hours earlier than usual and cooked.

I looked around the room.

A room with a fireplace, a table, and two small sofas. The differences that could be spotted in the room was the presence of Christmas tree made of fir trees and tree branches cut down in the forest.

I decorated said tree with colorful yarn ornaments that I knitted myself. Santa, reindeer, angel, candy cane, golden bell, and lastly, holly with lots of red berries.

On the table was a freshly baked baguette filled with the nuts and raisins that he praised so much before—hence, to include that in the menu was absolutely necessary. Of course, turkey was also served. For dessert, I baked a Tarte Tatin packed with apples and honey. All I had left to do was reheat the potato soup.

As for the Christmas present…

“…I wonder what he will give me?”

I had specially prepared him this gift—a hand-knitted red muffler. I chose that color because it suited his chestnut hair.

Just imagining him wearing it made my heart jump—

—it was then,

“Julia, it’s me.”

I heard his voice at the same time as the door was knocked.

I hid the muffler under the cushion and hurriedly went to the door.

“You’re late!”

“You never change, Julia. I get here as fast as I can because I want to see you, you know?”

He retorted while laughing gently.

“You’re really amazing, Julia! Did you make all of this yourself!?”

After brushing off the snow from his clothes, he entered and admired the dishes spread on the table.

In response to his praise, I proudly raised my nose.

“Of course! I learned a lot from my grandmother just for today! I guarantee the taste!”

When he heard that, he laughed.

“Hahahaha! I remember the first jam that you gave me last year—the moment I opened the lid, it slid out like a solidified jelly, I had no idea how to eat it!”

“You promised that we wouldn’t discuss about that ever again!!! Since that day, I’ve never failed in cooking anymore!!!”

“Hahaha! I’m sorry—however, the taste was good. The bread was yummy, too. Julia, you’re a good cook!”

I pouted at him, whom was still laughing.

“Even if I’m laughing this much, it doesn’t mean that I’m making fun of you, you know!”

But his smile only got broader. He was definitely enjoying my reaction…

“Julia is too cute, that’s why I love teasing you.”

“—enough already…”

More than a year had passed since we realized each other’s feelings.

—that was when I realized this playful side of him. I liked it, though…

While I stared at him while pondering that, he sat on the chair. For some reason, his expression turned odd.

“Hey, Julia. There’s only two dishes… where’s the one for your grandmother?”

Oh, yeah. I forgot to tell him about it.

“Grandma has been out since yesterday morning because of an old friend’s errand. She’s probably going to come back tomorrow evening—do you need something from my grandmother?”

Listening to me, there was a moment of dismay on his face.

Is there something important?

“If you’re in a dire need, I can inform my grandmother the moment she returns tomorrow.”

I suggested so, and yet, his expression became increasingly murky.

“—no, never mind.” He was obviously thinking about something.

“What happened? Tell me if something is troubling you…”

“It’s nothing…”


“It’s just… there’s only two of us, here…”


His words told me that his face went hot in an instant.

His face seemed to be red.

When he met my gaze again, he looked embarrassed.

“I, I’m sorry! I don’t mean anything by that! Okay! Let’s eat! I’m so hungry!”


Towards him, whose face was red to his ears, I didn’t know what to say.

“—oh, yeah! I have to reheat the soup!”

I left him on the table and rushed to the kitchen.

“—haa…” I crouched in the corner of the kitchen and inhaled.

—I was really surprised. He suddenly said that… my heart was still pounding.

“I’m alone with him…” I muttered.

Surely, to say that I didn’t realize that would be lying. I’m already super embarrassed by holding hands with him, and when we kissed, at least he didn’t see my face… But recently, I wanted to touch him more, to know more about him…

Sometimes I found myself being driven by such an irrational feeling.

I thought it was just me—and so it turned out, he felt the same as me.

“…Ugh…” I hugged my knees.

What should I do? I was so happy, I couldn’t help it. I wanted to embrace that person right now… to hug him…


A voice came from behind me—

—his tone was a little low. Gentle, warm—just being called by that voice sent my heart aflutter. It was the tone he used when with me, and only me… his special, dear person.

“Julia, I’m sorry… did I say something weird? I’m so sorry…”

His uneasy voice—I couldn’t see his current expression. What kind of face was he currently making? Was it filled with the love he felt for me?

“Julia, hey, Julia…?” His voice trembled.

—ah, no… I had to turn around quickly, I needed to reassure this person quickly.

But why? Why wouldn’t my body listen to me? My thoughts were too crowded, I couldn’t speak.

“Julia, turn over here, please…”

His voice was excruciating.

—Quickly, I have to say something…

I desperately squeezed my voice.

“—…I, love you.”



I finally got up and turned around. I leapt into his chest and whispered—

“—I love you.”


Astonished, his eyes went wide. He hugged me back. His strong body enveloped me entirely.

“I love you, too…”

How strong—his arms were astonishingly powerful.

The sounds of his breathing dominated me. It felt like my whole body was ravaged by his body heat.

His adorable voice, full of yearning, whispered to my ear.

“—Julia. I originally planned to tell you this after we’ve turned sixteen—but let me say it now.”

His passionate eyes were staring at me. Such a vivid, deep, green…

“I love you. Please marry me.”

So he said with an expression I never knew existed.


*me when translating those fluff that was still set in summer: Ok this is nice and all, but I don’t really know/invested in this not!William guy x Amelia romance, so it’s like, trying to deeply analyze a couple’s conversation from the third-wheel point of view. It feels weird, and a tad annoying.


Ok, this has been going on long enough.




Enough already.



*Le Author: Me presente the winter chaptere–

*me: ok this must be the part where something important happen, something plot-moving–


me, half-death, trying to met the author’s gaze

*Author: Lemme ruin your winter too, in advance.

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