A Thousand Years of Separation~ Today, I Shall be the Villainess~ Translation

28. Julia and the Boy (4)

By the time Lewis returned to the carriage near the bank, the sun had already begun to sink.


“Where is she—!?”

Edward and Bryan rushed Lewis as he came out alone from the forest.

“Amelia is safe. Where is William?”

Lewis answered and asked the impatient two with his usual calmness.

“He’s inside the carriage, accompanying Carla.”

“Glad’ that she’s safe—but I don’t see her, though?”

“I’ll explain.”

—Lewis then talked to the other four; William, Arthur, Edward, and Bryan. Carla wasn’t included.

“From what I’ve gathered, I’ve come to a conclusion that Amelia-sama is safe—however, someone took her away.”


“Why!? Why would someone take her away!?”

“And you know that, HOW!?”

To Lewis’ words, Edward and Bryan immediately jumped into an uproar. In contrast, William and Arthur only narrowed their eyes.

Both William and Arthur felt it already—Lewis probably knew Amelia’s whereabouts.

Arthur stared at Edward and Bryan.

“Both of you, close your bumbling mouths for a moment.”

“W, what’s with you, Arthur!?” “We’re just worried about her, y’know…”

William also told off the disgruntled pair.

“Lewis probably figured out everything, already. You guys can just listen to him. Lewis, explain, please.” He then turned to Lewis.

After clearing his throat, Lewis spoke per William’s order.

“Judging from which terrain Amelia-sama fell from, I figured that she would wash up upon the split riverbank—the one where one river flows into the forest while the other along the path to the Capital of Aldebaran. Unfortunately, I was late. What was left there where traces of water along with traces of a horse’s hoof—which was fresh. It means that she was rescued and taken away by horse…”

Lewis explained without batting an eyelash. So casually, like nothing happened. He continued further.

“That person who took Amelia-sama might be a knight.” Lewis’ eyes didn’t falter—he was convinced.

However, William couldn’t help but wonder.

“—what makes you think so?” He asked with a serious expression.

Arthur was the one who answered it.

“To carry an unconscious person while riding a horse requires a considerable amount of effort—isn’t that what you were saying?”

Lewis nodded towards Arthur’s words.

Edward and Bryan finally comprehended it.

“—yeah! You’ll have to pull the reins with one hand…”

If someone just rode a horse normally, they wouldn’t be able to pull the reins with one hand.

In other words, being able to ride a horse while carrying a person was limited to someone with appropriate training.

Edward eyes widened; he too, was convinced. Nevertheless, the same didn’t apply to Bryan.

“Yet, a one-handed reins also exist? Why would we conclude it’s a knight?”

William answered that question.

“It’s true that we, aristocrats, hunt using one-handed reins. However, it’s impossible for an aristocrat to pass through a highway alone. Usually, one would travel by carriage. Even if he were in hurry, he would at least brought an attendant.”


Bryan conceded.

After confirming so, Lewis spoke again.

“—hence, Edward-sama, please lend me a horse.”

“—huh?” Edward and Bryan were baffled. “—what did you just say?”

William also frowned. “You’re saying … you’re going alone?”

Lewis answered.

“Yes—did you forget? At the end of the highway lies Aldebaran. The territory of Arthur’s uncle—the Duke of Aldebaran.”

Everyone pondered the words silently.

Duke Aldebaran was the brother of Queen Flora, Arthur’s mother. He was very ambitious, but also a very timid person. The Duke had a son, Henry, whom was two years older than Arthur.

Henry, Arthur’s cousin, was a very good person. Arthur was very close with him. However, his father, the Duke, took advantage of said bond to keep a leash on Arthur.

Of course, Arthur was aware of it. So were his close friends—William, Edward, and Bryan.

Nevertheless, Arthur’s father, Alfred, the current King, was too naive to be aware of it. The same was true for Queen Flora.

If Duke Aldebaran knew about this—sure, he would be happy to help.

He would permit all the houses in the city to be searched in favor of finding Amelia. Such that they would probably find her in a day.

At the same time, he would also be happy to harvest the benefit of them being indebted to him in the future.

Which, to be honest, would yield a very bad result for Arthur.

Arthur thought and opened his mouth.

“Surely, it’s too risky to look for her when our faces are well known like this… which is why Lewis is a perfect choice.”

“But, for Lewis to go alone… she’s my fiancé… if you go, I’m going with you…”

William suggested, but Lewis rejected immediately.

“No can do. This carriage is intended for four passengers. Take out another horse, and it won’t be able to advance.”

But William refuted.

“You say that, but you’re the coachman, remember? We are not going anywhere without you.”


—they glared at each other.

But Edward and Bryan interrupted, they grinned despite the tense situation.

“It’s fine, after all, the two of us are here.” “Yeah, we were taught by a coachman how to drive a carriage into town before.”

When Lewis heard it, he beamed at William.

“Problem solved.”

“—ugh!” William became speechless.

Lewis continued to be merciless to his Master.

“William and the others will return to the capital and explain Amelia’s predicament to Count Southwell. The day will soon end. Anyway, it’ll be difficult to escort Amelia back to the capital today. Alright, let’s begin as soon as possible.”

“Alright…” William reluctantly accepted.

Edward returned with a horse.

“Look! This guy’s name is Meteor! He’s super calm and quiet, though… it should be fine!”

“Despite that, you named him ‘Meteor’…? The name and personality are conflicting…”

“Well, as long as it’s cool, does it matter?”

Edward handed the reins to Lewis.

“By the way, there’s no saddle or whip…” “Would that be okay?”

Edward and Bryan looked up at Lewis, who already mounted Meteor.

“I need no such thing. Who do you think I am? By the way, Aldebaran is famous for its messenger owls—I’ll send you a message once I’ve found Amelia—well, then.”

Lewis said farewell to the four of them and Meteor galloped away at full speed.

***T/N : What I expected and hoped to happen, with all this harems gathering and discussing on how to get Amelia back:

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