A Thousand Years of Separation~ Today, I Shall be the Villainess~ Translation

27. Julia and the Boy (3)

Together, we sat on a thick branch of a big tree, enjoying the scenery below.

—soon, the sun would sink. Cicada’s buzzing announced the end of the day.

The heat disappeared—as if it was a lie, and the area was brimming with the clear, fresh air of the forest.

I stared at him, whom was sitting next to me.

“Hey, just a while ago, why did you…”


His clear eyes, touched by the vibrant orange light, stared at me.

“Why did you say, ‘I’m sorry’?”

“…eh? Ooh…

After thinking for a moment, he turned away.

“I thought it would make me seem cool. In reality, I should’ve just told you the truth…”


Remembering the previous thing he said, his ears were dyed red. Seeing such adorable sight made me happy, I leaned over his shoulder.

“Truly, you’re such a foolish person…”

But, this is truly nice. Unexpected, but amazing…

…speaking of which,

“…hey.” I stare at him again.

“What is it?”

“Since when did you grow? I remember you being shorter than me until a while ago…”

For a long time, said fact made me anxious. I was scared he would turn into a different person entirely without my knowledge…

However, after hearing my words—he laughed out loud.

“Hahahaha! What are you talking about, Julia? For a long time now, haven’t I been this big?”

“Huh? Huuuh?”

—for real…?

“We’ll soon be 14 years old, after all.” He looked at my face while laughing.

well, but…

Surely, the man in front of me had already became a sturdy man.

“Look! Lately, I’ve amassed muscles!” Saying that, he flexed his bicep—surely, his muscular arm was incomparable to mine. Such a tight bicep.

“—…you’re right.”

“Right? Besides, you too, are also… uhm.” His face turned crimson again.


“You too, have become a lot more beautiful… I’ve always thought that you’re cute, but lately… you’re looking prettier.”


His eyes were warm. It was unbearable and also embarrassing to keep staring at them.

He continued.

“It’s true, you’re so cute, Julia! Even now, it feels like I’m dreaming…”

He tightly grasped my hand—his hand was large, and also tender…

I was still too embarrassed to look at his face.

“If this is a dream, then it’s troublesome…”

“I agree, it’s troublesome if this is a mere dream!”

Saying that, he laughed.

“Fufufu, what is it with you?” I too, laughed.

That was how we spent our time together until late at night.

Strong sunlight shone.

Forests and lakes spread from the capital city of Ethania, which were within an hour by carriage. There was a river flowing a little away from the lake. The river split in the middle of the forest, one went deep into the forest while the other flowed along the road.

A single horse carrying a lone man was galloping lightly in the area where the forest and the road met. Short wavy red hair swayed in the wind. Gentleness was deeply embedded within his warm, dark brown eyes. They projected a quiet and tepid color despite the heat.

When the young man reached the river, he dismounted. It was his usual resting place, brimming with the refreshing air of the forest. Thanks to the thick trees, there was a lot of shade. The river was clear, hence it was perfect for resting horses.

“Alright, let’s take a break, Subaru.” The young man spoke to his companion—the horse—while slowly threading along the bank, pulling its reins. After reaching the riverbanks, he released the horse’s reins.

“Drink as you like.” The man told Subaru, and after that, he sat on a nearby rock.

However, he noticed something and focused his eyes—


At the end of his line of sight, on the riverbank full of small pebbles, was a figure of a young woman. She was lying on her back, her lower body immersed in water.

“—!” His face changed and he started running as if being chased. He immediately approached the woman and picked up her cold body.

The woman was beautiful. She had a long, golden hair—she was probably the same age as him.

“Hey! Are you alright!? Answer me—!!” He called to the girl in his arms, but there was no answer.

Did she somehow fall into the river and end up washed away?

She was still breathing, however, her body was cold.

if this goes on…

Thus, he decided.


Beckoning his beloved horse, he ran up the bank at once while carrying the girl. Subaru also went towards his master.

“I’m sorry, Subaru. I know you’re tired, but this is an emergency—so please!

The horse neighed, as if responding to the youth’s words. At the same time, the youth’s expression changed into a dignified one.

Straddling the saddle, he held the rein with his left hand, while the other held the unconscious girl. Then, the horse dashed in full speed.

Lewis arrived a little later on the riverbank where Amelia had ended up.

“—Amelia! Amelia!”

He raised his voice. His expression unusually revealed his deep impatience and anxiety.

“—Amelia! Can you hear me—!?”

Lewis searched all over the riverbanks—yet Amelia was nowhere to be found.

“…Strange.” Lewis gritted his teeth.

He had memorized all the terrain around the capital—the forest’s was no exception. He was sure if Amelia had gone awash, she would end up in this riverbank—even if the river split in half on the way here.


Lewis’ feet wobbled. His face distorted painfully. Sweat flowed like a fountain from his forehead.

“—or, did she get stuck somewhere?”

He muttered and put strength into his feet—he tried to reorganize his mind; maybe he missed something. He managed to remain standing and exhaled.

“Get a grip.” He told himself.

He looked around. There should be some clue. She surely had to have been there before—

—and Lewis found it.

“A hoof…? —a horse!” He followed the hoof marks and ran up the bank. The horse’s traces were certainly fresh.

“It leads to—“

Aldebaran. The capital next to the royal city of Ethania.

“—truly, you’re such a troublesome person…” Lewis stared at the end of the straight road with a sharp gaze, somewhat irritated.

***T/N: WHAT!? WHO IS THIS GUY!? AMELIA’S HAREM SHOWCASE HASN’T ENDED YET!?–of course that was a very welcome thing. 

The thing is, my friend joked the other day about the chance of Amelia being rescued by a random farmer dude that’ll later become William’s rival. Of course, at that moment I shushed the possibility away–


As of now, I still don’t know what his occupation is, but he can communicate with horse and that’s harvest moon high level of stuff right there, so if he isn’t a farmer, I BET he has a rancher blood in him. Oh, and author didn’t forget to mention that he’s the same age with Amelia–winkwink a harem member, fo sho.


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