A Thousand Years of Separation~ Today, I Shall be the Villainess~ Translation

26. Julia and the Boy (2)


My heart beat faster.

His smile—his gaze was directed at me. So dazzling.

…I’m so happy.

This feeling was too much for my chest to contain—at this rate, it was only a given for it to overflow…

“Julia? What’s wrong? Is it something that I just said?”

“Eh, n-nothing’s wrong, everything’s fine…”

My words were clogged.

—my chest felt hot and painful; it was hard to speak.

He stared at me oddly, before uttering in a loud voice—

“—that’s it! I got an idea!”


“For this jam, I need to thank you, Julia!”


Then, he laughed innocently.

ugh, a dazzling smile, as always…

I wasn’t hoping for a reward. It was enough for me if you like it… or so I thought—


“So, is there anything that you want in particular, Julia?”

My figure was reflected in his clear eyes.

what do I do…!? I’m really happy…!!


quick! Think! What do I want!?

Finally, after some thought …—I decided.

“Uh, after this… well, it’s not like I’m rushing you or anything, even in your convenience store is fine, so…”


“…after this, can I stay together with you all day long—!?”



That was when I finally noticed—isn’t this the same as a confession?! It’s like admitting my feeling for him—!!

I panicked and rephrased my words.

“—t, there’s no deeper meaning, okay—!? We usually can stay together only for one or two hours at the longest—I’m in the mood to chat, so I need somebody to talk to—!”

what do I do now?! The more I try to explain myself the more roundabout it sounds! …This is so embarrassing.

I was amazed at myself.

While holding my tears, I peered at him—he looked a little surprised, while also pondering about something.


I regretted everything—and I sure was sad of his lack of response.

I shouldn’t had said that. I was fed up. I wanted to disappear from here, right now. It would had been better if I requested something else—something more ordinary that wouldn’t bother him whatsoever…

I stared at my feet—somehow, I managed to squeeze out the words.

“…no good, huh? I get that you’re busy and all, I’ll just ask for something else, then…”

why won’t you say anything?! Why won’t you answer me!? If you dislike it, say so…!!

Rejection would be painful—but it was even more painful when he didn’t say anything like this…

“…” I pursed my lips tightly. This is the absolute worst—! How embarrassing—! I want to cry—!

“Julia, are you alright?”


His voice was gentle and soft as usual. But …his kindness hurt. I couldn’t comprehend what he just said—‘alright’? What on earth is?

To confirm his meaning, I slowly lifted my face. At the same time, he stared at my face.

“I’m sorry.”


Those words were a rejection towards my feelings.

His serious expression shattered my heart.

…Oh no, the tears—


I didn’t want him to see me cry. I turned my back towards him and started running—

—and yet,

“No, I’m sorry! That’s not true! Julia! Wait! Don’t go!”

He shouted, grabbed my arm and pulled it back—

—my back collided with his chest.

“I don’t want to hear it! Let me go!”

I resisted and try to pry his arm away—yet, I couldn’t unravel it. He was much stronger than me…

“Listen, listen to me! I don’t mean it, I was just surprised!”

His embrace tightened—he then spoke in a tone I didn’t know he had…

“I thought you were aware of my feelings since the start. That is, to say—I, towards you, like …—I like you!”


At his unexpected words, my eyes were forced to open.

He hugged me tightly from behind and whispered in my ear.

“I like you, Julia, and to think that you also feel the same for me… You have no idea how happy I am…”


My heart beat.

His voice stirred my heart.

Slowly, in his arms, I looked up at him. Truly, he had grown so much taller than me these days…

“…are you, being serious?” What leaked from my mouth was a voice riddled with sobs.

He showed me his usual smile.

“If I wasn’t, I wouldn’t make time to see you every day.”

“…is that so?”

“It is.”


“Yes. You truly didn’t realize my feelings? I thought you knew already.”


—ah… is that really so? I didn’t notice at all… that he harbors the same feelings—for me…

—I feel so happy …and pleasant, my tears won’t stop…

“Ju, Julia—!? What’s wrong—!? Are you hurt—!? It’s because I pulled you, isn’t it—!?”

When I suddenly burst to tears, he shouted.

“—no, it’s different, it’s because I’m just… surprised…”

I desperately smiled while sobbing.

“They’re… happy tears…”

“—! Julia—!”

The moment he heard my words, he embraced my body.

His chest, which became broader and harder than ever… His body temperature was transmitted to me… I could hear his heartbeat—…this is so pleasant, how relieved I am… but.

“It’s hot.” I whispered in his arms.

“—! I’m sorry, Julia—! That’s right—! Hot, it’s summer after all—!” He hurried away from me.

I laughed at his funniness.


At first, he seemed surprised—but in the next moment, he laughed with me.


so that’s how it is, huh… we feel the same for each other…

I felt so happy, my anxiety vanished in the blink of an eye.

Then, I mischievously grabbed his arm and pulled him towards me—landing my lips on his cheek.

“—wha—! Julia, just now—“ He gaped at me, face bright red. He looked too cute I couldn’t help but smile.

“That’s because you make me anxious!”

“—That! Julia, that’s a foul play!”

After saying that with a blushing face, he suddenly turned serious and grabbed my shoulders—


this, could he be planning to…? Yes, he must be…!

“Wait, that’s, that’s too soon, you know. After all, we are still kids…”

I looked up at him—his passionate eyes firmly gripped my heart—I couldn’t think of anything anymore…

“Julia, I like you. I don’t want you to stay with me all day long, but all the time—

“—…oh, OK.”

“—! Julia, you—!!”

Then, our lips overlapped.

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