Translation Yuusha Ni Narenakatta Ore Wa Isekai De

4.1.1 Restarting and Sora

Gorilla draws closer to Sora.  He’s astonished, but praises him nonetheless.  “Nii-chan, just as expected, you’re strong!  You can even take down a kerberos without breaking a sweat…  By the way, who’s the bishoujo[i]?”

Noi stands behind Sora.  Noi currently wears Sora’s grey hooded robe to cover the nudity that was being displayed upon meeting earlier.

Sora says, “A bishoujo? …Yeah, you’d say that if you only look at the face, but that’s a guy!”


The revelation shocks everyone.

Gorilla says, “Ho- how’d that kid end up in a place like this?”

 “Ahh, you see…” Sora stops partway.  He feels that coming up with an introduction is too troublesome.  Instead, he says, “Noi, these are my friends.  Since you’ll be joining us, introduce yourself.  No need to make it complicated.”

“Caan’t be helped, you can call me Noi.  Sora-kun told me to choose between my balls or my life.  Under that threat, I decided to become his comrade.  Oh yeaah, I’m thee spirit king~”

“As expected of Sora.  Even able to recruit the spirit king… My name’s Sura.  Also, I’m Sora’s pet.”

Mnn!?  Don’t say that when in human form!!  It gives off the wrong impression!!  Although, it’s not wrong.  Sura is a slime.

Noi says, “Niice to meet you!”

“I’m Yami.  I’m masta’s imouto.”

Yep, just like I thought, Yami’s a good girl.  She isn’t really my sister, but she absolutely refuses to relinquish that setting.

Noi says, “Niice to meet you.”

“My name is Laila.  I am Shujin’s[ii] cherished slave.”

…I somehow knew she was going to say something like that.

Noi says, “Niice to meet you.”

“I’m Gorievich.”

Noi says, “Niice to meet you.”

Sora goes to use metastasis in order to escape the labyrinth, but is interrupted by Noi.

Noi says, “Sora-kun.”


“Tell me once you’re ready to leave the labyrinth. Since you’ve defeated this labyrinth’s greatest trap, kerberos, I’m demoolishing it.  At that time, we’ll be moved outside.”

Ah, really?  We can leave using the spirit king’s power due to him creating this place?

Sora says, “In that case, let’s get going.”



Sora’s party is transported with a thunderous roar. As the outside spreads before their eyes, dust shrouds them.  Thankfully, due to Gorilla’s night vision skill still being active, they are able see without trouble.

For some reason, various adventurers are staring in their direction.  Near the adventurers, Sora spots some familiar faces.

Sora says, “Uh!”

One of those familiar faces shouts, “Who are you!?”

That voice, no doubt about it.  It’s that guy…  I really didn’t want to meet them just yet, but I guess I’ll greet them for a bit.

“Name yourself at—”

“Long time no see.”

Uwo!  The actual yuusha?!  Onii-chan, are they your acquaintances??”

“So- something like that.”

Sora recognizes the various faces before him.  They’re his classmates with whom he studied alongside and messed around with (with some exceptions).  At present, they are the yuusha.

Anyway, what gives?

Sora called out to his classmates, but they responded to him with hostility.  Just about everyone points their weapons at him.  Only a few don’t.  Yui, Kaoru, Rin, Nao, and Tomo…  Speaking of Tomo, I completely forgot about him.

“Sora, why’d you betray us!?”

The words shot out by one of the yuusha confuses everyone.


Betrayed?  What are they talking about…? Well, I more or less guessed it would turn out like that.  For now though…

Sora says, “What are you talking about?”

“Shit!  Playing dumb is pointless!  We heard it straight from the queen, about how you took her hostage and stole money!  You’re a disgusting bastard who resorted to threatening and plundering just because your stats were low!”

This is totally that queen’s (piece of shit’s) doing.  What a seriously annoying setting she gave them.

“The queen ordered us to arrest you.  If worst comes to it, then to return you to the cycle of life and death without hesitation.”  The yuusha, upon finishing, relaxes his expression into a grin, niyari, and gets ready to fight.

I see, looks like they want to fight.  I don’t really want to fight my friends though.  Isn’t there another way?  Besides, they’re totally just being scammed by the queen.  I could tell them the truth, but they absolutely won’t believe me.

Sora would be at a clear disadvantage if he fought the yuusha.  His Evil(Full View) Eye(Eyes) confirms it.  Their levels are over 300 while all of their stats are slight beyond 10,000.  If he were to encounter a monster with those stats, he would opt to run away.

Should we run away? –Answer, nope.  Not like I have anything to lose, after all.  My only disadvantages are that they outnumber me and exceed my abilities. 

Sora confirmed his stats back in Nanalia village.  His level and stats read ?????.  He’s entirely clueless to what ????? can mean.  His best guess is that his skills underwent a massive growth.  Probably cause of that match with Vera.

Besides, if I can crush the yuusha here, that queen…

Sora says, “Yami, Sura, Laila, Noi, you guys fall back.” 

He excludes Gorilla as he had already done so.  He’s a guy with good intuition.


At the exact time Sora draws his weapon, one of the yuusha charges in to cut him down.  He’s shocked by the abruptness of the action, but defends without pause.  Regardless, seeing the yuusha swinging down on him, he closes his eyes—


Sora hears the dull sound of metal echo.  He timidly opens his eyes and finds Laila standing in front of him.  She holds an arm against the slash.  She then punches her other hand into the yuusha’s gut, bending his body into a “く”.

She says, “Get lost, you bastard.”

The earth-shattering shockwave from the yuusha crashing down takes a while to arrive. 


Laila then turns to glare at Sora.  Her expression is stern from displeasure as she says, “Hey, Shujin, did you think about “our” feelings when you told us to just watch?”

Sura says, “She’s right!”

Yami says, “Yeah, masta, going alone is unfair.”

“…I didn’t know it would hurt.”

The yuusha faints as his eyes roll back into his head.  The other yuusha, concerned by the development, pause to observe the situation.  While one person uses healing magic on the fainted yuusha, another in golden body armor glances at Laila.  That yuusha shouts out.  “That choker… Sora, you bastard, you seriously bought a slave?!  And not just that, you’re making her fight your battles!  You worthless scum!!”

 No, I didn’t send Laila out to fight.  She came out of her own will.

Sora says, “Haa, that’s why I said to stay back… where’s Laila?”

Yami points and says, “Over there.”

Sora looks and finds her grabbing the yuusha in full golden armor by the head.  “Eeh!  What’s she doing!?”

The surrounding yuusha go to their comrade’s aid, but collapse before accomplishing anything. 

Sora stares in dumbfoundment, “Eeh…”  He doesn’t understand what’s going on at first, but after taking a closer look, notices orange droplets the size of rice grains by everyone’s mouths.

The terms [orange] and [droplets] are all he needs.  He says, “Oi, Sura, is that your doing?”

“You understand me quite well.”

“Orange droplets are dripping.”

Ara~ By the way, I didn’t kill them.  I just had them go to sleep.”

When did Sura even learn a skill like that?  I should check the stat plate next chance I get.  Although, that might not help with much.

The golden helm within Laila’s death grip is cracking, biki biki, and will burst at any moment.  Sora is positive that the moment it goes, the yuusha’s head will splatter like a watermelon.

He says, “Hey, Laila, don’t kill!”

“Got it, no killing.”  She then speaks to the yuusha.  “Be relieved, however, next time you say anything bad about Shujin, you’ll die.”  She then slams his head into the ground.

Uah… how terrible.

Laila then returns to Sora’s side.  Not a trace of what transpired can be found upon her face.

Sora says, “You, you’re merciless.”

“That guy deserved it.”

Only three yuusha remain excluding Yui and the others.  The majority of them were done in by Sura.

“Sh-shit!  The hell are they!?”

“Ca- calm down, we’re yuusha.  We won’t lose in a place like this!”

“They might be strong, but Sora is just small fry!  Divide and conquer!”

““Got it.””

…Don’t call me small fry.  That stings.

The three yuusha split in an instant.  One is incapacitated by Yami and the other is slammed into the ground by Laila. 

“Damn it!  They’re too strong…” The yuusha then thrusts at Sora while saying, “Still, you’re miiiiine!”

Sora holds up his palm as he says, “Idiot.” 

With the weakest amount of power he can muster, he uses the yuusha as his latest test subject.  “Explosion.”


The yuusha is blown away.

“Even at its weakest, it’s more than enough.  Now then,”

The only onesstill standing are Yui and the rest of Sora’s friends.  Not only are the other yuusha down, at some point, all the adventurer’s evacuated the area too.

T/N: This is a long chapter, so I split it into 2 parts. The rest will be up soon~

Gandire Alea~

[i] Beautiful girl
[ii] Family head, husband, landlord, master, proprietor

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