The Heir of the Dragon Emperor and his Bride Corps Translation

16.1 The Aberrant Overlord Intimidates a Monster With Words

 – Lizette’s viewpoint-


Lizette’s long sword draws an arc as it tears through the chest of a “Black Goblin.” It collapses while spitting out poisonous blood.

[Next, four!]

From behind the collapsed goblin appears the armoured “Black Soldier.” Lizette instinctively furrow upon sensing the thick, dark, cloud of despair. While “Black Goblins” are naturally occurring apparitions, “Black Soldiers” are said to be the surviving corps used by the “Dark Flame Emperor”. That’s the reason for their overpowering malicious aura.

Aijin! Do you really think you can defeat us who worship the “Dark Flame Emperor”?”

The “Black Soldier” speak underneath his armour.

“The land of — the aijin — no longer exists in this world!”
[That is not for all of you to decide!]

The soldier swings its black sword at Lizette. She catches it with her long sword only to repel it with a flick of her wrist. Then, on the return, she aims for the “Black Soldier’s” hand. The “super hard sword” that had been enchanted by Shoma easily cuts into the “Black Soldier’s” gauntlet and severs the limb.

Lizette, as though she were dancing, maintains her assault. Her 2nd strike hits the soldier’s arm. Should a soldier lose his weapon, he will lift his shield. As such, she aims for a leg. The soldier, having his balance broken, falls and is skewered through the chest by the “super hard sword”. 

“…..What is this? That sword…….?”
The “Black Soldier” spews out a poisonous fog and vanishes.

[Lizette’s nii-sama gifted Lizette this excellent sword. It’s a waste using it on you.]
Lizette gazes at her sword and nods. It had once been a dull sword laying at the feet of a merchant, but now is an exceptional blade.

 [Thanks to Shoma-nii-sama, the surprise attack was successful.]

Already, half of the 40 enemy units have been defeated. The remaining half are fighting the villagers. Both sides are even. If Lizette and Haruka are counted, we won’t lose. So why, …… why are goose bumps going down Lizette’s back?

[….. a bad feeling.]

Somehow….it feels like we’ve overlooked something.

That’s when Lizette turns her head peers into the forest. Deeper within is the “Abandoned Castle,” the base of the “Black Goblin”, “Black Soldier”, and their boss, the “Black Knight”. If we keep up this momentum, we might even be able to invade it.

[Liz-nee, are you alright!?]

Accompanying Haruka’s voice is a crushed soldier landing by Lizette’s feet. Each time she swings her “konbou[1]”, a “Black Goblin” or “Black Soldier” is sent flying with a part of their body smashed. By reducing their combat ability, she further helps the villagers in the battle.

“Filthy aiiiijin!!”
[Saying something like that, are you a monster summoned by the “Dark flame emperor”?]

Haruka gives a fearless laugh as she catches the “Black Soldier’s” down swinging ax with her konbou.

[I won’t be killed so easily by the likes of you.]

Haruka then jabs the tip of her konbou against the “Black Soldier’s” chest and pours in her mana.


The “Black Soldier” is blown across the battlefield.  It only stops moving upon crashing against a large tree.

[This strengthened konbou can even endure my point blank “Infinite Hammer”. As expected from Aniue-sama.] 

“Infinite Hammer” is a striking technique used by Haruka. An explosion is brought about by striking an enemy with her weapon and consuming her body’s mana. By focusing the power into one point, even iron can be destroyed. That attack, however, places a heavy burden on the weapon. Usually, “Infinite Hammer” destroys her konbou after the first use. Up until now, it was a finishing move she was only able to use once a battle.’

[If this goes on, we may be really able to overthrow the “Abandoned Castle,” Lizu-nee.]
[…..That’s right.]
[…….? What’s wrong, Lizu-nee?]

Haruka asks upon seeing Lizette’s expression. Lizette keeps a tight grasp on her sword as she turns to face Haruka.

[Haruka…. have you seen the “Black Knight”?]
[No, but shouldn’t that guy be inside the “Abandoned Castle”?]
[Lizette also thought that way, but it’s strange. Why aren’t the monster escaping?]

The monster are already at numbers disadvantage. Furthermore, their weapons are of inferior quality to those provided by Shoma. Should the situation continue, they will be wiped out. That’s a fact the monsters should understand too.

[…..Even so, they are not escaping. Does that mean they think they can reverse the situation? Or is there a reason stopping them from escaping?]
[As in, from where does the “Black Knight Mestrat” give his commands? Still, he didn’t come here.]
[Among the monsters, his cruelty is in a league of its own. When the villagers were being slaughtered not that long ago… Him not appearing on a battlefield like this is impossible. Therefore, he must be committing the worst offence possible.]

Lizette holds her forehead and thinks. Pretending as such disgusts her, but—what would I do if I were the Black Knight?

When Lizette and everyone else came to the rescue, the villagers were surrounded. Only the route towards the village was open. Had Lizette and everyone else been too late, they would have probably already been running towards the village. With that happening, what would be the most efficient way of defeating everyone?

Flank the escaping villagers? Or completely surround them with the black goblins and soldiers?

[We’re break through the enemies. Haruka, let’s go!]
[I hope my prediction is wrong….]

Lizette, with her sword in hand, starts to run.

[Just how Lizette and everyone else attacked the enemy from the back, the “Black Knight” might be going around behind the villagers. He approaching from the village, and right now, the one there is

Which means, the one who is there right now I’s…..]
[The “Black knight Mestrat” is approaching Aniue-sama!?]

Then Haruka brandishes her konbou and follows Lizette.

[….. Nii-sama, be safe….Onii-sama…..Shoma-nii-sama!!!!]

Lizette’s head blanks.

[Please wait for us, Shoma-nii-sama.]

You absolutely must not die. You’re the “Dragon Emperor’s Chosen One”— and Lizette’s family.

[1] something like a club

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