Translation We Dwell at the Base of the Dragon’s Peak

33. Mistral is the Dragon Princess

The giant man with unshaven face carries a big table to a vacant space and sets up his own chair. He then grabs the frightened female receptionist by the neck and orders her to bring liquor. The big bald man leaves everything to the giant man while he himself just flumps onto the prepared seat. It seems that the big man is more important and there leaves everything to the giant guy.

The people inside the restaurant can do nothing but to watch over them in fear.

It can’t be helped that everyone feels that way. They carry the name of the dragon tribe, after all. No matter what we humans do, we won’t be their opponent. There are some great adventurers inside the dining room, but not even they dare to meet the eyes of the two ragon tribesman with brown skin.

The female receptionist timidly brings them liquor and some cups. Then, the big man grabs the liquor by force and pours it into the cup. The giant man too pours himself liquor, and both of them start to drink.

The giant man also takes away the delicious food from a nearby table. We watch over him as he eats and drinks in an arrogant manner.

I glance towards Mistral. She is also from the dragon tribe. Not to say, she’s the dragon princess. I wonder if she doesn’t feel anything after looking at this situation, but she acts like nothing is happening and keeps playing cheerfully with Priscilla-chan.

Is this really alright? They are the people from the same clan after all. I’m not sure if we should do something about the situation or not though.

Mistral glances back at me upon noticing my stare.

Ah, she actually bothered by it too. By looking into her sharp eyes, I’m able to understand what she is feeling without any need to exchange words. So, Mistral is just playing with Priscilla-chan to distract herself, huh.

“As I thought, I should do something here…”

Mistral tries to keep Ruiseine who is about to leave her seat.

“Please stop. They called themselves members of the dragon tribe. The dragon tribe doesn’t have religious faith. No matter how many times you say you’re a shrine maiden, it won’t have any effect on these two. Please stay calm for now.”

Even though she warns her with a small voice, Mistral forcefully makes Ruiseine sit back down.

Priscilla-chan is the only one unaware of the tension within the restaurant. She’s playing with Nymia while cuddling with Mistral.

Those two dragon tribesmen, oblivious towards our arguments inside the restaurant, have the female receptionist bring an even more expensive another bottle of liquor than before to drink as they please.

They also block the entrance by sitting around it, making everyone inside unable to leave the dining room.

Travelers ignorant towards the situation within the restaurant who try to enter quickly run away after seeing the strange situation inside. Some adventurers with a sense of justice try to talk with the two causing the situation, but after hearing them called themselves dragon tribesmen, make grim expressions and quickly dismissed themselves.

I become irritated for not being able to do anything in this situation. I have a debt to old Sleigstar of the dragon tribe. Also, the dragon tribe has a close relationship with the dragon tribesmen. Anyhow, Mistral is from the dragon tribesmen. I have never met other dragon tribesmen beside her, but I believe that they’re good people just like Mistral.

But then, these people are too arrogant.

Although the dragon tribesmen live in the dragon peak, that doesn’t mean that they don’t exist within the Armard kingdom. Apparently, some regularly come down from the dragon peak to trade or be adventurers.

I know that not all of the dragon tribesmen are the arrogant kind who enjoy mocking others. But, if this keeps going on, the reputation of the entire dragon tribesmen will drop.

I want to do something, but there’s nothing that I can do. I think that the only one who can do something is definitely Mistral.

I look at Mistral once again.

“Please keep calm for now.”
“But the situation is getting quite awful.”
“No matter what you do, you should take note of the time and place.”

Mistral smiles, and I feel myself calming down. She must have noticed my uneasiness, huh.

“Ruiseine, Ernea, please endure this for now.”

But the one who is enduring the most must be Mistral who is from the same dragon tribesmen, right? I nod obediently as I wait for the storm within the restaurant to pass.

The dining room is being controlled by the two dragon tribesmen with brown skin. As a result, our special set meals aren’t served to us.

The giant man snatches away food from the tables around him and keeps ordering liquor.

The female receptionist is completely frightened to the point that she does whatever the men order. In the end, the big man extends his hands towards her. A great adventurer unable to bare such a sight tries talking to him, but the great man immediately flips around the situation. He breaks the experienced adventurer’s foot with just a kick and then strikes the adventurer across the face, sending him flying into the wall. In the end, the adventurer loses consciousness.

A shiver runs through everyone again upon seeing the dragon tribesmen overwhelming strength.

They look down at the frightened people in the restaurant with a vulgar laugh, and just like that, are finally satisfied. Upon finishing their meal, they get up from their seats and leave without paying.

Someone lets out a relieved sigh. At last, the storm has passed away. The restaurant is engulfed with a sense of relieved.

No one talks about what just happened before or the payment. Not even the people who manage the restaurant chase after them for payment. They simply began to clean the wrecked in silence.

And then,

Mistral stands up.

“I’m stepping out for a bit.”
“Ah, I’ll also go.”
Etto, everyone will go together with me??”
Nnnmto. Priscilla-chan wants to eat a meal with the nyanko!”
“Alright. In that case, Priscilla-chan should sit here obediently and eat the meal, okay?”

After Mistral says so, Priscilla-chan nods obediently.

“You have to stay here too.”

Even though Mistral said so, I can’t just idly wait here. I insist on accompanying her. Since Ruiseine says that she feels that it will be dangerous, she’ll also go.

“Jeez. If both of you come along with me, who will watch over for Priscilla if she gets into trouble?”
Nnnnmto, Priscilla can eat by myself.”

Priscilla-chan who doesn’t understand the situation gives a carefree answer.

Even though I won’t be able to do much, I want to go no matter what. Ruiseine somehow obstinately says she wants to accompany her, too.

“Really, both of you are…”

Mistral lets out a sigh as if she is giving up.

“Priscilla, we’ll be away for a bit.”

Leaving behind Priscilla-chan and Nymia who answer cheerfully, we step out of the dining room. By the time we go out, the female receptionist is bringing out Priscilla-chan’s meal.

Shortly after we walk outside, we see those two dragon tribesmen nearby. Apparently, they’re now making trouble to those passing by. They seem like the type who cause trouble anywhere, huh. I’m somehow getting angry too.

But the one who is truly angry is Mistral. I feel a dreadful atmosphere from Mistral who walks beside me.

“Oh my.”

Ruiseine is surprised both by Mistral’s unusual atmosphere, and at how the two we are aiming for are causing another uproar again.

“Ernea-kun, what should we do?”
“Um, we should leave this to Mistral. We come out together with her, but I think it’ll be alright for us to just watch.”

Even though we followed her, there’s nothing much we can do. I just wanted to hide my sense of helplessness, so I came with Mistral.

“Is that so…”

Not knowing what will happen after this, Ruiseine looks at me and Mistral with uneasiness.

“Looks like I should have just stayed behind, right?”
“No, it’s okay. I want you to know more about me, so please watch.”

After saying so, Mistral approaches the two dragon tribesmen who are turning around.
Those two men immediately notice Mistral’s unusual atmosphere.

“Oi oi, what’s with this girl?”
“You have a pretty good appearance. What, do you want to play with us?”

They make fun of Mistral as they look at her from top to bottom. Then, they let out a vulgar laugh.

However, Mistral approaches them without any care.

“Do you by any chance know who I am?”

Mistral looks up at the two brown skinned dragon tribesmen and says so. Although Mistral is quite tall for a woman, she cannot reach the height of the giant man and big man.

The two look at each other upon seeing Mistral raise up her chin and look straight up at them.

“Ah, I certainly know. You must be a prostitute for our personal use, right?”

The giant man frowns in confusion while the big man declares that Mistral is theirs.

“So you didn’t know?”

Mistral lets out a loud sigh.

“We know, we surely know you.”
“Alright, let’s go find a good place to talk about you in detail.”

The giant man says while grabbing Mistral by the hand.
Ruiseine screams slightly.

There are a lot of bystanders who hold their breaths. I’m sure they are all wondering what such a young girl is trying to accomplish.

The arm stretching out towards Mistral is similar to a log, fat and brown in color.

As everyone takes another breath, Mistral grabs the outstretched arm and flips the big man onto ground.

The explosive sound from the impact shakes the whole place.

Mistral approaches the giant man and strikes him down with her bare hands. The giant man tumbles over the ground like a twig several times before crashing into a tree behind him.

His force, however, is too much to be stopped. The giant man fells the tree as he vanishes into the distance.

Mistral doesn’t even have to use the back of her hand. She defeated the two dragon tribesmen in an instant. This situation is so overwhelming. H-How scary.

I’m the only one who understands the situation. Mistral has the strength do things to this extend. But other people, including Ruiseine, are befuddled without being able to understand the situation.

“Oh my. Such people being so easily defeated by a young girl couldn’t possibly be the dragon tribesmen, right? They must have been deceiving us with their looks.”

Mistral is obviously acting, but it still reverberates to the surrounding people. By her foot is the big man with half of his body cruelly thrust into the ground. The giant man was sent flying so far, he can no longer be seen.

No, no, no. There’s no way this kind of destructive power can belong to a young girl, right?

I wonder if she perhaps overdid it, but when I look at Mistral, she has a sunny smile with a dizzying appearance. She doesn’t believe she overdid their misery at all. Are you sure about that?

Mistral smiles as she returns.

The bystanders who finally comprehend the situation loudly cheers. That’s when Ruiseine gives a stiff smile despite being petrified.

“Come on, let’s go back. Priscilla is waiting for us. I’m hungry, too.”

After saying so, Mistral drags the still petrified Ruiseine back into the restaurant.

What are we going to do after this situation? I try to stop thinking about that and follow Mistral.

The people inside dining room must think that the commotion from just now was the result of those two rampaging. Some step out from the entrance, but because they can only see the results, give us questioning, “what happened?” looks. We ignore them.

That’s right, let’s eat our lunch now. Don’t think of anything, don’t think of anything… If I keep thinking about it, I’ll just become uneasy about things hereafter. And just like that, we finish our lunch without any problems.

After this, what’s waiting for us is a patrolling soldier who heard about the uproar and now wants an explanation. Right now, though, no one knows about that.

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