Only I can Return After the Class Transfer Translation

8. The Player Group

Two weeks have passed since the class transfer.

“Storage keeper! Hurry up and move the materials!”

Right now, I’m being ordered by someone from the combat group… In such a manner. As can be seen, he’s looking down on me. I would have never expected such words from someone studying alongside me in class just two weeks ago, but not anymore after that person changed. Yes, this is an emergency and, moreover if I say so, natural in the case of extraterritorial rights.

Well, if there’s a clear reason, then… It’s probably because Taniizumi’s brainwashing is fully showing its effect. That’s right… The titles of the combat and base groups have changed… Before I knew it, the names became the player group and NPC group.

The source of the names is, of course, games.

Those who grow and gain experience by fighting are the players, like the combat group, who return with materials and points. Those who provide a variety of services to the players in the base, like shops, inns or smiths, are NPCs. That’s probably how it came to be and it created a terribly distorted situation.

I ruminate over how the situation compares to what I learned yesterday. A certain experiment seems to have been conducted a long ago in a foreign country. It was called Stanford Prison experiment. I think that the current situation unfolding in this class resembles what I saw on the internet yesterday.

“Power drives people crazy, huh…”

This Stanford Prison experiment seems to have derived its name from the university where it was conducted. According to the details, the people gathered through a newspaper advertisement were divided into the roles of guards and prisoners and made to act their roles in a simulated setup of a prison. Based on the results alone, it is said that they fell into a mentality where the guards acted more guard-like and the prisoners behaved as real prisoners.

The experiment was discontinued halfway, but the guards ended up turning more extreme. They went on to torture the prisoners and even inflicted violence on them They enjoyed the simulation so much that they even proposed for its extension. As for the prisoners, they underwent a tremendous amount of stress. Some people develop mental abnormalities and had to withdraw from the experiment.

Well, to briefly describe the results proven by the experiment is that a powerful authoritative figure… In this case, a situation where the weak are ruled by the powerful and also happen to be trapped within a small area and cannot expect rescue, the mental restraints of those in charge will cease. Everything will thus spiral out of control. Yet they themselves break past this survival situation… They act like gamers going on adventures where they battle alongside each other.

They will surely have fun adventures every day and feel euphoria during their battles. As their Lv rise, they also seem to become more resistant to pain. Minor injuries no longer bother them. Furthermore, they can have their injuries healed if there’s a healer. Everything completely feels like a game.

They’re probably like this since the monsters aren’t so strong that they can’t be dealt with. If there are casualties, there will also be some who return to their senses, but… I don’t want anyone dying.

This situation created by Taniizumi’s control can be applied to the Milgram experiment. Well, it’s something like it anyway. In this case, Taniizumi takes all responsibility. To put it simply, because of Taniizumi’s policy, the attitude towards those who have non-combat related abilities is worsening. No, it’s becoming impossible for them to recognize those of the base group as human beings. The title of NPC removes the perception that the other person is human.

Of course, Shigenobu reached his limit and warned Taniizumi, but it looks like he was completely ignored. Well, Taniizumi doesn’t bring that matter up publicly, but from time to time, it looks like he does insist everyone use that name. Still, as expected, they also know that if they use that title on Shigenobu, equipment won’t be produced. As such, they treat those in the base group who are highly useful as human beings.

Well, an exceptional ability can drive a person crazy. Deep inside the forest… In the forest where dangerous monsters roam, such people placed high in the hierarchy in just two weeks. I can’t imagine Taniizumi turning over a new leaf, so some factors are still really needed to break through this situation.

Taniizumi isn’t stupid either. Since he should have some talent as a leader, he might be worried about the base group revolting so the settlement was placed under surveillance. If we equip ourselves, even poorly, and head towards the forest, the guards will stop us. They would probably gloss it over by saying something like the base group doesn’t need to fight. Where do they think the ridiculous reason to discriminate against us even came from?

The portal copied by Ono is only used when it’s time to return. I heard that the effective duration of Ono’s copy ability has improved. Hence, Hiyama-san was assigned back to the base group after serving her purpose. The person herself doesn’t care though. Rather, being together with Taniizumi was more agonizing than something to be happy about.

… Or maybe it’s because her ability improved. As expected, maybe her Lv is related to it? That sort of improvement, it would be nice if I could be in a similar situation where I can utilize my ability by transporting things…

However… The danger is that Taniizumi’s leadership isn’t just limited to the combat group. Shigenobu is that kind of guy so he would firmly resist, but not everyone can be like him. In other words, you would only be treated well if you have an indispensable ability regardless of being from the base group.

Shigenobu’s smithing, Hiyama-san’s teleportation, cooking that makes food, and a barrier that creates a safe zone. Taniizumi gives favorable treatment centering around those area. Whether it’s Shigenobu or Hiyama-san, if the favored and ignored people are in one group, it isn’t just complaints that will rise. Hence, the base group is divided.

Currently, Shigenobu and Hiyama-san are the major characters who are opposing Taniizumi. A number of people from the base group support these two. I’m also included among that number. However, this doesn’t mean that everyone else is an ally. In other words, we are in a situation where it’s impossible to work together.

On the other hand, the Lv difference between us and the combat group… the players will soon end. Recently, Shigenobu has been of the same opinion as those against Taniizumi. He and Hiyama-san, two who have been forced to work with Taniizumi, have been drafting a plan.

According to Hiyama-san who was reassigned to the base, we should be able bypass the eyes of the surveillance and escape through teleportation. Thus, we of the base team gather together and select those who’ll take the initiative to hunt monsters and raise out Lv. I am also one of those participating in the monster hunt.

According to Shigenobu, if our goal is to get our hands on equipment, we will need to come up with a way to keep Taniizumi’s group from finding it. At that moment, I step forward and explain I have secured a place where I can hide those. It’s a place Taniizumi will never find… In other words, Japan, hidden in my room. After that, everything will work out as long as no one suspects me. That said, for Taniizumi to put me in his sights is rare to begin with.


“… I got it.”

When I reply properly and follow the player group student’s order, I’m met with a sneer and mockery. 

Who are you calling storage keeper?! If it was me from before, I would say something like that. This situation is about to make me lose my temper, but the fact that 『I’m the only one who can return』calms my mind. To tell the truth, I’m not that angry no matter how self-important these guys act. Well… It doesn’t feel good though. Above all, I want to avoid as much trouble as possible for Shigenobu’s plan.

“So? What about the transportation fee?”

The members of the base group use points to activate abilities. While using mana as a substitute for points can be learned, they serve as a payment for the base group… It’s been decided that base group members would ask for it in order for Shigenobu to secretly make equipment.

“Hah? What are you talking about? Normally, storage keepers in the games let you withdraw and deposit for free, right? Your job is that so… It should be free, right? You parasite.”

So annoying… I’ll just give up on everything and live peacefully in Japan! That’s what I think, but I can’t bring myself to abandon Shigenobu, Hiyama-san, Himeno-san and my friends in the class. Since I’m the only one who can return, and even though I hate being looked down on, I want to do something.

“Listen, hurry up and move it! Or do you want to get hurt?!”

He holds a sword against my cheek and threatens me.

… If I remember correctly, his ability is swordsmanship. He handles his sword in a way that can’t be found in Japan and transcends even those considered masters. In terms of fighting, he’s at the top.

“Okay, okay. It’s fine if I do it, right? I’ll do it.”

Asking for free service from a parasite, what kind of logic is that? To begin with, why shouldn’t I not leave the base just because I’m not suited for fighting? Because of the client’s complete perception of being a player, they’re view us as just characters. I don’t like being in a situation like this.

I was just a normal guy two weeks ago, but apparently, Taniizumi’s brainwashing has swallowed the combat group.

“That’s okay. See you, storage keeper.”

He leaves satisfied. Haah… Finally, the annoying one left.

“Are you all right?”

Soon after, Himeno-san rushes to me, places her hand near my cheek that has been cut, and starts healing it. Hiyama-san also comes over with a fed up expression.

“A storehouse keeper is just like a game…”

“You shouldn’t worry about it.”

“But… He was too unreasonable.”

As expected, Himeno-san is probably also annoyed and expresses her irritation.

According to Hiyama-san and Himeno-san, there was also a change in what can be called the hierarchy among the girls… They said that there are girls from the base group starting relationships with those in the combat group behind closed doors in order to improve their situations.

Naturally, from the point of view of a person with a good mind, it’s an object of contempt. This also seems to be a common mentality in women in extreme situation. I read up on it on the internet.

I’ve also encountered such a scene by chance, but I guess it wasn’t pure love… I approached thinking it was forced, but was cursed with,『We like each other so don’t disturb us! You cheap replacement!』by the girl. Hence, I thought their sexual relationship was by choice.

Of course, I have considered that sort of possibility, but… I wanted to believe that it’s love that bloomed during the time of survival… I guess I’m talking about a courage specific to women, but… I have gotten a bit scared of them. Food and survival have nothing to do with it, they’re just desperate to gain the favor of someone in control. I have read that sort of mentality in a book.

It’s embarrassing to say, but I even shared my food with that girl. I don’t remember how many times I’ve given her sweets. There should be no need for me to get cursed at that much.

Anyway, including people like that, there are surprisingly few people who can really be trusted.

“Even though we’re in a situation like this, he’s said it’s like a game!  Really unbelievable!”

“Now, now… Himeno-san, calm down.”

“I can’t calm down!”

“… We were all classmates just two weeks ago, but what is that? I can only think that they’re treating us like slaves!”

Both Himeno-san and Hiyama-san are getting quite mad. Well… that’s how it is. This is a situation where it’s normal to flip out.

“I guess so.”

I’m positive that guy was from the combat group. Looks like what I thought about earlier is absolutely true.

People who interact sincerely with NPCs in games are few, right? When you speak to the shopkeepers or innkeepers, they should just sell you tools or let you rest. If this was really a game, there will be trouble if those roles are removed. That’s why they made a mistake.

Also… I’m just saying my point, but it’s true that they’re risking their lives to fight and survived this past two weeks by earning points. We can’t fight against monsters so it’s not strange for them to feel that it’s unfair. In other words, I’m looking after you so follow my orders, it’s probably that kind of mentality.

… However, I think it’s also true that they’re starting to go too far.

That open suggestion was useless, ability person of the base group… Don’t you know that the storehouse is first on the list of facilities that aren’t used? Those people on top, like Taniizumi, will never entrust their no longer needed equipment to someone else.

It’s re-used by other members of the combat group. If not, I’ve heard that they keep the equipment they don’t use anymore in their own houses and throw away everything else.

Well… It seems like Taniizumi’s idea.

It might get stolen or not returned. That alone is a disadvantage for my ability. Or at least, that’s what they think.

“… Hanebashi-kun is so mature.”

Himeno-san, who finished the treatment, said while tilting her head.

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