The Heir of the Dragon Emperor and his Bride Corps Translation

14. The King Grants the Weapon a New ‘Name’

[The situation is urgent, I need to figure out how to use “Naming Bless”.]

It’s an enchantment skill, meaning it’s useful now. I actually intended to mess with it after settling down, but I don’t have time for hesitation at the moment.

If the villagers are in a pinch, then I should help them immediately. The combatants who can now move are Lisette, Haruka, and me; three people. This number is really not enough, but we can strengthen our weapons to improve our overall combat strength.

[It would be great that if “Naming Bless” is just a skill that functions be granting names.]

Then…..I’ll just try it with my own ways. Strengthening through naming has succeed in the past. Then, if I use the power of “Kiryouou Shouma” and do it the same way, maybe weapons can be enhanced too.

I take out the “Long Sword” from the “King’s Vessel”.

[What?][What you’re doing?]
[Are you doing something amazing?][The king is amazing?]

The children and the Harpy brim with curiosity as they watch me.
[I’m going to enhance this sword. So, just for reference, what do you call this weapon?]
[Long Sword!][Long Sword!]

It’s the response that I had expected. Everyone views this as a “Long Sword”. It’s what comes to mind when they regard this weapon. So, if I grant a similar name to this weapon……what will happen?

[Activating, “Naming Bless”.]

I declare as I clasp the long sword. The next moment, a window appears in front of me.

The center shows the word “Long Sword”, “Long Sword”. There are three empty slots for entering characters. They seem to be my limit to the name I can grant right now.

[“My words from now on is the king’s words”.]

The words came out naturally.

[“In the name of Kiryouou Shouma, this sword shall be given a new attribute”.]

The long sword emits a pale light.

[“Your name is the weapon, Long Sword”—– “accepting similar spiritual words”—-“Granting your attribute”.]

…..How can we more easily fight the monsters? Both the black goblin and the lord had hard skin. The sword snapped.

That means what I need is to improve its strength more than its sharpness. With the strength of Oni, as long as the sword doesn’t break, it will increase their power. Therefore… I should make it harder.

[“Long Sword” become “Super hard”.]

After taking a breath, I declare.

[Accept the king’s naming!! “Naming Bless”!!]

A pale line appears on the surface of the sword. It turns a few times and writes the character, “Super hard”, before disappearing. Does this response means it was correct?

[Eh? It was glowing.][What did you do? Ou-sama?]
[Nnn, I’m sorry but please hold this for me just for a while.]

I handed the enhanced sword to the Oni children in front of me.

[I want to ask, are the wrists and elbows of Oni strong? Can they cut hard things?]
[We’re pretty tough, otherwise we wouldn’t be able to fight against the black demons.]
[Is that so, then try cutting that rock.]

I point at a rock in the garden that was about the height of a child.

[Oni-chan, if I cut something like that, won’t the sword break?]
[Don’t worry, it was a gift, but it’s already broken.]

I say.

[You don’t need to worry about the sword, please try it properly. In order to not over burden to your wrists, please hold lightly on the upper part.]
[If you say so.]

The child obediently holds the sword.



The rock is cut. To be precise, the upper part is sliced away.


The children and the Harpy are stunned.


The long sword with the “added attribute” severed the upper half of that rock with out cracking. As expected from, “Super hard”.

[Amazing.][Onii-chan, amazing!!]

I get embarrass from being praised so much. I’m just using the Dragon Emperor’s skill and arranging it into a more Chunnibyo way of use.

Granting names to the land and granting names to people are still impossible for me. 
However, granting the attributes, “Oni, Ryu, Sho and Ma” to my name “Kiryou Shouma”, and utilizing magic circles to enhance the “Pencil” into “Flaming Pen” is doable.  That’s why I was able to bestow the “Long Sword” with “Super hard”. 

“Hard” is the opposite of “Fragile” and it means hard to break. Thus, the sword became “Super hard”.

As a result, the rock lost against the “unbreakable sword” wielded by the power of the Oni. I now somewhat understand after using it. “Naming Bless” can be only used on items I possess or am borrowing. Should I lend someone else those items afterwards, the enchantment will endure. As for how long, maybe half a day?

[Shoma-ni-chan, how about this weapon?]

An Oni tribe girl holds a konbou as tall as me.

[You use the same weapon as Haruka?]
[Yeah, Oni are better at using wooden sticks.]

The cross section is hexagonal, and it gets thicker as it progresses. It is wild and heavy for something made of wood. It’s hard for me to handle in my normal form. The children can swing this around? The Oni are really amazing.

[Then how do all of you refer to this weapon?]

So the most suitable is “Konbou”. Alright.

[–In the name of “Kiryouou Shouma”—“Naming Bless”—-“Your name shall be Konbo” —-“Accepting similar spiritual words”—“Giving you attribute”.]

I take a breath and declare.
Certainly……..”Kongou” describes something tough.

If it’s like this—

[“Konbou (Wooden Staff)” shall be called “Konbou (Golden Staff)”. “As strong as a metal” “Remaining a stick”. With that strength and flexibility, it will become more than iron with greatest hardness. Accept the naming of the king.]

A line of light runs along the iron konbou. Its new attribute is “metal pole”— a weapon that is “metal-like” and “a pole”.

konbou” has the meaning “straight long thing”. In other words, this konbou is as hard and straight as metal. It is both hard to bend and hard to break. It is the same as the “super hard” from before. Its strength should unquestionable.

[I’m going!]

The Oni girl strikes the boulder with her konbou.


The konbou crushes the boulder. Alright, it’s strong enough.

[Then, I’ll ask everyone for help.]

I say to the children.

[From now on, I hope you can take this long sword and rod to your families and tell them about the strengthening. If it’s possible, I will strengthen every weapon in the village. That should both make fighting the “Black Knight” and helping the villagers fighting the “Black monsters” easier.  …Can I ask everyone for that?]

[[[Yes! Shouma-nii-chan!!!]]]

The children take the sword and konbou before running off. I have to hurry up and finish this while “Shoshukakusei” is still in effect.

The children work very fast. It takes less than 10 minutes for everyone to gather all the weapons in the village and three minutes for me to strengthen them. By then, Lizette is finished with her conversation.

[Have you decided your strategy?]

[Yes. From here on, Lisette and Haruka will take the lead in helping the villagers. The remaining ones will be in charge of the village’s protection.]

Lizette then touchs the long sword she placed against her waist,

[We can fight with confidence thanks to the sword Shoma-sama has strengthened.]
[I told you, I’ll help with the village’s defences. This is also part of that promise.]

That is because I am indebted to you and this is a simple job.

[And, since they already finished their tasks, we don’t need to overdo it.]

In my original world, job efficiency was just my way of getting rid of my work faster. Although, even though I was efficient, the work kept coming. I wasn’t treated as a comrade.

[Anyway, Lizette, Haruka, please confirm that my “enhancements” work properly. Fighting was not my profession, so I need the evaluation of a professional.]
[Also, my wings are still usable.]

This is the realistic processing ability of a former Chunnibyo. In order to secure the safety of the village, I maximise the efficiency of “Kiryouou Shouma”.

[Unfortunately, I can only carry one person. It’ll be best for me to carry either Lizette or Haruka…… However, leaving either of you isolated will only make the situation worse, I’ll do my best to make a round trip.]

I have little experience in battle. If I shoot “Dragon Breath” with full strength, I will be released from “Ryushokakusei” on the spot. Also, since I still can’t use “Onishokakusei”, I don’t have the confidence to activate it.

Therefore, I am going to act as support. Still, that would force either Lizette or Haruka fight alone. This isn’t good. What should I do……?

[Ou-sama, Ou-sama][Can we help you?]

That is when I realize the Harpy are looking at me.

[If we cooperate,][We can carry about one person.]
[Is that okay?]
[We, Harpy are a mischievous tribe] [Because there was no one to serve.]
[[Because you touched our wings, there’s nothing more than helping you.]]

The Harpy continue to kneel in front of me. Apparently, for them, “touching their wings” means submitting to me.

…..Well, I’m the one who told them to kneel. Even though, it’s a bit like a king’s order….

[….You should cancel it later right. Instead, let’s replace it with something.]

I feel like I’m getting suck into the depths……

[Okay, then the Harpy will carry Haruka while I carry Lizette and the weapons. After you drop Haruka on the ground, please immediately go to a safe place.]
[[Understood, Ou-sama!]]
[Please do you best, Ou-sama!]

The children too!?

[I-I’m sorry Aniue-sama. I’ll tell you later.]
[It’s fine.]

I sigh. Once this battle is over, let’s be as carefree as possible in order to drown out their respect.

[Lizette, let me listen to your strategy.]
[Yes, originally, Lizette and Haruka were going to run to the “Abandoned Castle”, but after getting the information from the Harpy, we decided to go directly to where the villagers are fighting. Now, it’s better to penetrate the back ranks of the enemy from the sky.]
[Which means Lizette will flank with the villagers?]
[Yes. With these enchanted weapons, Lizette and Haruka can break the centre formation of the enemy. After separating the enemy, we can join up with villagers and eliminate the enemy at once.]

Sounds reasonable and workable.

My knowledge is only from a simulation game I did recently coupled with the fantasy and military books I read in my school days.  So, let’s leave it to a specialist.

[Understood, then the Harpy and Haruka will go ahead first.]
[Understood Ou-sama!][Yes, Ou-sama!]
[Lizette and I will follow up. Let me carry the weapons. Lizette, please hold me firmly.]

I can’t be tired from this. I store the enchanted weapons within the King’s Vessel and then pick up Lizette with both hands. With a sole flap of my wings, I soar upward.

[Hold tight, Lizette.]

Following the Harpy who fly ahead with Haruka clinging to them, I aimed for the battlefield at once.

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