Sore, Itadakimasu Translation

18.2 This is Unnecessary (Second Part)

It moved—that’s what I’m concerned with.

How did the soldiers fall unconscious? Was it the work of the demon?

The more time I spend in this laid-back fort, the more uneasy I become.

Well, with or without this problem, I want to make a speedy return to the Spiral Castle…

A bird commonly used as a messenger between forts comes, announcing to us of the Heavenly One’s location of arrival.

There he is, descending towards the aforementioned place.

—Heavenly Ones.

They are who remained in this world after the Gods returned from the Spiral Castle to the other world. They then procreated, establishing their bloodlines. These two generations of beings then became the foundation of the world.

Currently, the world is ruled by the fifth generation of the Heavenly Ones.

I keep referring to them as ‘they’, ‘he’, ‘them’—but of course they have their respective.

However, there’s no way for me to know without overhearing it. Besides, even if you know, most people refrain from saying it.

They have their own hierarchy and role—but those have nothing to do with us, who refer to them and live outside the Spiral Castle.

Yet, it’s rare, but… there’s a man with the same characteristic as the Heavenly Ones—with plumes of feathers as ears—living outside the Spiral Castle. Yep, Captain Judius.

Hence, it means that their bloodlines have spread considerably, huh…

‘He’ who descends from the sky, near the place the rock demon currently resides, is basked in a small halo. Really different from Captain Judius, whom usually comes here by boat.

The white plumes on both sides of his head are long and large. They spread in the air, glowing. Fluffy golden hair similar to a dandelion and a delicate body wrapped in a white, flowing coat.

I—everyone—stare at ‘his’ beautiful visage. As much as we want to bask at the mesmerizing view, we can’t due to the risk of getting blinded by his sparkling aura.

The Heavenly One’s step is akin to a feather. Soft, without a sound.

“Nice day to you.”

A high pitched, charming voice, like a little bird.

“My, so this is the demon of the case! How wonderful! For it to get this big, how rare… I’m sure everyone’s going to be pleased~”

“Hu, huh?”

My head is unable to process anything ‘He’ said. ‘He’ suddenly refers to me, “You…” and I lift my face immediately. The Heavenly One shakes ‘his’ long plumes, which flow down to ‘his’ toes, and smiles at me—I’m not sure, it’s too bright.

“Y-yes? What is it?”

“I can feel traces of magic accumulation, and it traces back to you—ah, impure magic that uses Inki, huh? I guess it isn’t surprising, after all, you are a Sennette. Yes, this sinful magic, it’s obviously a Sennette’s.”


“But, at the same time, I also feel its yearning, and it’s yearning for you…”


I have no idea what ‘he’’s saying. While my eyes are still wide and mouth agape, Glen, who stands beside me, answers in my place.

“Merrilond Sennette, is her name.”


I express my annoyance, yet, in my heart, I’m actually relieved he did that. I nod silently. The Heavenly One returns my gesture—he’s still too bright, though.

“Merrilond Sennette, I understand. Nice day to you.”

As soon as ‘he’ says that, the area is surrounded by bright light. It’s the Heavenly One’s magic.

What a powerful magic, it makes my whole body shake.

A magic that has this much impact towards mere humans will surely burn those demonic existences to ashes. There are some in my surroundings whom instantly fall to their knees.

When I open my eyes again, the Heavenly One had teleported away with the rock-like demon. It’s a technique that can be done because of an immense magical ability.

Then, I notice it.

“…Discharge of magic.”


…Are you sure the title of ‘Vice Captain’ befits you?

While facepalming, I explain in irritation.

“Those soldiers lost their consciousness because of a huge magical discharge.”

“Ah? Oh, those who were supposed to watch the demon last night?”

“That’s right. ‘He’ said there was an accumulation of magic, remember? The afternoon before, I struck it with magic. I think it started to accumulate magic since then, and it took some time. When the demon activated at night, the soldiers in vicinity fainted.”

“Hmm, I see. That kind of thing happened, huh?”

“Please show more concern about it.”

“Well, at the present, we have nothing to worry about anymore—so, who cares?”

The people of Fort Gordo who had gathered to watch begin to disperse. The soldiers who fell, too, stand up with the support of their vicinity.

Everyone is visibly relaxed.

…Well, if there’s truly nothing to worry about, then I have no qualms about it.

The Vice Captain and I start to return together. One step, two steps—after ten steps, I can’t take it anymore.

“I’m sorry, it’s entirely my fault that thing moved.”

“Ah, about that, you didn’t mean to do it, so don’t think too much about it.”


I swallow what I was about to say, knowing it’ll be an excuse. I don’t know the right thing to say.

“If you didn’t use your magic yesterday, then the demon would have completed its transformation. An even bigger threat would have arose.”

“I have no excuse. That said, I remember you got struck by lightning yesterday…”

“Ah, yes, that. It happen when I was about to approach and attack the demon, but when it saw your magic, it stopped attacking.”

“…So, you are saying, it was afraid of my magic?”

“It might be the opposite, instead. Entranced by your magic, it approached you—probably aiming for your magic, or maybe, longing for you. Then, it got struck by lightning. Too bad, I was a sitting duck and got hit too.”

“No way.”

Either way, it may be something that only the Heavenly Ones can understand. Even if the research is complete, I doubt they will share their findings with me.

Vice Captain grunts, “Hmm.” While putting a hand against his thick jaw, and stares at me with his eyes of unordinary color.

I begin to get nervous.

“What is it?”

“You can be a demon, or a sinful woman—“


“—and I’ll like you all the same.”


I stop walking, and turns to him with a wide smile.

“Want to eat lightning?”

The Vice Captain’s expression is… strange, and he doesn’t say anything in reply. I erase my smile and immediately walk away, increasing my speed. Vice Captain silently follows after me. Listening to the footsteps, I grasp Saetta tightly.

‘I got hit by your lightning.’

‘But I still like you.’

—is what he’s basically saying.

are you an idiot?!?!

No way, you, of all people, fell in love with a Sennette Witch—and not to mention, an 18 years old girl!?

Are you kidding me?!

Thus, that conversation leads to our present moment—but, before that…

‘As promised’? ‘As proclaimed’?–

Out of the blue, the Heavenly One sent a delivery from the Spiral Castle—and the recipient is me.

It’s a piece of rock from that demon. A message also comes along with it. ‘The Spiral Castle awards this familiar to the witch’.

Basically, the demon originates from the demonic air—the basic is the same, but…

“…What a novelty.”

My sister, Saliroza, says in monotone.

It would be better if you at least laughed a little…

Of course, none of us know what this actually means.

I keep silent, close the lid of the stylish white box, and hide the thing.

Why, why do I have to keep this sort of thing? Rather, I want to destroy the whole thing!

Oh my god, the sight, it burns, and what has been seen can’t be unseen.

T, this ‘thing’—or ‘familiar’—what use do I have for it?!

Again, the distorted humor of those Heavenly Ones is made known to me—that rock demon …He adored me. His last thought was of wanting to stay by my side, to be with me as a familiar.

The rock carved from it is black and shiny. Its thickness and length match that of my elbow to my wrist—

—and the shape is that of that thing on the crotch of a man.

This is the worst!!!! I don’t need this!!!!

***T/N: I don’t know man… what’s with the sudden switch of focus to this rock-familiar-nobody, instead of building chemistry between Glen and Merrilond? And I love how the author just sweeps all the build-up and tension just like that, poof, under the rug. “the accident happened offscreen–and now everything has been taken care off by the authority.” Instead of, y’know, letting us readers experience it in all of its splendor directly.

Give me back my optimism and enthusiasm, author.

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