Translation Yankee wa Isekai de Seirei ni Aisaremasu.

7. You want a pipe?

The Jijii’s house is on the outskirts of town.  For some reason or another, it’s a strange building.  Something that looks like a chimney is on the outside and connects to something that looks like a furnace.

What is this place?  Seriously, Jijii, what kinda person are you?

I say, “Alright, with this done, we’ll be going.”

The Jijii says, “Wait, wait, wait, wait!  Stay for some tea!”

“Pass, we’ve got other stuff ta…”

The Jijii pushes us inside as he says, “It’s fine, it’s fine!  Come in!”

Dang, this Jijii’s pushy.

Various things are placed around inside the Jijii’s house.  I see things like weapons and armor here and there.

The Jijii says, “Oh, something catch your eye?  As you can see, I’ve been a blacksmith for many years!  Well then, it’s time I introduce myself.  My name is Elji!”

“Call me Zero and this place is pretty kickin’.  As a man, this is what I live for.”

“My name is Grace.  This is a pleasure to meet you.”

Umu, a pleasure to meet both of you as well!  Still, this is what you live for?!  I understand what you mean!”

Gusu-oyake sips tea as me and El-jijii[1] get excited.  Her eyes show that she isn’t following in the slightest.  Well, this ain’t something women and children get.

Either way, someone like this El-jijii is pretty weird, if I say so myself.

The Jijii says, “I see now!  Are my two lords adventurers?  Pick out some weapons and armor and consider it my gratitude!  So, how long you going to be in town for?”

Adventurers?  Nope, don’t know that word.  Maybe I should ask Gusu-oyake about it later.

Gusu-oyake says, “No, we actually plan on leaving tomorrow…”

Mu, that how it is?  In that case, I won’t be able to make any deliveries.  No matter, you can just take a look at my warehouse instead.”

I say, “No, there’s no way I can accept something like that.  This tea is enough.”

El-jijii is shocked by my words.  He then begins to laugh.  “Straight forward youngsters like you are a rarity nowadays!  I like it!  Name your request!  With these arms of mine, I’ll make sure you receive it!  Count on it!”

“No, that’s…” 

El—jijii ignores our words, and while saying, “It’s fine, it’s fine,” takes us to his warehouse.  The number of weapons and armor in his house don’t come anywhere close to the amount here. 

I say, “Amazing…”

Ka kka kka![2] Go on in and take a look!” 

“No, we don’t have enough money.”

Gusu-oyake says, “Zero-san, accept his generous offer.  I regards to money, I have plenty.”

That’s not good, Gusu-oyake.  I’ll need to pay that back one day.

Despite my thoughts, El-jijii gets angry.  “I-di-ot!  Something like that!  You think I want money!?  That I’d demand payment from my benefactor!?”

“Eru-jijii…  Thanks man, I mean it.”

Ka kka kka kka!”

If El-jijii is gonna go that far, then I have to accept his generosity.  So, what should I pick?

I say, “So, got any recommendations?”

“A recommendation?  Well, everything!  …Is what I want to say, but that’s useless.  How do you usually fight?”

How do I fight?  I’m something like a brawler?

With that in mind, I give a quick, “I like punching and kicking my enemies without a care in the world.  After that, I guess I’d like to be able to walk around without any trouble?”

Fumu, in that case, light armor sounds like a good fit.  As for the size…”  El-jijii presents a sort of mannequin in armor. “How about this?  Try it on!”

He takes the armor and straps it to my body.  The gauntlets and leg armor are a perfect fit.  There’s even a chest piece.

I say, “Ooh, this is great.  It ain’t heavy at all.  No trouble moving whatsoever.”

“Good, good!  Although, your abdomen and back are a bit exposed.  Ya want some more protection?”

 “No, this mobility is good.  I like it!”

Gusu-oyake says, “Zero-san, you look great!”

Getting wrapped up in silver gear really fires me up some reason.  My tension is just spiking.

El-jijii says, “How about your weapon?  Tell me what you need!”

A weapon?  An idea did pop up while I was getting into armor.

I say, “You might not have it, but is saying it still fine?”

“Don’t mind it!  Don’t mind it!  You can say anything!”

“In that case, it’s gotta be something light and solid.”

Hou!  Is it a sword?  A spear?  No, I see you’ve got a stone ax there.  Then, do you want an ax?!”

“Can I get a pipe?”

Ahre?  Why’d everyone get quiet?  Something happen?

Gusu-oyake says, “Zero-saaaaaaaan!?  Is this not a weapon’s shop!?  Pipes aren’t weapons!?”

Ahh?  I’m pretty sure pipes are weapons…?”

“They aren’t!  Not one bit!    Seeeeeeriouslyyyyy!”

She’s wrong, pipes are weapons.  Bats are weapons too.  Or maybe something’s wrong with this world?

El-jijii, however, starts to laugh.  “Kufuu kufuu ha ha ha ha ha ha!  A pipe?!  You’re seriously one strange kid.  Understood!  If that’s what you want, then I’ll make one at once!”

“You’ll make me one?  What about the time?”

“What?  Something like that won’t take long at all.  Just tell me how long you want me to make it and wait!”

I tell El-jijii what he needs to know and he immediately gets to work. 

He says, “It’ll take about one hour to finish.  Feel free to wait or do something to kill time!”

“Right, what do you think, Gusu-oyake?”

“Hmm, what to do…  We already finished our shopping, so how about we go get something to eat?”

“Got it.”

Me and Gusu-oyake leave El-jijii’s place and hit the town to grab a bite.  The chibi seemed interested in El-jijii’s work, so they stayed behind to watch.  Since it looked dangerous, I warned them about keeping a safe distance.  They responded with sharp nods.

Seriously, those guys are great at understanding others.

We get a light meal and then move onto browsing stores for some bandages.  Gusu-oyaka says something along the lines of, “You need bandages?”

They ain’t for injuries. 

Well, that’s more or less how we spent our hour.

El-jijii says, “Finished!”

I say, “Eh, you’re done already?”

“Something like this is easy!”

I’m given a pipe with a dim, azure, shine.

What is this?  It’s super light!

I test it out by swinging it around and hitting the ground, but it’s totally fine. 

“Wicked!  Just listen to that chime!”

Ka kka kka.  I reckon this is the best pipe in the world!”

Mn?  Gusu-oyake has been quite for a while now.  Why’s she just staring at me for?

She says, “Ano, Elji-san, is that pipe perhaps… mithril?”

Hoo!  You’re well informed.  It’s as you suspect!” 


I say, “Mithril?  What’s mithril?”

“An outrageously expensive mineral that’s both infinitely lighter and more durable than iron!  Something that’s used by organizations like the Chivalric Order to create armor and weapons for their knights!?  You used that to make a pipe?!?”

U- uh?  Like hell I get what any of that means, but I’m pretty sure making a pipe out of that was flat out ridiculous.

I say, “I don’t really get it, but is this okay?”

“Don’t worry, don’t worry!  Like I said, I like you!  Use this as you like!”

Hehee, my bad.

I wrap the bandages around the mithril pipe’s handle. 

Great, now it’s perfect.

Gusu-oyake says, “Ooh, so that’s why you bought bandages.”

“Exactly!  Now it’s complete!  It’s amazing!  My tension is bursting through the roof!”

“I- I understand.  Please keep from swinging it around.”

I stop at Gusu-oyake’s request and then, together with El-jijii, go back to his place for some grub. 

I say, “Thanks a lot.  I’ll use that pipe well.”

Ka kka kka, come back any time if there’s ever any trouble!  I fix it right up!  And if you ever need more weapons, I’ll make them for ya!  Today was a blast!”

Gusu-oyake says, “For real, for real real, thank you so much.”

El-jijii sees me and Gusu-oyake off and we return to the inn.  Tomorrow we’ll be searching for spirits. 

That’s got a nice ring to it.


Manai Zero

Skill:    The Person Loved by Spirits

Special Feature: Intimidating Eyes

Items:   Stone Ax

              (Mithril) Pipe

              Light Armor

Objective: Assist Gusu-Oyake

T/N: And finished!!  I’d like to note that thug talk is still hard for me.  Anyway, been a while since we saw this story updated.  I’ll be updating this one more often now.  Look forward to it~

[1] This is a bit of a pun.  His name is Elji.  Jijii means, “old man/geezer”  Zero is combining the two word to create Eljijii.
[2] I think he’s laughing.  かっかっか!

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