I, a Witch, am Requested by My Crush to Make Him Love Potion Translation

Prologue (2): A Broken Hearted Witch and a Love Potion~pt.2

An enraged Harji approached Roze with heavy steps.  In response, she tugs her hood over her face.

The petite Roze shrunk even smaller. Seeing this, Harij was guilt-stricken. Immediately, he kneeled before of Roze whom was trembling within her robe.

“…To raise my voice like that, it was very rude of me. Forgive me.”

“No, no problem. Just now, you are so… dazzling.


“It’s okay, since Mr. Customer is good-looking.”

Harij’s face—now up close—was too brilliant for Roze to gaze upon. She needed to narrow her eyes. His face was so mesmerizing it looked like it was sparkling. The lamp illuminated floating dust-particles, making the beautiful scene all the more so.

“…What are you saying?” His previous anger was nowhere to be seen, as his current features excluded confusion.

Ah, this expression of his is nice too, Roze thought as she peered through her hood.

Why would he need a love potion, I wonder?

Maybe he lacks confidence in himself? Is the other party’s standard too high? Or …could it be, he desires someone whom already married?

Whatever the circumstances, now, it was already too late—

—for that other party.

—and also herself.

Her crush had troubled himself just to come here and request a love potion.

Harij met Roze the day he asked her for the potion. That much was obvious. But the same couldn’t be said for her.

She had a crush on him.  She had it ever since that day she visited the city. It was purely coincidental; she was merely watching from a distance—and then fell in love at first sight.

Now, the only thing a hikikomori witch like her could do was extent the time of the potion-making. The longer the better.

I never hoped for you to reciprocate my feelings—

—but at the very least, I want a small place in your memories.

That’s good enough for me.

It was a cunning plan, but also unfair, she knew. Under normal circumstances, she would already be disqualified as a witch. However, in front of her was a man who resorted to a love potion just to benefit himself in romance—doesn’t this make what I’m doing a little bit justifiable?

“The next ingredient will be a squirrel—but be mindful that you absolutely have to catch it when rainbow appears. Make sure you deliver it on the night of a full moon.”

A full moon had occurred last week. Hence, it would take a long time until the next one, that, plus the time needed to get the material.

“So I have to keep a watch on the sky? Damn, I don’t have that much of a free time…” A blue stripe appeared on Harij’s temple. It was a thick blood vessel.

That’s too alluring! Without this hood, I would already be swooning!

Even the naïve witch knew he didn’t have that much access to free time.

Speaking of which, Harij Azm was a Royal Knight. The palace he worked in was so splendid, the grandeur could be seen even from the capital’s outskirts. He was an S-class Elite Knight. In addition, Roze had also heard that his father was a noble.

Thinking of that, he really wasn’t the kind of person who would visit this kind of place. It was the reason for Roze’s surprise towards his first visit.

“Ah, no time, huh? Too bad, then. What a shame.”

Roze lowered her face, seemingly disappointed.

Without the ingredient, the potion wouldn’t be finished. The witch had also made it clear she won’t arrange the material herself. Knowing this, Harij let out a pained sigh.

The sigh made it known how much he needed this love potion—no matter how much time, effort, or money it would take.

Surely, by hearing that, no one could help but extend their hand toward his cause—

But Roze, “…I guess I have no choice—” instead of being touched by sympathy, “—but to add ‘Handsome Man’s Sigh’ to the list—!! Please let me know next time you want to sigh again—!!”

“Absolutely not!!!”

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