The Witch Who Once Was Called A Saint Translation

Prologue: The Witch Who Was Once Called The Saint Is–

The kingdom was once on the verge of a crisis. It was about to be invaded by a neighboring country.

A village girl volunteered herself by joining the army as a witch.

“Let me end the war so that no more people whose thoughts similar to mine will appear.”

Requesting such, the girl supported her companions and mowed down her enemies on the front lines. She stood on the battlefield without a single defeat. She brought victory to the country time and again. By the end, she was worshiped by the populace as a patriotic saint.

However, there was no means of discovering what had happened to her hence after. One day, the saintess suddenly disappeared. Nothing was left behind save a farewell letter.

Eventually, not one record of the saintess remained after that.

Four hundred years have now past. Witches, or practitioners, have completely disappeared from the world.  Of course, no one knew what happened to her after.

Chapter 1: A Meeting Brought by a Natural Disaster>