The Heir of the Dragon Emperor and his Bride Corps Translation

9. The Way to Wield the King’s Powers of Dragon and Oni, and Recalling Past Memories

I am lead to a house in the of the village.
It’s a single-story, stone building with a furnace on the wall.

Inside the room are a chair and table. A flower decorates it, hinting that the room belongs to a girl. Although the goddess said this world a low level of technology, this house and its furniture are quite firm.

[Shoma-sama’s room is this way.]

Lizette leads me by the hand to the innermost room.
It’s a wide room with window and a small bed on the floor.


The moment we enter the room, Lizette springs forward with a speed paralleling her “Dragon Blood.”  She picks up a white object from the bed and a second one from the floor.  They’re hidden away too fast for me to see clearly, but I think they were her underwear.

So then, isn’t this Lizette bedroom?

[Can I really use this room?]
[Of course, or rather I should say, this room has too much empty space.]

Even if you say that…..
I never thought I would be staying at Lizette’s house. Moreover, she seems to be living by herself.

[Do you have any empty rooms? Even a storage room would do.]
[That’s impossible!]

Lizette clenches a fist.

[I can’t treat Shoma-sama that rudely! To begin with, the village chief should lead everyone in the village to formally greet Shoma-sama. That’s a bit impossible at the moment though…… all the men are away. I can’t introduce you to everyone…..I’m sorry about that.]
[All men are away from the village?]

…..Is this fine?
There’s a thirty year old stranger living together with a teenage girl right now…

[By the way, what kind of person is the chief?]
[It’s Haruka, desu.]
[For real!?]
[Yes, Haruka’s father died a few years ago, leaving her to succeed the position.  However, until she reached adulthood, she was the chief in name, but everything was being handled by the adults around her.]

This means that Lizette and Haruka are both important figures in this village.
Lizette is the princess who inherited the Dragon Emperor’s bloodline while Haruka is the current village chief.
…..Somehow, I feel like I’m a suspicious person trying to get close to a pair of nobles…

[Then, Lizette will go ahead and prepare the meal. Shoma-sama, please have some rest.]
[You’re right……]

Actually, I need to help her in order to learn more about this world…..

[….Thanks for your guidance…..]

To be honest though, I’m really tired.
Even if it’s for a while, I want to close my eyes and sleep.

[Now then, please take your time, Shoma-sama.]

Lizette leaves the room with those words.
As the wooden door is closed, I lay on the bed. I’ve already reached my limit.
This is too much for me……

Being summoned from the other world.
Then realizing it was a mistake by the summoner.
After that, being left alone in a forest.
Obtaining skills, the “King’s Vessel” and “The Awakening of the Dragon’s Kin”.
Then obtaining two more skills in the “Dragon Temple”: “dragon pulse” and “Naming Bless”.
I fought with the monsters.
Finally, I met with the Oni children and obtained “Awakening of the Oni Kin”.

Both “Naming Bless” and “dragon pulse” are probably skills of the Dragon Emperor.
That’s why I still don’t know how to use them.

While both “Awakening of the Dragon’s Kin”, and “Awakening of the Oni’s Kin” are different, they awoke naturally.
I somehow feel like I already know how they function.  The effects of “Awakening of the Dragon’s Kin” matched my mental image of enhancing my speed and granting me dragon scales along with the use of dragon’s breath.
“Awakening of the Oni’s Kin” should be the same. Even though I haven’t use it yet, I can more or less predict how it will function.

There’s also the “King’s Vessel” which I’ve had from the beginning.
The interpretation ability of this is derived from “the king must hear the words of all the people”. The storage ability is literally a treasure chest.

I understand my abilities of Dragon and Oni……I also don’t feel any discomfort towards my King ability either.  I just don’t understand “Naming Bless” or “dragon pulse”.
What’s the difference between them?  Are there any hints in the goddess’ letter……
I take out the letter from “King’s Vessel”.

[I can’t sleep if keep thinking about it…..]

I open the letter and read it. I read it from the beginning to end more than once.
I reread the apology from the goddess and the reason for this summon, about my age regression and restoring my stamina back to teenage years, about the promise for restoring peace to the world and send me back to my world, and lastly about the empty space for me to write the goddess one question.

[….I have no choice but to ask.]

In order to survive in this world, I need to rely on skills.
What are they, when can I use them……if I don’t understand anything, I won’t be able to relax. If I rely on my skills to survive and then they suddenly stop working….. I can’t say that won’t happen, so I must be prepare for it.

[Other than that, why did the goddess write my name wrong?]

The name on the letter is “Kiryuou Shoma” even though my name is “Kiryu Shoma”.
Even if she’s a careless goddess, a mistake like that is really weird. So where did “ou” come from?
“Kiryuu” plus “ou” makes “Kiryuou”?…..

[…Is she trying to tell me something?]

My skills are “Awakening of the Dragon’ Kin”, “Awakening of the Oni’s Kin”, and “King’s Vessel”.
Taking the 1st syllable of those skills, “Oni, Dragon, and King”, makes “Kiryouou”!
And with my name “桐生”, when pronounced is also “Kiryu”.
They’re similar….


Kachi, Kachi, my memories move like puzzle pieces in my head.
I remember the anger I felt during my the “Black Goblin”. He said, “That’s how the world works.” Someone once said the same phrase to me in the past, so it flipped my switch.

When did that happened?
Was it when I resigned from my unreasonable job? No, it happened long before then.
Back when I wondered why the world was such an unreasonable place.

Just, when was it?
I tried my best to recall.
When did I called myself, “Kiryouou Shoma”…..Ah yes I got it!
I did introduce myself with this name.
It was a long time ago…..  ten years ago? No, even earlier than that.

Back when my family died and I was adopted by my grandfather…..

[….I remember.]

I was still in middle school then.

Someone said those words during my parent’s funeral. I don’t remember who, but I was while I was crying.  It really made me mad.

After hearing those words, I exploded.

-The world is wrong for allowing this awful event to happen.
-I will fight against the world.
-There must be enemy somewhere in this world.
-Even if nobody can see it, I feel its presence.

-From now on, the real Kiryou Shoma shall awaken, “Oni Dragon King”!
-Behold, the Aberrant Overlord, witness the power of the Oni Dragon King…


It’s coming out.
I’m remembering everything.

“Kiryouou Shoma”—–“Oni Dragon King”.

That was my name during my chūnibyō period

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