I, a Witch, am Requested by My Crush to Make Him Love Potion Translation

Prologue (2): A Broken Hearted Witch and a Love Potion~pt.1

Kararoon— The cowbell let out a loud, high-pitched noise announcing the visitor.  

“Welcome. Have you brought it?”

Behind Harij, the sky had turned dark. At night, the forest was especially creepy. Even the roses that had already been growing since the first day she arrived seemed eerie.

“You may come in. Don’t forget to bring it in also.”

Roze didn’t miss Harij’s scowl as he received the lantern from her—

—It was only to be expected. After all, nobody should ever let their guard down, especially in the presence of a witch. 

Nevertheless, Roze maintained her calm. As a witch, she tried to appear neutral—hence, such was a common state for her.

Harij took off his cloak, then the straps on his waist, and proceeded to remove his sword.

After being handed the package, Roze secretly stole a glance at Harij’s face.

It was a face she remembered well, yet still didn’t fail to make her swoon.

Under the taut but graceful brows, almond-shaped eyes glinted. They were undeterred—both that and their color resembled the lake’s surface on a snowy day. His well-shaped ears were slightly red from the cold. Platinum locks covered his ears as if to protect them.

His face, which was as beautiful as a statue carved by the best sculptor in the kingdom, made her knees weak.

However, as of now, frustration marred his beautiful features.

The cloak and the sword were hung on the pole hanger. The lantern was put beside the burning fireplace. They both entered the witch’s hut as she firmly shut the door behind her.

This was the seldom-visited witch’s hermitage, located on a small island in the middle of a lake. Roze, the ‘Good Witch of the Lake’, lived here.

She was hidden deep inside the forest, far from the capital. Her home was tranquil as it was built to escape human eyes.

The lake surrounding the forests was but a large body of water.

In spring, colorful flowers would bloom. In summer, the surrounding would be green. In autumn, red. And in winter, everything would be colored white by snow—even the surface of the water. There were more beasts than people here, but they rarely went beyond the lake.

The only thing that connected her island to the forest was a small boat. It was ancient as it had been used since her grandmother’s generation. On the dock, the boat was tied to a picket by a strong cord.

There was no boatman, hence, anyone who wanted to visit the witch had to find their own means of traveling.

Small bushes grew all over the small island and there was also a field—all that could easily be maintained by a lone girl.

Roze was a witch.

Her mother was a witch, thus, she was born a witch.

She had lived with her grandmother ever since she lost her mother at an early age.

Even with just two people, the hut had become too cramped. This was because the cauldron, a common instrument for witches to brew their potions, occupied most of the area.

The walls were almost entirely stacked with storage cabinets. The books on the shelf were messily arranged with herbs and ingredients filling their gaps. Some even littered the floor. In addition to cleaning tools such as a broom and mop, a large vase beside the shelf was stuffed with scrolls.

The floor was full of objects, thus it was hard to walk on. Medicinal herbs, furs, and even dried fish were hanging from the ceiling. The air was spooky. The mixture of strong spice’s fragrance and animal oil created an entirely different, unique aroma.

Thus, the only space left for guests consisted of a small table and a simple wooden chair right by the entrance. Of course, the table wasn’t covered with tablecloth either. The place was more of a storeroom before anything else.

“Now, let me see them.” Roze said while gesturing with both hands. Harij removed the skin bag from his waist, his eyes never leting go of the witch.

“The neck fur of an ultrasonic bat and the liver of an intoxicated fire rat—I’ve brought them as per your order.”

Roze received the dirty skin bag. When she pushed aside all the clutters on the table so the bag could be placed, Harij eyebrows’ wrinkled. He was annoyed for some reason…

To at least make the place more pleasant, she lit the table lamp. Orange light spread out from the center of the table, illuminating the surrounding vicinity. On the table, she eased down the skin bag.

“Good, there are no problems, these are exactly as requested! Not to mention, they’re impeccable. Gosh, it’s been so long since I’ve seen these beauties in their prime…”

Roze was so amazed, it was as if she had been graced by the presence of a miraculous being. In turn, Harij only gave a calm nod, concealing his true thoughts from the world.

“Well then, Witch, now you can finally start making the—“

“—Indeed! I can finally ask you for the next batch of materials.”


Surprised by the loud voice, Roze’s petite body jumped for about three inch midair. Due to the fluffiness of her robe, her clothes almost seemed like dancing. In addition, it also caused dusts to rise.

“How many times is it already—!? ‘The pollen of the flower that only blooms on a cliff during light rain’—! ‘The first droplet of rain’—! ‘Roots of Mandrake’—! And a lot more that I couldn’t say all at once. Had this been an actual pharmacist, capital punishment would already await—!”

Up to this point, Harij had been patiently running about collecting materials. As there was a limit to patience, it seemed that Harij had used up his last bit.  

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