The Heir of the Dragon Emperor and his Bride Corps Translation

8. The Oni Girl and the Secret Conversation


I ask, but Lizette blushes and falls silent.
I guess I made a mistake.

I don’t really understand the rules of this world…… but don’t tell me I need to register as their family just to meet them the first time…..? If it’s in this chaotic world, then I don’t have much confidence
on living properly.

Lizette keeps her mouth shut. As for the children….. They’re too excited and noisy from the battle to hear anything.
I don’t think I should continue asking.

We walk down a solid pathway. Running along the sides is the forest with its tall trees. The children tell me we’ll reach the village soon.  The path soon widens enough for four children to walk side by side.

They tell me this pathway was made for hunting and carrying anything that was caught.  I’m relieved to know we are heading to a place full of people.  Up until just a while ago, I was still in the demon forest.

[The tree there is a “truca fruit tree”. They grow around the village and you can eat their fruits when you are hungry, but the blue ones are quite sobering, so be careful.]

Lizette teaches me about the tree by pointing out its characteristics.  I listen, but I can’t recognize them properly.

If I use “Awakening of the Dragon’s Kin”, I’d probably understand immediately since it sharpens my senses.

I need to look into my skill in detail once I get a break.  Although my ability can be used for battle, I don’t think I can do anything more than protect the village from monsters.

If an enemy attacks from the front, I can use my breath until my mana is exhausted.  Afterwards,  I’ll step down from the frontline.  This strategy will require a bit of work to be effective, but this will let me create a place for myself by protecting the village.

Let’s leave the security of the world itself to the true summoned.

[Fighting for the world…. That’s impossible for me..]
[“The World”? Shoma-sama?]

Lizette gives me a puzzled expression
[It’s nothing…]

I have a strange look on my face, but Lizette isn’t paying attention.  Instead, she grabs my hand and holds it tight.

[Be, Be careful not to get lost!]

…..I’m fine though. I am.

Although, it’s a little embarrassing.

No matter how I look at her, Lizette has the appearance of a teenage girl with a slim body. She is also a aijin because of the dragon blood flowing in her body. It gives her a sharp edged ear that resembles the tip of a crystal.

To be honest, I’m am embarrassed.  I’m a 30 year old man walking around holding hands with a young girl. And despite all that, none of the children care one bit.

Or rather, should I say, “please stop looking at us”?

[There it is, that’s “Hazama” village.]

The children say after Lizette’s warning.
The forest gives way to flat grass land.  Beyond that is a tall stone wall with a wooden grid door at its center.  That is “Hazama village”.  The place where Lizette and the children live.

Everyone residing within this aijin village off in the country side belongs to the Oni race, everyone except for Lizette at least. They make their living by cultivating fields and trading with humans from the city. The Oni are strong and powerful.  Therefore, they make for good fieldworkers and hunters.  However, since the village is close to demon territory, it is often attacked.

As such, it seems that people with high combat ability like Lizette are in charge of keeping guard and protecting the villagers.

Well, in the future, I will do the same.

[Can I really do it?]

Each step closer I get to the village, I realize that this is now my reality.
It should be all right.  I have defeated a monster with my skill once.  Well, either way, it be can’t helped no matter how much about it. If this really doesn’t work out, then I’ll just repay my debt to Lizette and leave the village.

Forcing myself to stay in places is not my hobby.

[Oiiii,….Lizette-nee, everyone!!]

I hear a voice.

Looking closely, there’s a red-haired girl was waving in front of the wall.

[Haruka! Don’t worry, the children are safe.]

The children starte running.
Lisette also wants to run with them, but then realises we’re still holding hands.  She smiles at me and I nod despite my embarrassment…..  I also want to run with her.  Mostly because I don’t want to let go of her hand, probably.

I can’t run too fast, but that can’t be helped since I’m not in my awaked mode.
While entertaining such thoughts, Lizette adjusted her speed to mine.  By the time we reach the gate, the children are hugging the red-hair girl. 

Peckon! The children are whacked across their heads

[Koraa! Didn’t I said that children are not allowed to enter the forest?]

After lightly knocked the children across their heads, she tightly hugs them one at a time.

[I was really worried about you guys.]
[[[We are sorry, Haruka-nee-sama.]]]
[…..please don’t do it again….]
[We wanted to let our fathers the taste the delicious fish they told us about since they are fighting outside for us.]
[I know, but you guys shouldn’t cause trouble for Lizette-nee. Damn it….]

After saying that, she lets go of the children.

[The adults are all fighting, so you shouldn’t let them worry about you. Don’t do anything selfish again, okay?]

The Oni children bow their heads and shout together.
The red-haired girl nods with satisfaction.  Afterwards, she looked towards me and Lizette.

This girl—-Haruka, is about the same height as me.  In her hand is a staff taller than either of us.  It makes a deep dong sound when it hits the ground.  Her using it once is enough to tell me how hard and heavy it is.

She also has horns, like the children growing from top of her head.  They’re covered by her red hair though.

Other than that, she has big breasts.  Her clothes are similar to a kimono from my former world.  She’s also giving me a strong glare.

Ohh, you’re on alert. Well, it can’t be helped.

[Lizu-nee, who’s that guy beside you?]

The Oni girl raises her eye and says.

[He is a complete stranger.  If he isn’t an Oni or a member of another aijin race, then is he a human?]
[Ah, yes, he is your Highness, desu.]
[It’s “Shoma”.]

Please don’t make some sudden, ridiculous introduction.

[Nice to meet you, my name is Shoma Kiryu.]

I bow to the girl, Haruka.
Greeting the people this world like this should be good.

[I was saved by Lizette while I was lost in the middle of the forest. I won’t cause you trouble so please let me stay in the village for a whil—no.]

She points her staff at me. I don’t think that’s the atmosphere for letting me enter the village.

Well, that’s normal.  Were Lizette and the children too friendly?  Guess it can’t be helped.

[I would appreciate if you let me rest in the village for a bit.]
[….It’s weird.]

The girl, Haruka, stares at me.

[For you to come to this remote region, which lord sent you to spy on us?]
[Please don’t doubt this mister.]

Suddenly, Lizette steps between me and Haruka.

[This man is not our enemy.  This, Lizette, guarantees with her life.]
[Lizu-nee believes in people too easily.]

Zun, Haruka hits the ground with her staff.

[Lizu-nee, you should also know that the people from the capital discriminate against us aijin.  Since no one stood up for us, we were forced to live in this remote region.]
[Shoma-sama is different!]
[He helped me and the children.]
[Wow, he is a great man.]

What’s with that sudden change of expression?

[Moreover, Shoma-sama shared his power with the children by touching their horns.]
[What a wonderful guy!]


As a 30 year old member of society, I am worried. Are the aijin okay?

The Oni girl, Haruka, looks at me with a twinkle in her eyes.  At the same time, the children cling to my pants while looking up with smiles across their faces. Lizette looks at us warmly.

This is too friendly of an atmosphere. It’s so sweet I want to escape.

[Nice to meet you. My name is Haruka Karmilia. I’m Lizu-nee’s childhood friend. We grew up together like real sisters. Welcome to Hazama village, Shoma Kiryuu-san.]

The Oni girl, Haruka, says with a smile.

She drops her staff and lets it fall onto the ground.  She watches me with a smile as her large breasts shake. The vigilance she had just now has vanished.   It almost feels like it was a lie.

[I’m sorry for what happened just now! Ordinary people doen’t visit this village much…. I was a bit of surprised. This Haruka Karmilia sincerely apologizes. If you need anything, please let me know. Let’s leave the details for later.  Please get some rest for now.]

[……Okay. Thank you very much.]

I was finally granted permission.

The Oni girl, Haruka, the children, and of course Lizette too, welcome me to the village with open hearts and free of suspicion.

This is really bad…. in order to protect the village, the price is I need to live here.  I am planning to fight but,
……Just leave me alone….

[Anyway, can I have some rest now?]
[Yes, of course!]

Haruka nods with a big smile.

[Just….I have one request.]
[What is it? What is it?]

Why is she so excited?
Why are you getting so close to my face? By the way, she smells good.

[I hope everyone keep it as a secret that I used the “Awakening of the Dragon’s Kin” to defeat the monsters.]

Lizette and the children saw me use the dragon’s power, it can’t be helped that they know.  Haruka, the Oni girl, is very close to Lizette.  Since she’s been calling her Lizu-nee, I think it’s impossible to keep this secret from her.

Still, I want this information to stay between us. If someone discovers I can use the power of the dragon despite not having dragon blood, I can’t predict how the people of this village would react. Bringing trouble to a peaceful village is bad. I will talk about that after settling down.

[That’s why if possible, can you guys let Lizette take the credit for defeating the monster? If everyone learns of my ability, they might be shocked by it.]
[Understood, Shoma-sama.]

An immediate answer.

[You and the others are fine with this, right?]
[Yes, of course, Shoma-san is our companion, right? If so, I’m satisfied already.]

Haruka, pon claps her chest.
What a good girl.

[If it’s Shoma-san’s secret, then I will keep my mouth shut.]

She then squats down and looks at the children.

[You guys heard him, right? Shoma-san can use the power of a dragon.  So, all of you must keep it a secret from the villagers.]
[[[Yes!! Shoma-Nii chan using dragon power is a secret!!]]]

The children answer together and Haruka pats everyone’s head. Hey, why I’m included?

[Then, let’s enter the village.]

Lizette grabs my hand.

[First of all, I’ll guide you to the place where you can rest.]
[Thank you. You helped me here.]

Since the goddess set my age back to my teenage years, there’s still stamina left in my body.  My mental state, however, is drained.  Moreover, I need a safe place to think everything thoroughly.  Maybe there’s still something I need confirmation with the goddess.

—–Meanwhile, the children that separated from Shoma—-

[Damn, you know how worried I was? You stupid son!]

A child crumples to the floor after having his head smacked.

[I’m sorry…..Mother.]
[It was really lucky that Lizette-sama was outside of the village……]

The child’s mother looks out of the window and sighs.

[But why did she bring that human to the village? Lizette-sama said she will explain everything later…..but can that human be trusted?]
[Don’t speak bad of Shoma-Oni-chan!!!]


The child lightly hits his mother’s leg with his fist.

[Shoma-Oni-chan saved us! He was a very cool and kind person. Don’t speak bad of him!]
[Ah, I see. But the ones who forced us to this remote region are the humans from the capital….. Of course, I know even among the human race, there are still kind person among them…..]
[Ok, stop crying. I’m sorry, you like that Shoma-Oni-chan right? But……]
[Shoma-Oni-chan defeated the monsters with his amazing power.]
[Amazing power?]
[He spit a fire from his mouth that devoured all the monsters. I’ve saw it with my own eyes!]
[No way! Only those who’ve succeeded the “dragon blood” can do that….]
[…..Lizette-sama said she met Shoma-Oni-chan in the “Dragon Temple”.]
[Inside the “Dragon Temple’’?]
[It’s a secret.  I told you because you are my mother.]
[Un, Understood! But still, wow….!]
[Lizette-sama was telling the truth! Do you understand? This is a secret!]
[Understood. I see, he’s the “Dragon Emperor’s” messenger.  I cannot be rude to him.]

[Aww come on. What are you crying for?]
[Because mother is speaking bad about Shoma-Oni-chan…]
[Even If you say that, I don’t even know who he is…]
[Shoma-Oni-chan is different. He gave me “chocolate”. Moreover, he used dragon like power to defeat the monsters.]
[—-No way!]
[This is absolutely a secret!]
[Understood. I see, he’s the same as Lizette-sama who succeeded the “Dragon’s Blood”.]

[Stupid, Oni-chan!]
[Why? Why are you protecting that human?]
[That’s because Shoma-Oni-chan (Similar conversion again).]

Thus, the rumour spread quickly around the village.

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