Sore, Itadakimasu Translation

15.1 I Want You to Do it


In what order, exactly?

Judius’ … “thing”, should I touch it first? Or lick it?

Which one?

Amidst the ongoing confusion, my mind goes wild to the point of hyper-imagination—yes, yes! First, I’ll do it this way, then that way, let’s just do it—!!

My imagination is vivid, yet also being clouded over by the golden, pinkish glow of Inki.

Being honest, the teachings of Senette Family—despite being both bold and strangely detailed—don’t reach this far—but! I can do it! I’m sure of it! My precocious cousin had also said, ‘so what if you’ve never done it before?! If you don’t try, you’ll never achieve anything! Trying is the key to opening that wide, new world—!!’

Well said!!

That’s why, to the smiling man whom is still staring at me, I reach my hand out, and—


“…What are you doing?”

—grab his fluttering feathers. Oh, they abruptly stop at my touch. Ooh! It’s elastic, while also very silky!

Once again, Judius repeats his question;

“Saliroza, what, in the name of heaven, are you doing?”

“Huh? Touching …you?” I stutter.

Still maintaining his smile, Judius leans forward. He doesn’t stop me, hence, I start to move my fingers in circular motion.

“Does it feel pleasant?”

“Actually, the plumes are the same as a human’s fingernails—I hardly feel a thing.”


Quietly, I pull my hands back. What… what is this disappointment? Can I hit your ears (plumes) instead, please? Well, what else should I be doing, then!?

“Ju, Judiu …u…s? A! Ah! Kya…!”

While I’m still looking for enlightenment, his fingers that is still inside my body moves again—gya! Tha- that fi, finger, it’s not like I forget about it~~~~!! Ah—! Ah—! He pulls it in and out, aaah—! 


I extend my arms again, this time clinging to his neck. Judius’ waist is raised, and his legs too, even further.

Only now did I realize how sensitive I’ve become. And since I’m still a virgin, it’s normal for it to be quite wet down there …so I’ve heard.

And Judius make it even more so by moving his fingers without hesitation. Occasionally, he bends it and changes his rhythm—it spasms my body again and again, either way.

Even with only one finger inside, he’s managing to make a mess out of me…!


l purse my lips together when his breathes disturb my ear. He whispers my name in a luscious, low-growling sound. Oh my god, even his voice sounds amazing…


“I’m increasing the increasing the number of fingers. Do say if it hurts.”


“Also, of course, if you have problem with it in the first place, say so…”


Reporting, contacting, and consulting are all important.

Yeah, but even if you decide to instruct me about it now—of all times—I don’t think it’ll—what, what is this sudden feeling in my stomach?! It decided to go ‘Kyun’ or something—!

I don’t think that’s a good sign…

But my attention soon returns to Judius’ smile, as I feel the number of fingers increase inside of me.

“No matter the circumstances, let’s do our best.”

Circumstances, huh…

Ugh, I feel it again, in my stomach…

For Judius to be this erotic, I never would’ve guessed.

To judge a book by its cover, I know it’s a wrong thing to do …but,

He is a high-ranking official, aka this fortress’ commander. This person is too above the clouds for me, not to mention his heavenly appearance. It gives me the impression that he’s difficult to approach—

—Or so I thought.

***T/N : So sorry guys! I mistranslated the number of finger he inserted in on the last chapter! Turns out its only one until halfway of the chapter! This angel guy is too experienced meanwhile I’m too inexperienced.

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