Kenshin no Keishousha Translation

Volume 2 Epilogue

It was one week after the battle between the Sabers and the Blazes——

Although it was not officially announced, the government had already decided to disband the Sabers.

On the surface they seemed to be trying to reestablish a new counterinsurgency fighting force——but in reality, the core of the fighting force was practically eliminated.

It was actually quite amazing to see the disintegration of the group due to a couple hundred strong fighting force being eliminated. Having said that, during that previous battle, the lives of many elite Sabers troops were lost on that day. Including the deputy, a total of three Sword Princesses died. To Swordies, they were precious fighting assets.

Director Manaka betrayed them and the Deputy who succeeded her was now dead. In terms of an armed organization, the Sabers were a small group from the start. Having lost two levels of leadership, the Swordie government basically had no reason to continue the existence of the group.

That was what Kurou was informed of and his understanding of the situation.

“So in the end, we’re out of the job starting today?”

Kurou went over the files sent to him in the morning as he walked along the hallways of the Sword Academy. Today was Saturday so there was not a student in sight.

The aftereffects of using the light body a week ago during the battle still lingered around so Kurou’s body was sort of sluggish. With that said, slowly walking about was something he was still capable of doing.

“That’s some classified documentation. You shouldn’t be bringing that to school right?”

Lars, who was walking next to him, had an exasperated expression. He received the same info as well. He lost his job too, but it did not really seem to bother him.

Still, when you look at his situation, even if he is unemployed right now he still had the successor of the four generals spot awaiting him in the future. Although, whether or not he wants to inherit the family business was yet to be determined.

“Does it really matter? This notice is from a group that’s about to vanish.”

“You seem to be quite carefree about it. Well, it was a good run. Where do you want to play next?”

“You’re the one who is carefree……the Sabers was only a fun way to pass the time for you right?”

Lars was a boy who became the Sword Saint’s disciple. Up till now it has been fine, but can the prince of the four generals really idle around so much?

“What you meant to say was, can we continue to have fun down the road? I have a bad premonition about the future.”

After his complaint, Kurou folded up the letter in half and proceeded to put it in his bag.

When receiving the notice, Kurou and Lars were also summoned by Sylphy.

Kurou thought Sylphy had already concluded the investigation, but she was still within the school. Having said that, she seemed to be moving out of the temporary office she had in the conference room.

Kurou arrived at the front of the conference room. He knocked on the door that was guarded by the twin Sword Princesses and then entered the room.

“Ah, glad you two could make it.”

Sylphy happily nodded as she was clearing up the table.

After having Kurou and Lars take a seat, she then sat down.

“I don’t have much time so I’ll just cut to the chase. Have you guys heard about the Sabers being dissolved?”


Both of them nodded at the same time.

“What this means is you two can focus on your studies starting today. Of course, as long as Kurou graduates from here, you can earn your Dagger so there’s still some merit to it.”

“That would be awesome.”

Kurou deliberately revealed a serious expression as he nodded again. Kurou knew he was unemployed, but from another angle, he was able to focus on school——it was not till just now that he realized that possibility. Except, he did not have any financing for his tuition anymore. He would be able to barely get by with his savings, but that would not cover his living expenses. Compared to his grandeur battles, this was such an obscure inconvenience.

“Lars you should do well in school too, your parents would be very happy.”

“Who knows, my family is pretty hands off in regards to education.”

Is that so——Kurou secretly doubted. Kurou had met his father who was a current four general and he seemed to be very headstrong about his son.

“However, you two are coveted fighters. This time you guys broke through thirty or so Blaze members and repelled a Death Sword or whatever it was called. She seemed to be the main enemy swordsman right?”

Sylphy stated as such and revealed a smile.

At this time, there was someone knocking on the conference room door.

“Great timing, please come in.”

The door slowly opened, the person who came in and said “pardon the interruption” was——

“Sylphy-sama, sorry I’m late.”

It was the student council president——Isyuto.

Why was the student council president here? Sylphy chuckled in front of the puzzled Kurou.

“Now that we have everyone here. Based on our investigations of that previous incident and the recent one, I obtained a lot of information. There are some matters that I just can’t ignore. In order to further investigate the truth, I require a small contingent to move out on my behalf.”

“A small contingent?”

Sylphy nodded in response to Kurou’s inquiry.

“Isyuto, Kurou, and Lars, I hope you three will form a group to help me with my investigation. Of course, I will offer you all a salary. I think an amount similar to the Sabers pay would be appropriate.”

“I’m in.”

“Wow an immediate answer!?”

Kurou answered extremely quickly and that was followed by an immediate response by Lars. Perhaps this was the tacit understanding between two disciples that have grown up together since their childhood. Kurou had no reason to decline anyways. Although he was mindful of the fact that the student council president might get in the way, having someone who possessed a small chest by him for once might not be too bad. More importantly, being able to find another place to work right away was truly a blessing.

“Except, you have no authority to decline it either. That’s because you have caused a ton of trouble yourself. Especially when it came to the Manaka incident where you didn’t report on the matter. That worsened the situation by a great deal.”


So I was goofing off? Kurou quietly made a tsk sound.

There were only three survivors from that battle between the Sabers and Blazes.

Did they end up seeing what Hinako did?

“So you pretty much agreed to it. What about you two?”

“I have already heard about Sylphy-sama’s proposal. Kurou, Lars, I look forward to working together with you guys. I shall be the captain of the group, no objections taken.”

Isyuto immediately exerted her leadership abilities. She was frequently in a position above other people so this type of thing was right up her alley.

Lars had no objections to being Sylphy’s subordinate or letting Isyuto be the captain either. Considering his circumstances, he was very likely using this as an opportunity to pass the time.

“Well then, let’s get to work right away. Your first task will be——”

“Welcome back Rou.”

“Welcome back Kuro.”

After returning to his two story residence within the academy’s courtyard, Kurou was greeted by these two girls.

Sefi and Hinako were both resting in the living room. The two of them were facing each other playing some card game. The harmony between them was really great.

“I didn’t think you’d be back this early.”

“That’s because Sylphy-sama was pretty busy.”

Kurou replied back to Sefi.

Today Sefi was wearing a long sleeve t-shirt along with shorts. No matter how many times he glanced at her casual look, it was quite refreshing and certainly very enjoyable.

Sefi’s wounds were basically all healed. Even if it was just for a moment, Sefi did slay a past friend of hers but she did not seem to be feeling guilty. At this juncture, a Swordie’s unique set of values came in handy.

“Ah, I win again. Sefi is so weak.”

After she said that, Hinako revealed her cards. She had a full house.

Hinako’s attire was a comfortable short sleeve blouse with a miniskirt that hugged her body tightly. Of course, these were the spoils from her previous shopping spree. Sefi had stored everything by the station’s storage locker.

“Hinako’s poker face is absolutely insane……”

Sefi was unwilling to give up her poker chips. After that, it appeared she had just recalled something.

“So in that case Lars isn’t coming over?”

“He decided to go back. He must be pretty exhausted still.”

Despite the fighting power of the Sabers declining by a great deal, Lars was still able to kill a dozen or so well-trained Blaze members. He had just exited the hospital so he should probably rest up.

“What did Sefi’s sister want from you Kuro?”

“Umm, how should I say this……I work under the command of Sylphy-sama.”

“Eh, Onee-sama?”

Sefi was surprised since she had no idea what was going on.

This meant that the contents of the first mission were——

“Is that so. Isn’t that a great thing? You were able to immediately find work.”

“Yup, and I can continue being Hinako’s bodyguard.”

“Really? That’s great. If I were to be tossed aside, then I’d become an unemployed homeless person.”

“Though I have no right to criticize others, you’re too easygoing Hinako.”

Kurou said some silly things while shifting his gaze from Hinako.

For some reason he found it very hard to look directly at Hinako.

“I’m going to get a change of clothes. No peeking Sefi.”

“Who would want to, idiot!”

Kurou heard Sefi’s scolding from behind while walking to his room on the first floor.

After changing from his school uniform to casual clothing, Kurou tumbled into his bed.

He let out a small sigh and was feeling very depressed.

Sylphy’s first mission was——capture the Sun Cult leader.

Furthermore, the surviving Sabers were struck by Hinako’s mystic artes seal. Since this situation was brought to light, he had to figure out the mystery behind it.

In regards to Hinako’s abilities, the cult leader may know a thing or two. It would be very convenient if he could just ask for the answers from the cult leader.

Sylphy-sama said it was a necessary step in eliminating the Blazes.

Kurou understood, he too knew about the situation.

Moreover, this mission contained many things of concern to him.

If a battle against the Sun Cult were to happen, it was very likely that he would have to battle against the duo with the dangerous aura.

If possible, Kurou wished he could avoid having to battle against Kido Akari.

He was also mindful of the Blaze group’s actions, who are allied with the Sun Cult.

Manaka, who vanished once again, and Rinne, who left a peculiar oracle, what were they planning?

Plus, the most important thing was——

This mission was going to bring Hinako in the midst of danger and perhaps hurt her feelings.

It was not just anyone that he had to capture, it was her parents.

What had to be unraveled was the mystery behind Hinako.

“Hinako……has the ability to impede me.”

Kurou personally placed the person he did not want to hurt the most in a path of despair. The future——did not seem willing to go in the right direction.

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