Sore, Itadakimasu Translation

14.2 Is This the Right Order?

…W-well, he’s got a point…

Perhaps because of how apparent the pleasure feels, Judius’ tongue gets even more aggressive—ah…! Ah…! Yeah…!

Saliroza, is now being tormented by pleasure.

However, even though he said I won’t be able to control it, I can now see it… the image of Inki, blooming like flower.

…How? Why? When I couldn’t see it before…

Due to the countless moans I’ve been releasing, I’m now grasping for breath. The only sound I can manage is a faint one.

But that doesn’t stop Judius.


I turn my head, burying it in the sheets.

My hair is a mess and my head throbs a little, probably due to hitting the headboard this afternoon.

…And that’s not all!

I remember sitting on the edge of the bed, but now I’m lying on my back.

Between my spread legs, Judius—still in his shirt and pants—took my former place. And, uh, he is holding my ankles by the edge of the bed… and then…

…I-I am being licked!!! It’s on that spot I’m too embarrassed to say out-loud!!! But it’s there!!! He’s licking me there!!!

“…ah, a, iyahhn~…”

Suddenly, my entire vocabulary becomes limited to solely ‘ah’, ‘hyaaah’, or ‘ahn’.

Judius, whose face is buried down there, is assaulting it fiercely like he’s in a roaring battle. In accordance to it, my shameful and obscene voice leaks out uncontrollably.

Such a place, such a place, such a place—!

What a dangerous spot—! My cousin once taught me about this, but I thought she was just being shameless—!

But now, as it’s being licked, ah..! Yaaah~!

“Ju, Judi, Uh, Uh, Uusu…!”

My consciousness is constantly slipping away as his momentum increases.

Judius lifts his head, and as I thought, my legs almost crushed his feathers. Well, they succeeded in ruffling them, at the very least…

Meanwhile, I’m still in trance due to the intense pleasure his tongue’s assault gave me. I’m beat.

In contrast, Judius continues unfazed, his hand, once firmly holding my legs, now goes toward what’s between them—


—then, his fingers are inside.

Also, while he’s at it…

—Oh, ..oh no! I thought he was done with the tongue, but now he’s licking above the entrance …aaah!!! It feels good!!!

My head hurts and my chest pounds—I’m breathless.

I try to muffle my voice, but end up biting my fingers.

His fingers, which are inside of me, cause my body to convulse.

Judius has his mouth at my most sensitive place—and sucks.


I stiffen, and for the first time, climax because of another.

My vision grows white and my head blanks.

I try to blink and take a few, shallow breaths. My body slowly relaxes.

…O, Ooh…

It felt so good that for a moment, I thought my soul passed to the other side.

Still, recalling my embarrassing reactions, my face burn up. I frantically cover my face with both hands, and close my legs together while also sit on my bottom.

Judius, having released his mouth, does not move in the slightest—nor his fingers, on that matter …and they are still inside. Move or at least pull them out, you dumbass! It’s embarrassing!

However, it seems like he has other intentions.

He suddenly pulls my ankles and now I’m lying face up. He lurches forward, to the point that our bodies almost overlap.

My hands are still covering my face, and between the gap of my fingers, I can see him say:

“Saliroza, you are very cute.”

“…Uh-uhm, that’s…”

“Well, now it’s my turn.”


Judius, with his plumes spreading, has an elegant smile on his face.


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