Saikyou Mahoushi no Inton Keikaku Translation

SS1: The Distance to that Pursued Figure

The gap between the two of them felt closer upon seeing that figure from afar. However, at the moment she was ordered to conceal her presence and observe at night. Such a circumstance put her on pins and needles. Faced with these strong emotions, saying “this is only an observation mission I was tasked with” and such would be deceiving herself.

Even without having to look, she would be able to differentiate beings through magic detection. This was her first time using the scouting ability for something other than mamono. She could clearly sense his imposing magic power so there was no need to see him face to face…quite the convenience for scouting.

She basked in a sense of warmth just from sensing his magic, but it was incomparable to having his figure stamped in her gaze. The scene in front ofher put away doubts that it was reality and she let out a slow sigh of emotion.

Quietly fixated on his figure from a distance, a sense of guilt came over her. He must have already discovered that she was watching him. If she could she would immediately kneel in front of him in order to express her gratitude for what happened on that one particular day with every fiber of her body. Her hidden admiration for him would be displayed in full force.

She restrained herself and went back to watching the back of that person who could turn this way at any moment. His appearance hardly resembled what it was like back then, but he has become much more masculine. Having realized that they had been separated for so long, Loki felt a bit concerned. Does he still remember me?

She hopes the answer to that would be yes. However, she quickly removed these thoughts from her head. Recalling that memory by herself was more than enough for her. Beyond that she would not and should not make any excessive requests. Loki still held limitless gratitude towards him…and her dearest wish was to respond in kind no matter what for his generosity on that day.

Occasionally she caught a glance of his face from staring at his head. As if confirming these thoughts, whenever she did catch a glance her adoration would become more resolute. She was aware these feelings were unwavering.

At this moment she once again steeled her determination. Solely being in the same area as him allowed her to confirm that her intentions remained completely unchanged.

“If it’s for him…”

Loki’s heartbeat was racing rapidly. She placed her hand over her chest to adjust her hurried and strenuous breathing. Pressing down against her heart, she seemed to be trying to convince herself that her heart speeding up abruptly was just an illusion. Just like that she continued to apply force to the point where her uniform creased around her chest.

The scouting directive was issued a couple days ago, but this was the moment Loki was waiting for. She stressed over it the whole time but now the wait was finally over.

Throughout Loki’s journey, his figure had always served as her goal. Regardless of everything, she forged straight ahead. In terms of strength, she was unable to even reach his feet…even so she still deeply admires the person who was located within her hand’s reach.

It was finally about to start.

She finally has a chance to repay his kindness.

—-I can finally be of use to him.

Her eyes remain steadfast, only keeping him within her gaze. That stare could make a person incorrectly assume her eyes were inhuman. Finally…finally we could meet.

—-I have caught you.

Loki’s silver hair swayed in rhythm with her footsteps. She mischievously made her way forward to see his face.


“Hmm? What is it?”

As he said in an indifferent tone.

“Arus-sama…I’ve finally caught you.”

She gently reached out and grabbed his sleeve. Loki distinctly recalled that moment a few years back. Her idolization towards the boy in front of her all started on that day…she blushed and quietly revealed a smile.

Note: This side story was translated by LucilleA. He will be translating another side story before moving on to translate Kenshin no Keishousha. As for when this story takes place, we’re not sure. This will be clarified once the wn translation catches up~

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