The Heir of the Dragon Emperor and his Bride Corps Translation

3. Those who Want to Succeed the Dragon Emperor and Those who Have Succeeded

Pan pan pan!!

The sound of someone knocking on the door wakes me up from my dream.

[……Nnn…..morning already…?]

I see light entering from the window upon opening my eyes.

…….It’s morning already……. is that so….?

I don’t feel like I fell slept at all.

I had a strange dream, but hardly remember the contents.

There was a man with silver hair calling me something.  We also shook hands according to the proper etiquette.

No, I desperately told him, “I apologize for illegally trespassing into your home, but this is an emergency.  Please, forgive me.”  Something like that.

But … … Who was that silver haired man who showed up in my dreams?

Pan pan!! Papann!!!!

It’s that sound again.

Someone is outside knocking.

[Sorry for disturbing you this early in the morning, but please listen to me.]

A voice comes from behind the door.

…….It’s a human voice……. It doesn’t sound like the monster’s, probably.

[……I’m saved….?]

At last, I’ve finally found another human. I need to get out immediately and talk to that person.

……..No, wait.

That was a woman’s voice from the other side of the door.

As a former worker of Arasa, if I went out to meet her…… Wouldn’t she be surprised at my sudden appearance?

This is my first meeting with a person from this world.  I’d be troubled if she’s wary of me.

…….I must think this out carefully.

 Besides, the girl seems to be facing this building and shouting something.

Her voice is tense and desperate.

This building with a dragon statue on top of it seems to serve as a hall or shine.

Well then … … It’s not good to get in the way.

It’s better to wait until she finishes talking and then go out when she is about the leave, make it look like our encounter was a coincidence.

I don’t want to surprise her if possible.


I raise my body and sit right in front of the door.

Let’s just wait for her to finish.

[…Ryutei-Sama, please listen to me.]


Come to think of it, this place was called the “Dragon Emperor’s Temple”.

That means this place is a monument for this person called, “Ryutei”, or a shrine to worship said person. The person himself isn’t here.  He’s probably somewhere nearby though.

[I am from a branch family, but I do have the Dragon Emperor’s blood flowing through my body. I hereby swear upon your grave.]


So the Dragon Emperor is already dead?

And the girl outside is one of his descendants.

Branch family means that she’s not a direct descendant.

It seems that there are some complicated circumstances.

So how old is the girl and what’s her name….?

[My name is Lisette Luge, please listen to my 15th birthday oath.]

….Her name is Lisette, 15 years old.

In this world where monsters exist, Ryutei….Succeeding the emperor’s blood seems to be very troublesome.

The goddess said that this world is in “Chaos” at the moment.

There seems to be some kind of responsibility after succeeding the king’s bloodline.

[…..I think it’s better not to ask.]

 I feel guilty for hiding and listening to what she is saying.

But I can’t leave now.

If this building is an important place, I might end up being charged for trespassing or something even worse.

[This Dragon Temple is a place where anyone who can open the door is allowed to enter.]

Ah, is that so.

I’m glad……

[But it is also a difficult place to enter.Every birthday, Lisette does her best to try and open this door, but she still can’t open it.]

I see. This door is unexpectedly heavy.

[But … I understand I lack the power to open it, but as a person who has succeeded the blood of the Ryutei, Lisette wishes to restore the peace of this world!]

The girl exclaimed loudly.

……Amazing, she has such a high aspiration despite sounding so young.

It really is remarkable. I don’t have such energy or ability.

[The current emperor, who is a direct descendant of the Dragon Emperor, has lost his power. Furthermore, the “Ten Sages” are using the emperor for their own gain. In addition… In addition, there are people ignoring his Majesty’s orders and calling themselves king in various places.  One “False King” even formed an independent country. Monster are threatening our people…… and there are also suspicious cults disturbing the lives of the people.

I see…. That’s why the goddess said this world is in “Chaos”.

The king loses his power and the people around him do what they like. Even in a different world, it’s still the same?

In such stories, now is when the hero should emerge … … Well, maybe that’s why the goddess is summoning humans to this world. Perhaps one of them is supposed to become king, rule, and restore peace.

[However, when the “Ryuutei” passed away he left words. “When the peace of the world is disrupted, the successor of the Dragon Emperor will emerge and lead this land to harmony …”]

[……I see. Then I’m relieved.  Those were chosen to be “Ryūutei” will probably rule over this world.]

I wonder who’ll succeed the Dragon Emperor?I want to meet him.  Just what kind boy did the gods select?  He must be powerful.

[And those who can open the door of this”Dragon Temple” are the successors of Ryutei-sama.]


Wait a minute, the one who can open the door of this temple shall become the successor of the Dragon Emperor?

…..That can’t be…

[There are several “Dragon Temples” across the continent, but up until now, nobody has been able to open their doors.  Only those who possess, “Successor to the Dragon’s Blood” and “The King’s Vessel” are able.  Then, upon opening those doors of the “Dragon Temple,” that person will inherit the Dragon Emperor’s “King’s Power” and gain“The power of words” and “The power of ground”.


“The power of words” and “The power of ground”?

Did I obtain such skills?

I check my skills.

“King’s Vessel”

Skill to show the degree of the king.

You can accept various things.

It has the ability to accept language and automatically translates language.

—– Skills Included within the King’s Vessel—-

“Additional naming bless.”

“Dragon Pulse”

……The “The King’s Vessel” incorporated news kills into itself?

The “Dragon Temple” is a place to worship the Dragon Emperor, the one who opens the door will be given new skills….

Perhaps the silver haired man who appeared in my dreams was the Dragon Emperor?

It seems that the door of this temple can’t be opened without “The King’s Vessel” and “Dragon Blood”.

I was still in the state, “Awakening of the Dragon’s Kin” when I opened this door.

If by any chance, the effect of “Awakening of the Dragon’s Kin” affected the Dragon Emperor and he misunderstood me as his successor because I also possess “The King’s Vessel”…..

This is bad.

So, I took away what this girl wanted……?

[I, Lisette Luge, am a person with a strong sense of righteousness!]

The girl is screaming outside the door.

[For the sake of Hasama Village, I need to restore peace to this world of chaos, and for the sake of the peace everyone yearns for—— Inheriting the Dragon’s Blood is my duty and dream!]

This is awful.  I took away the thing she so desperate to obtain.

Even though I’m almost 30 years old, I went and impulsively quit my job after no longer being able to endure the company’s slave like management.  I might not be a qualified member of society, but I still understand that.

……I have to do something about it.

Surely, the goddess mentioned, “If you want to ask anything about skills”, to write it on the letter she gave me.

Although it can only be used once, as long as I don’t catch the eye of the highest god, I should be able to ask her the method to surrendering my skills.

For the time being……. I’ll just observe.

In order to avoid being discovered by her, I’ll just coincidentally meet her after she leaves.

But there is no sign the girl is moving.

I hear a weak voice, almost like she’s crying. It seems like she is still there.

[……From here on, are my real thoughts.]

The girl’s voice trembles.

[……..In reality, Lisette is afraid.Fighting and confronting the chaos, I am really afraid of that.]

Her words are mixed with tears.

[But … Lisette is indebted to everyone in the village … … as a person who inherited the blood of the Dragon Emperor,they have high expectations for me….]


The girl grasps the doorknob.

[So Lizette will challenge this trial! This year, I will open the door of “Dragon Temple” completely! Last year I opened it enough for a fist to enter! This year will be different!]


The door moved.

——Shit, this is bad!

If it’s discovered that someone from another world arbitrarily entered the “Dragon Temple” and was rewarded those skills, trouble will follow. I might even be targeted by the other summoned guys. The “False King” won’t stay in silent either.

Other than that, Lisette’s dream will alsoperish.

What should I do?  To begin with, there is no place to hide.

There is no other exit ─ ─.

[Then …  I should hold the door from the inside.]

There is no place to grasp the door from within the “Dragon Temple”.

I stretched out towards it, but since I’m not in the state of awakening, I lose balance.

As a result, the door of the “Dragon Temple” was pushed open from the inside.


I end up face to face with to a girl with silver hair and purple eyes.

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