Given That I’ve Become a Villainess, I’d Like to Live Freely Translation

Given That I’ve Become a Villainess, I’d Like to Live Freely [Chapter 9]

“This is my room. I think El’s is probably next-door? If you’re ever lonely, feel free to come over. You’re always welcome.”

I said, looking into El’s eyes. He nodded each time that I spoke to show he understood.

It’s so cute that it makes me want to pet his head.

“El’s hair is so fluffy and nice. You have the same blue eyes as Allen. I’m so envious.”

Saying this, I moved to pet his head.


All of a sudden, El grabbed his head and crouched down. He was trembling.

“Eh?! What’s wrong?! El?”

…What happened? Ah! That’s right, father mentioned that El had experienced violence…Perhaps…

“El? Are you scared? …I’m sorry. I didn’t realize, but it’s okay now. It’s alright.”

I hugged his trembling body, while stroking his back.

Uah…I’m an idiot. I went and scared him even after being warned about the violence! I’m an idiot!!!

“Allen, could you prepare some relaxing herbal tea?”

“Yes, I’ll prepare it immediately.”

“Please,” I said to Allen before turning back towards the trembling El.

“El, I’m really sorry. However, I won’t ever hurt you! El, please look at this hand. This hand will never hurt you! Please remember that…”

The trembling El raised his face after I said this. His gaze alternated between my eyes and hand.

“Please don’t be afraid. It’s okay. You may not be used to me yet, but I’d be happy if you started to, little by little, from now on.”

I’d be even happier if you let me pet your head someday too~

Even though it was my fault, I hoped that El wouldn’t become afraid of me.

“I know you’re scared, but…do you understand what I’m saying?”

El nodded kindly, indicating that he understood.

“Fufu, thank you El. Allen has prepared some herbal tea. Shall we have some together?”

I took his hand and headed towards the table where Allen was setting up.

“Allen’s herbal tea is always delicious.”

“I’m unworthy of your kindness.”

El slowly looked from Allen to me before taking a sip. His face relaxed as if tasting something delicious.

“What do you think El? Is it tasty?”


“I am relieved that it is to El-sama’s tastes.”

“Be careful not to drink too much, El. After all, a splendid dinner is waiting for us!”

We passed the time enjoying our herbal tea and speaking of unimportant things.

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