Sore, Itadakimasu Translation

13.2 At Last…?

Being pressed to his chest is good and all, I can feel my heartbeat drumming.

…However, that’s not the most heart-thumping thing.

Because… sitting like this, the most sensitive part between my legs are now …against his thigh…—kyah!


I had been nervously correcting my bangs while listening to an endless stream of tsukkomi inside my head when the sudden voice makes me reflexively lift my head.

Our faces are so close that a slight tilt of my chin with his finger towards makes our lips overlap.

Obscene noises, created as soft, wet lips touch, nibble, and caress each other—I can no longer hear it. My mind blanks—I forget my embarrassment, I forget everything.

That alone is the proof that I am consumed by the kiss.

Judius gently circles my tongue with his. He teases me, and the wet sounds, along with my moans, are my way of conveying the pleasure I feel.

Each time our tongues meddle, the closer I get to losing my reason, the more I, unconsciously, grind my body against his. I’m not just losing my mind, I’m also losing control of my body.

I’m not sure if I can keep up—each sensation runs straight to my core. They manifest as sudden jerks of my hip that make me grind his thigh harder.

“Ju, Judiu, u, s…!!”

I twist my body as I firmly cling to him.

My thin nightwear rustles with a sound—don’t get in my way, but not like it matters now.

I raise my chin, stretching my tongue to match his movements—stronger, do it to me, I want it. Entrap me; make me fall and mess me up!

Judius’ responce is immediate.

He pushes me, while supporting my back, and changes the angle of the kiss.

His tongue binds mine, moving in a tender way and licking without pause.

Sometimes he sucks my tongue and our sound of exchanging saliva leaks out.

“Ah, …ah, …!!

My head’s about to burst.

Yet the fingertips that latch on his broad shoulder only gets firmer. I don’t care even if they go numb. I slide them down and grab a hold of his shirt without any intention of releasing it.

The large hand that once held my back now slides over my shoulder—under my arm to the front part of my body. It goes past the cloth and directly strokes my skin.

“Nn. …uhhnn….” The moans coming out of my mouth, intense at first, are now mellowing—

sorry for being small!!! I want to say it with a loud voice.

But, he gently wraps his palm around my modest bulge. He whispers as our lips part slightly;

“It’s soft, and very beautiful, …Saliroza.”


My body burns up in an instant.

Even though all he did was wrap his hand around it… the tip of my breast is getting more and more sensitive, to the point it’s painful…

Touch it, please…

Those words he just spoken must be why.

My lips are blocked again, and soon enough, a blissful sounding moan rolls out. It’s a sound I never know could make.

Judius’ grazes on my now stout tip, giving me the pleasure I’ve been waiting for.


It’s pure ecstasy.

To fulfill and be fulfilled; we chase each other in the form of a kiss—all to satiate each other’s desires. Judius catches me, and rains kisses upon me. Over and over.

“Fuuuwaah…” a strange voice leaks out.

My body honestly feels like it’s being boiled.

I shake and wriggle.

Meanwhile he exquisitely moves his palm to fondle the breast while also rubbing the pointed tip with his thumb. His movements increase in speed, and suddenly—

—he pinches it.


I-if I bow down, I might be able to escape from his flurry of kisses, or maybe not—but, but it feels good—too good. I might forget to breath and die, y’know! The prospect terrifies me.

Huu.., Haa… Breath; Finally—! Something I can finally do once he starts settling for other places: chin, cheeks, ears—he scores them all. Each time, he never fails to make my entire body shake from tremors.


His lips go to my neck and at my skin.

It causes pain to run through my entire body; the pleasuring-type of pain—good… it feels so good!

So good that I can’t even muster up a word, too powerless for it.

Suddenly, Judius’ licking stops in it’s entirety.

Even when his hand is still caressing my breast, his focus is clearly not there;

Nor it is on my neck that he just licked.

His gaze is, instead, on my bib-shaped nightwear.

“It is disturbing.”


Tears flood the corner of my eyes. They clearly aren’t because of the pleasure.

Did you just notice it now?

*T/N: Warning! r-18!

honestly, it wasn’t, really. Sorry folks run off

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