Sore, Itadakimasu Translation

12.2 But, That’s Totally a Different Thing

Heck!! This one’s barely starting and yet we’re on the bed already!! Now, he totally will start with ‘it’!!

Contrary to my thoughts, Judius doesn’t do ‘it’ at once.

Like the cornered rabbit I am, when he grasps the strands of my hair and gently yanks it, I obediently follow by twisting my neck a little—then he kisses me.

His tongue circles over my lip, rhythmically teasing it, until I can’t endure it and more than once, allow a narrow gap to appear between my lips for him to slid in to.

But, Judius isn’t hasty. He continues with his teasing, savoring each taste.

The tickling sensation on my lips gradually turns into prickling as he starts nibbling on it, causing some obscene sucking noises.

And I can hold it no longer—


Finally taking the initiative, I plung my tongue inside of his mouth.

Our tongues meet, and it only takes a moment before they start entwining.

‘Only a moment’—that is what I intended when I first extend my tongue.

But now, said moment turns into a deep kiss as my outstretched tongue is sandwiched between Judius’ lips.


Hence, I’m now melting in this burning sensation.

His tongue ravishes mine, over and over he repeats the same motion until I lose count.

Wet noises. Heat increases. Those are the only things I can process—I’m losing my mind.


Suddenly, my chest feels like it’s being pricked by thousand needles. The pain makes me raise my arm and wrap it around his neck. As I do so, what greets the tip of my fingers is the feel of his lush hair.

His long hair feels pleasant to the touch, it’s almost a crime to not indulge in it.

My gesture only serves to tighten his embrace. His kiss, even more ravaging.


His tongue becomes more demanding, he doesn’t let me take a single breath!

At this rate, I’m going crazy for real!


The kiss is over—yet it leaves such a sweet, lingering, mind-numbing pain in its wake. His lips part with mine, but his eyes certainly don’t. They hold unto my visage, unwavering.

I feel for him.

For in my own gaze, the sight of Judius with his lips still shining wet is indeed luscious.

And I know we both feel the same.

However—my hunger is still unsatiated.

And I think my stare, fervently pleading, conveys it well to his blue eyes.

Well, it should have, …right?

Then why is he staring blankly at me—eh?! The moment I realize he’s rolling over, I’m already on the edge of the bed, still in his arms.

…W-what happened?

I’m flabbergasted. On my back, I feel his hand propping me up.

Wait, wait, wait! Isn’t this the part where we’re supposed to be on the bed, going all the way in such a fervent ardour that we make a mess out of everything?!

The reason for Judius’ long, quiet stare is because he was feeling bashful, wasn’t he?

Judius makes me lie on his lap, and his hand which was originally on the back of my knee, now keeps a tight hold over my body. With it, he keeps me fixed in place as he turns me over.

The position allows his hand to freely gropes my ass. Thus, he starts massaging it.

…Again, what’s happening?!


Even the part of me who loves doing tsukkomi is silent, not sure what’s going on.

My nightwear is made of such thin fabric, and beneath it, I wear nothing.

So, if a palm were to delicately grip my buttocks, and applies as much as a bit of force—

n-no… I’m heating up!

Words fail me. As I try to hold back my moans—and fail miserably—my body helplessly writhes.

My hands which were around his neck slides from his broad shoulder down to his chest. His golden locks unavoidably tangle with my fingers before they grasp the string dangling on his collar.

“—ya, ..ahn!

I’m so busy trying to catch my breath while also awkwardly writhing about, I don’t realize the rubbing has ceased. Without so much as a word, he curls up the hem of my hopeless, undependable, skirt.

Even if the room is dim, the shapes and colors of things can still be well distinguished.

I can even see the slight pale color of my feet.

My toes, shins, knees, thighs—…my soles sure are grimy.


I quietly pull both of my legs down.

I haven’t even take off my top yet.

Yes. I’m still wearing my top, yet my bottom’s already nude.

Saliroza Sennet, 19 years old, currently being fixed on top of someone’s lap. I am still a virgin.

My lower body—and only my lower body—is now exposed.

How it ended up this way, I don’t know.

Nor do I know if this is how ‘it’ is suppose to begin—if it is, heck, this sure as hell wasnt in the lessons!!! It’s totally different!!!

***T/N: A moment delay and I present to you …yet another lead-on.

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