Kenshin no Keishousha Translation

Volume 1 Epilogue

“When my sister informed me that she was going to accept a human for a disciple, I couldn’t help but clutch my head and think what am I going to do.”

Manaka calmly stated.

“The Sword Saint actually took interest in those rebellions by the humans. Thinking about it, that’s probably how it all started right? Jeez, my sister is so unrestrained. Even so, she was dispatched as one of the Blaze’s vanguard, someone who had scaled to the reaches of the Sword Saint position. My sister forgot about her missions and merely lived life as she pleased.”

“Even I’ve been tossed about in misery by her……”

Kurou panted in agony as he bitterly smiled.

Kurou and Manaka sat side by side on the spectator stands, both having lifted their heads to gaze at the gradually reddening horizon.

“In the end, she didn’t carry out any of the Blaze’s missions and even her Sword Saint duties were pretty much neglected. She practically stayed deep in the mountains all year watching you guys horse around.”

“The Sword Saint’s job is to be strong……I bet she’d say something along those lines.”

Kurou believed that the Sword Saint had a penchant for finding absurd excuses.

However, it was precisely because the Sword Saint overlooked her other matter of business that enabled Kurou and Lars to be raised to the point where they could muster up a fight against someone on the level of the Seven Swords such as Manaka.

“Forgetting about the missions of the Blazes to raise these two and going against our wishes, my sister was the biggest hinderance to us.”

“Don’t you think that’s quite a bit exaggerated?”

“Perhaps so. However, in my opinion it’d still be great if Kurou-kun was wiped out sooner rather than later.”

Manaka smiled and then stood up.

Splash, a huge amount of blood splattered from her body.

“I’ll never forgive you for slaying my sister. However, Kurou-kun’s sword just now————was maneuvered in a way that I’ve never seen before. Judging from that, it was even faster than my Chaos Dancer. And that’s not all though.”

As if Manaka was displaying it for him to see, she stood up straight.

On the upper half of the Sabers black suit she was wearing, a massive gash ran down from her left shoulder to her lower right abdomen. There was blood trickling out of that wound that was of moderate deepness. Had it been dealt to a human, they would have been long gone by now.

“To have faltered at the most crucial point of battle and messed up my sword maneuver, what a truly unforeseen scenario. The swordsmanship you displayed undoubtedly resembled my sister’s style. I’ve yearned for a replica of that person……actually, that was pretty much my sister’s sword that I just faced. Since I had been captivated by that sword of hers, there’s no way I could be mistaken.”

“So does that mean you are captivated by me as well?”

“You idiot, it’s the opposite. There’s not a chance that I can just ignore others utilizing my sister’s techniques. My sister’s sword————has been passed on to you.”

Within Manaka’s words, it was a mix between half killing intent and half in jest. It felt as if she was smiling, but also enraged at the same time. It was quite a complicated expression .

Kurou learned the Olden Style from the Sword Saint. However, in the end it was created by his dad and the Sword Saint clearly possessed her own swordsmanship.

After being her disciple for seven years, Kurou not only picked up the Olden Style, he had also learned the swordsmanship of the Sword Saint. Although Lars, who was also the Sword Saint’s disciple, honed his own type of swordsmanship, Kurou didn’t have the talent to be able to devise his own swordsmanship. It required everything from him just to learn his master’s style.

The visualization of the trajectory of the Saintly Slash of the Nine Heavens relied on the Olden Style to be able to slay the opponent. The attack went at extreme speeds————and combined with the Sword Saint’s swordsmanship. Who would have known that using his master’s swordsmanship would save Kurou’s life.

“However, today I guess I’ll have to withdraw. I’ve already lingered around here for too long, plus it’d be troublesome if the other Seven Swords made it here.”

“Are you saying we’ll be able to meet again?”

Kurou smirked as he stated.

Manaka taciturnly walked off.

“I’ll definitely never lose to you, and I’ll swear on that. Anyways, since you didn’t lose to me today either, I’ll spare you for now.”

Manaka did not even cover her own wound. She walked off with Neena in her arms as blood trickled down her body. Following that, her figure disappeared from the exit of the spectator stands.

“……Is it ok to let her go?”

This time it was Sefi who sat down where Manaka had sat previously with Hinako sitting alongside her.

The two of them didn’t suffer from any injuries as they energetically moved about.

“We were the ones who were let go.”

Kurou stretched as he laid down.

“It takes all my energy just to stay seated……man, I’m so exhausted.”

“You’re exhausted? Rou……hold on, your face is becoming pale!?”

“A bit……it wasn’t the light blade, more accurately it’s the light body that caused this. The burden from that maneuver is exceedingly massive. My body is pulsing from the stress it had taken. The body of a human was probably not meant to use light.”

During Kurou’s battle against Manaka, he wasn’t reluctant to unleash it. With the light body, not only did it require amassing most of his energy, he also couldn’t use it unless he was in dire circumstances. Thus, this was one hazardous maneuver. His master had told him before, based on the situation, it might never activate again in his lifetime.

Of course, he didn’t mention this subject to Sefi and Hinako. “Don’t think I’m an idiot”, he didn’t want to hear that kind of scolding from them nor did he want them to truly worry about him.

“However, with the type of wound Manaka suffered, if she were to go all out she’d still be able to wipe out every one of us given the state I was in. Furthermore, Lars was nearing death.”

Lars was already nowhere to be seen around the spectator stands. Following Manaka being slashed by Kurou, Lars’s figure was missing not too long after. Perhaps he limped towards the hospital through his own strength. He certainly detested owing a favor to others or making anyone else torment over him. Although he was not really a stickler for things like he usually appeared, Lars actually possessed a huge ego. Even after Manaka slashed him, he still wouldn’t submit to the thought of dying in that manner.

“Same with you, you seem to be almost dead as well. The wound on your shoulder is quite grave.”

Sefi retrieved her handkerchief and tightly wrapped it around Kurou’s wound. Following that, she then started to gently stroke Kurou’s cheeks.

“Ah——, that feels great……”

“Glad to hear it……but Kurou, where do you think you’re touching?”

“Eh? What?”

Kurou tilted his head as if he was acting dumb.

“What’s with that hand of yours feeling up my leg?”

“Oh my, I didn’t even notice that.”

Sefi’s legs appeared to be quite slender but feeling that supple yet smooth skin sure raised one’s spirits.

“……Well, whatever. If it takes your mind off the pain, then I’ll let things be for now.”

“Wait what?”

Kurou’s face showed signs of being perplexed towards this unexpected approval. Truthfully, after sexually harassing others, he was quite stressed out over not being reprimanded.

“Also……I must thank you. I’m very grateful that you were able to make it to my side.”


Kurou slightly chuckled in response to the flushed red Sefi. She was probably referring to the fact that he immediately rushed over to her after Freya was killed. That was something to be expected from him so it didn’t need to be minded.

“Furthermore……Kurou’s sword was absolutely stunning……”


She looked at him with an intoxicated expression. It appeared that she was still a tad excited.

Suddenly, Kurou noticed it.

“Sefi, you……”


With a seductive look, she gazed back at Kurou as she stated.

It seemed that Sefi hadn’t realized it herself. Her light quantity received an explosive boost.

At least, it was far beyond Neena’s light.

Kurou figured that this abnormality in Sefi occurred during that one interval where everyone forgot about the battle and stared up into the sky————something happened to Sefi at that time.

Rather, it wasn’t that something that happened————but rather some change in Sefi’s body. In the end, her light received an increase……?

“……Hey! Where in the world are you trying to touch!?”

After Sefi returned to her senses, she lightly gripped the back of Kurou’s hand. The hand that had been stroking her leg and was now currently slowly crawling its way up her dress seemed to have been spotted.

“Tch, is it exposed?”

“Exposed? Of course not! I can never take it easy around you. I can’t show any openings either.”

Kurou dismissed it with a laugh.

Having an increase of light in such a short time frame was unheard of. Although she herself didn’t take notice, he seemed to want to examine this once again.

Ahem, Sefi cleared her throat.

“O-Overall, with everything happening so suddenly it’s quite baffling.”

“Tell me about it. I have to write it all up in a report as well. What should I even write?”

The arts user’s true identity, the already forgotten race————the resurgence of the Blazes.

The betrayal of Manaka, one of the Seven Swords.

Manaka, who was a Blaze as well as the Sword General, had her abilities sealed by Hinako’s powers.

Sefi’s abnormal increase in light.

Furthermore, a portal linked to another world was opened for a brief moment————

“……I don’t understand the situation either.”

Hinako stated as if she was cutting off Kurou’s train of thought.

“I lost consciousness after speaking with Manaka. After I reawakened, I was suddenly being used as a shield by Kuro.”

“No way! You were the one who muddled in front of me!”

“Is that so? Kuro, you always frustratingly call for me indirectly. Truthfully speaking, it made me feel very anxious. However, just then you called me Hinako.”

“I’m sorry for making you feel anxious……”

There wasn’t any particular meaning behind him calling her by her name. Except, a change perhaps occurred in him while he was sidestepping his own feelings. However, Kurou being mindful of these matters must mean he was also in a daze.

He was free from his mission, however he did not consider the fate between him and that inconceivable girl to be severed because of that. Clearly the various anomalies surrounding her went above and beyond Sefi.

It wasn’t just the disappearance of Manaka’s mystic arts and having them sealed.

The maiden of the sun, just what did she cause in the sky as well?

Furthermore, she performed all of it unconsciously. That’s what made it so annoying to figure out.

“Goodness gracious, it feels as if I’m slowly deviating from my original goals!”

“What are Kuro’s goals?”

“It should be obvious.”

Kurou suddenly sat back up and used that momentum to stand up once again. A sharp pain coursed through his entire body during that instant, however he still revealed a nonchalant expression as he gazed ahead of him.

“It’s to bring back those previously lost days.”

That day when he lost his dad and encountered the Sword Saint.

When his fate began to deviate from its normal course, he began living a life that no ordinary human could ever experience.

His destiny suddenly veered off course in one moment.

If that was the case, then as long as he set his mind to it then he should be able to correct his destiny through his own strength.

Kurou wielded a sword and lived till now in hopes of creating his desired path.

“In order to achieve my goals, it doesn’t matter who it is, I’ll kill them all.”

Kurou tightly gripped his katana and turned around. Hinako and Sefi’s shocked expressions confronted him.

“Well then, for now I should make a stop to the hospital as well. Plus, I also have to make my way down to headquarters.”

“……I’ll come with you then.”

“My duty to be your bodyguard must be carried on as well.”

Sefi and Hinako both stood at Kurou’s sides.

Their delicately sweet fragrance wafted over.

“Let me protect you as we head towards the hospital. There’s still many favors that I owe Rou.”

“I’ve been protected pretty excessively. Looks like people have their sights set on me for numerous reasons. However……Kuro will most likely continue to protect me.”

“……You two are so stringent on your stance.”

Kurou would never profess he’d be fine by himself.

Wanting to establish a happy family was also included within his goals. Of course, a lovely wife was definitely needed within this family of his.

Despite their somewhat problematic dispositions, Sefi and Hinako were both very cute. No matter how much danger lies ahead, either one would make for an interesting family.

As Kurou walked side by side with them, he revealed a smile.

What destiny will await him, even he doesn’t know.

Too many bizarre instances occurred at the same time.

Especially————the portal that opened out of nowhere. Kurou firmly believed that it had something to do with the two girls next him.

Although he thought there was no way, but what if those two girls were the key to opening the portals that were closed off————?

Then, perhaps the scope of the situation was even greater than the severity of the Blazes’ betrayal. There may even be some unimaginable future awaiting Sefi and Hinako.

However, Kurou had already made a firm resolution to continue walking down the same path as Sefi and Hinako.

In other words, if some disastrous future was imminent, then he would most likely carry on that burden for them.

Using the sword in his hand, he’ll have to slay others not only in that impending destiny but also for the sake of his own future.

Slash, slash, continually slashing away.

Having faith in seeking out the future he so desires————

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