Kenshin no Keishousha Translation

Volume 1 Afterword

It’s my first afterword, or rather a long time since I did one. I am Kagami Yuu.

Since this is a new work of mine, I’ll simply just reintroduce myself.

I’m a person who frequently scripts PC games. Due to some lucky chance, I also began writing light novels thankfully.

About this new work, I’ll try to complete something that has a bit of action instilled in it. Well, so far it’s been all filled with girls.

Although it was the easy way to go, having battles be synonymous to girls turned out to be pretty great. I absolutely wanted to have them engage in battle in uniforms so a school campus was determined for the setting. Having their dresses flutter in the wind as they battled, that is the true definition of convenient.

Of course it isn’t just combat though, the girls are also very cute.

For now, there’s still a theme going on and such, fights involving the female lead and the main protagonist. However, if people can freely enjoy the girls on a daily basis, then I’ll be very pleased.

With that said, for drawing materials I tried to buy a katana, well more accurately a model of one. Its weight was close enough to an authentic one————it was about a kilogram or so. Oh jeez, it was quite heavy. Although 1kg isn’t anything impressive, it’s different once you place the sword in its stance. The heavy weight transfers to your body so wielding it was absolutely out of the question.

To be able to utilize that kind of thing, it is truly quite impressive for those warriors.

I’ve never said anything about this 700 gram laptop being heavy or anything, but it seems it’d be best if I got bit more exercise.

Next, I want to offer a few words of gratitude.

Mikeō-san, thank you very much for your high quality illustrations. The coordinator gave you a lot of trouble, but in the end you were always able to pull through. Furthermore, I want to sincerely thank everyone who was a part of the production of this book.

However, the most important thing is still for me to offer the biggest thanks to the readers.

If we can meet once again, I would feel very blessed. Well that’s the end for now then.

2012 April Kagami Yuu

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