Sore, Itadakimasu Translation

11.2. But, I Can’t See It

“…Sorry to keep you waiting.”

The moment I stepped out of the bath, my courage blew out like a candle. Thus, I desperately wrapped my hands around my body—especially around the chest. I also adjusted the hem so that it conceals my important parts. Suddenly, I feel like I’m in some kind of major crisis!

Trying my best to not look panicked, I went towards the bed. Walking barefoot almost caused me to slip and fall—thankfully, it didn’t happen.

OK! With your face still down, move your eyes to search for signs of Captain!

On a side note, I’ve made him wait for quite some time now—could it be, he fell asleep on that luxurious bed? If it were me, I would—!

My eyes catch a glimpse of the figure standing by the side of the bed diagonally across from me.

Well, of course he didn’t. And damn it! The pillar obstructed my view!

I squint my eyes to get a better look at his figure and my calm, collected facade breaks down almost instantly—

Captain is currently wearing nothing but his undershirt—!!!

It is apparent that he took off his jacket along with the padded undergarment beneath it, leaving only a thin shirt with string connected to its collar. That string dangled loosely in front of Captain’s broad chest without any means of concealing it—and dang, what a fine chest it is—!

And, and there are no sleeves either—! The muscles on both of his arms are such an eye-candy—!

And… and what about there—?!

My gaze turns downward…

Oh boy!!!

I am disappointed.

His pants are still there, minus his boots, leaving him bare feet.

Dragging his steps ever so slightly, Captain comes around the bed.


The tension is like a bucket of cold water being poured over my burning desires and soon I find myself rigid. I clutch my onepiece tightly as I stare at the approaching Captain.

Honestly, what am I supposed to do in this kind of situation—!? A.) Throw what you are currently holding and RUSH, or B.) Spread your arms and wait—?!

…—at the very least, should I close my eyes?

In reality, it’s as if I’m not given a choice and only stand there with my eyes bulging.

Captain stands there, eyeing me from top to bottom.

When he was still faraway, the confidence was there, but now, when he is this close—whelp, sorry, nope.


Stiffly, I lower my head and bite into my clothes so as to not let any kind of weird sound out. I don’t know what to do and my heart is beating too fast.


Fuwa~, so this is how it smells. It’s the masculine scent of a man. Captain reaches his hand toward my exposed upper arm, his touch send my whole body into tremor.

His touches caused my skin to burn with a sensation akin to fever. Suddenly, I feel dizzy and thus, close my eyes. I can feel an accumulation of tears at both corners of my eyes.

Captain’s hand slowly slides down my arm, towards the bend of my elbow, and finally arrives on my wrist.

“Do keep an eye on your Inki’s absorption rate.”


Before I can answer ‘yes’, Captain grasps my wrist—tightly.

In a surprise, I accidentally release the cloth I am holding—it falls on my feet, along with the corset, and ouch, it hits my toe.

I-I-I-I can feel his intense gaze…!

Y-yeah! Stare all you like! Have you seen everything yet?! Satisfied now?!

As if small breasts has to do with anything!!

While fidgeting, underneath the thin piece of clothes, I rub both of my legs together—I am ready!

Captain takes my wrist and encircles it around his neck so he can bring his body forward. Meanwhile, I shrink more and more against the scent and warmth of a man. His rugged breath sweeps across my forelocks, ruffling it. In a trance, I open my eyes—

—his face is there, right infront of me, smiling. . .

It is very, very dazzling.

Moreover, the feathers on both sides of his face have spread in all of their elegance.


“You can control it, right, Saliroza?”

“…y, es…”

At that moment, I’m not even sure whether I was conscious or not. All I can comprehend are the movement of his feathers—flap, flap, flap…

..flap, flap, flap.

Tears from both corners of my eyes flow down.

Ca-captain!! I can’t see anything beyond those outstreched feathers!! Not even Inki!!

**T/N: Dear Author-san… can we get to the point already? The plot is going nowhere really fast with all this fillers….

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