Kenshin no Keishousha Translation

Volume 1 Prologue

“Oh come on, why are you guys here of all places!?”

A sharp complaint echoed from one of the girls dorms.

“Quiet down Sefi, it’s supposed to be peaceful at night!”

Kurou was sitting on the sofa in the living room, smiling as he looked towards the other person in the room————Sefi. Her blonde hair was tied to the side and she was wearing a suit.

“Ugh, you’re so bossy……”

Sefi retorted as she lowered her voice. This was one of the dorms within the girls residential building.

It was already late into the night, causing a ruckus would probably disturb the other students.

“However, going back to what I said, this room is quite comfortable. The air conditioning here is great and the couch is very cushiony.”

Sitting next to Kurou was a black-haired girl wearing maid attire————Hinako, who was currently eating chocolate cake as she spoke.

“That’s my cake! How dare you eat it without my permission!”

“This perfect level of sweetness mixed with a hint of bitterness forms a wonderful harmonious melody.”

“I didn’t ask for your opinion!”

Sefi forgot all about keeping quiet as she yelled once again. Afterwards, she heaved a heavy sigh.

“Jeez, you guys are so carefree. Fortunately I’m still waiting on the elimination match.”

“Well I’m in the same boat as you. That’s why I figured I should conserve my strength in a place like this.”

“You probably don’t even care one bit about the elimination match. Speaking of which, you sure have guts to sneak into a girls dorm with a girl.”

“Something to this extent is no biggie. Anyways, why don’t you have a seat Sefi?”

“You don’t need to tell me. After all, this is my couch.”

Sefi contemptuously responded and with a *thud* she sat down alongside Kurou.

“Sefi, if you’re nervous, how about I give you a massage?”

“If you’re the one giving me the massage, how am I supposed to know where you plan on touching me?”

“Of course I’ll be massaging your entire body……”

“You don’t have to make it so clear you pervert!”

“……Going back to the topic at hand.”

Hinako, who remained silent as she was eating the cake, spoke up in a hushed tone.

“It would appear that Sefi always puts up a front, but actually ends up saying OK every time. However, Kurou is also just a wimp for stalling with only a bit of sexual harassment even after realizing this.”


“Hold on, who did you just say was always OK with this!?”

Kurou and Sefi were both dumbstruck.

“I see, youthful teenage girls and boys tend to be considerate of each other’s relationship going into the future, thus they do not dare step past certain boundaries even in the heat of the moment……noted.”

“Quit your studying! You shouldn’t be analyzing everything.”

Sefi, with her face completely flushed red, voiced her complaint towards Hinako.

“Fufu, my sexual harassment should be taken to the next level. To even be called a coward, then I guess I’ll start with her upper garments, no wait, perhaps it’ll be better if I just directly massage her chest————”

“So that’s how it’s going to be, I get it!”

Sefi interrupted Kurou and immediately took action.

She grabbed the hilt of the gargantuan sword lying diagonally against the wall in the corner of the living room————

“You are really asking to be slashed by me!”

“In the end, it’d be best if there was skin-to-skin contact!”

As Kurou shouted in reply, he grabbed the hilt of his katana that was strapped to his waist. He then took a step to get Sefi within range of his blade.

Kurou and Sefi both held on to the hilt of their swords, and after staring each other down for a few seconds————

“Sigh, we shouldn’t be doing something as foolish as this during the night.”

“I totally agree.”

The two of them eased their grip on their swords and sighed.

“I feel a bit thirsty, I’m going to make some tea. I assume you guys want some too.”

Sefi headed towards the kitchen.

“……In all honesty, the mischief caused between the two of you is like no other.”

“That’s because our relationship isn’t normal.”

Kurou sarcastically stated with a wry smile.

Even with all the silly trifles, his time spent with Sefi and Hinako has been very thrilling. Recalling the circumstances back then, he felt that these sporadic squabbles weren’t something to be concerned about.

Kurou reflected over how it all started————in the end, it was probably still that one night.

It all began in a certain district one evening, when blood was spilt everywhere————

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