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3.4 The Notification About the Extracurricular Lesson’s Implementation

–Why are you here at the start, Noble Diamonds?–

Was putting us in the same class consideration from the Director?

Can Loki complete her self-introduction without any trouble?  She isn’t clumsy herself, but a characteristic of the academy is that everyone fusses about everything that happens.

Loki’s feminine appearance garners her better reception among the girls than the boys.

While many students at the Magic Academy are of the same generation, there is no particular rule requiring magicians to be of a certain age.  However, because general education is part of the curriculum, elder people refrain from applying.  Those circumstances are better resolved by entering a military training facility.

One of the people surrounding Loki says, “Ranked 570!!”

Overhearing that commotion triggers Arus’ memory.  So Loki also was evaluated in yesterday’s simulation match.  She did use a very powerful spell.

Even though that spell was technically a taboo, the sensors still recognized it as a target to be measured.  No wonder she was elevated from quadruple digits to halfway down triple digits.

Thunder Octagon is one of the most prominent spells of lightning system magic [Thunder(Narui) Clap(Kazuchi)].  Yet, even if its use resulted in a great boost to Loki’s ranking, the outcome isn’t amusing.  Her strength was originally rated at 100.

The screen projecting Loki’s rank also includes a letter signaling that her reflected test results rose[1].  That screen is also used by the academy outside of class.  When needed, it can transmit academy wide notifications and announcements.

The students surrounding Loki do as they please and wordlessly whip out their licenses.  Arus listens as they share their ranks, but has no intention of sharing his.  He lacks the egotistical motivation to join them.

Loki uses that gap of attention to move towards Arus’ side and claim one of the empty seats next to him.  That they have been empty for so long has started to develop eerie implications.[2]

While voices of delight and disappointment from students gossiping about their rankings mix within the classroom, Loki asks Arus his opinion towards her raise in rank.  A slight grin spreads across her face upon receiving his anticipate response.[3]

Arus’ eyebrows furrow at the sight.  Loki, being from the military, shouldn’t be bothered with something like her rank.

Students all over the academy are both rejoicing and bemoaning the changes in their rankings.  Tesfia and Alice are no different.  They worry about their rankings regardless of how meaningless it is.[4]  Those overreacting to their changes in rank have even lower ranks.

A girl requests Tesfia and Alice for tutoring.  Her voice is laced with admiration.  “Your ranks are 4500 and 7833?  Looks like the two of you are still leading.”  The sweet bashfulness that leaks from her gives the impression of a small animal.

Tesfia says, “Ciel, don’t you just need a bit more until you can also become four digits?”  Despite turning over the compliment, she’s washed with dejection at how her rank barely rose.

No one bothers to see it from the perspectives of Tesfia, Alice, or Arus.  In Arus’ case, however, he isn’t even taken into consideration.  Since not much can be seen of his strength, he is ignored.[5]

While Alice’s rank spiked from 8867, it isn’t something to be surprised about.  That rank is what was determined at the entrance examination.  Her current rank was properly measured and is thus closer to her true ability.  That said, such a boost seldom occurs.

Once everyone finishes comparing their ranks, they search around the classroom for Loki.  Then, upon finding her, they pause due to seeing her seated beside Arus.  The eyes that were looking for Loki transition from her to the one they consider a tumor.[6]  This pairing greatly troubles them since they all know Loki is a triple digits magician.

Ciel, who was just talking to Tesfia and Alice, says, “Loki-chan, are you acquainted with Arus-kun?”  She gives a powerful impression by asking that bold question, but a pair of figures stand firmly behind her.

Loki’s intonation as she responds gives listeners a pleasant impression.  Her voice, however, is mechanical and the words she speaks are indifferent. “Yes, I met Al earlier than everyone else.”   Although that response was premeditated with the intention of being harmless and inoffensive, very little effort went into its creation.  Regardless, nothing more is needed to resolve Ciel’s small surprise at relation between her and Arus.

At Ciel’s question, everyone crowds around Loki with questions of their own.  Arus, having never seen such a spectacle before, can only assume that the relentless barrage is something that stems from the first day of a transfer.  In truth, Loki’s popularity stems from a different reason.  For those unaware of the academy’s circumstance, Loki isn’t just seen as being second within the student body, but also as someone who can over take Ferinella.

Arus eases himself away from that noisy place.  He intends for no one to notice his withdrawal, but is still spotted by the bewildered Loki.  The way she looks at him resembles that of an abandoned cat.  He gives her a sympathetic smile, but leaves her to familiarize herself with her classmates.

During the class just before lunch, Arus looks from his book towards Loki.  Is she in skulking?  She is looking down and her bangs hang over her face, but she is still as expressionless as always.  As such, he can’t read a glimpse as to how she’s feeling.

Loki’s personality isn’t easy to understand like Tesfia’s.  Likewise, he gets the feeling she will be difficult to deal with.  Attempting to repair any rifts in our relationship would be a waste of time.  The same thing will just happen during lunch, anyway.  

Then, as Arus expected, students flood into the classroom at the chime announcing the end of class.  Even more wait outside the room.  Dashing in at the forefront of the swarm is Alice.  She can no longer endure her separation from Loki.  The tension relaxes from Alice’s expression as she embraces Loki and strokes her hair.  Her tone melts as she speaks.  “Haa~  Loki-chan is too cute.”

Arus says, “More than that, your lunch break is going to run out at this rate.”

“Hold on just a bit more and you’ll get to stuff your belly~”

Arus swallows at her nonsensical reply.  He heads to the cafeteria due to not having prepared lunch while wondering, How’d she come up with that?

Loki was allowing Alice to handle her body like a doll, but springs to life upon seeing Arus leave the classroom. As she heads after him, Alice chases after her.  Tesfia in turn follows Alice.

The official top three first years appear together, yet no one is brave enough to step forward and join them.  Furthermore, not a single person follows them through the corridor from behind.  Arus, in the middle of the three, is greeted with a growing number of curious stares.

The cafeteria is in the building attached to the school building.  Although various stalls are lined around the eaves, the Magic Academy has it as the only establishment.  Furthermore, it is a well repudiated and thriving place that not only handles the academy cafeteria, but also observes discrepancies in hierarchy.

Since practically every student at the academy is staying in one of the dormitories, the cafeteria is very lively during lunch.  Arus holds a lunch menu in his hands while sitting at a ten man table.  That Loki sits beside him is easy to understand.  To the rest, he says, “Why did all of you come?”

Tesfia sets down a tray while saying, “This is pretty normal around lunch.  Is this your first time here, Al?”

“It’s my first time, but that has nothing to do with this.”

Alice places down a tray soon after while saying, “Pardon my intrusio-n”

The table still has vacant seats despite the heavy crowding within the cafeteria.  That place won’t become fully occupied unless the entire student body enters.  Despite that, the four of them are clumped at one end of the table.  Tesfia herself is firmly seated across from Arus.

While he doesn’t care as long as he isn’t troubled, Tesfia and Alice are the two primary perpetrators to his time being snatched away.  A sigh escapes him.  More follow after it.

“Would sitting next to you be alright, Arus-san?”

Everyone stops eating at the new voice.  The elegant, flowing, black hair is unmistakable.  Ferinella holds a tray in her hands as she waits for a reply.

Despite the congestion within the cafeteria, an inviolable space exists around her.  The students that stepped aside to create that space watch on in envy.  Arus finds that contrary spectacle eerie.

Ferinella, meanwhile, draws closer to Arus.  With a tilt of her head, she brushes the hair dangling over her face to behind her ear and bends towards him.  “I can’t?”

Many onlookers gasp in astonishment.  Shrill cries rise up in various places as well.

Arus could easily turn everything into back ground noise, but he gets the feeling that dealing with Ferinella will be difficult.  She reminds him of the Director.  Not only does she have a voluptuous body, but the words she’ll thread together won’t be easy to argue against.

He gives a blunt reply in order to keep from getting swept by her pace.  “Do as you’d like.”  Despite that, he’s well aware that it is a brittle defense.

Ferinella’s tone, while polite, includes something else inside of it.  She herself isn’t aware of it and despite how it enables her a sense of superiority, it doesn’t intimidate, but instead flows out with elegance.  “Thank you very much.”

She seats herself beside Arus and promptly ignores him.  She displays the proper decorum for first encounters and presents Loki a smile.  “A pleasure to meet you, Loki-san.”

News of Loki’s arrival has unsurprisingly spread across the student body.

Loki, upon receiving Ferinella’s charming smile, is given the same impression as Arus.  Regardless, she keep the emotion from reflecting on her face by remaining expressionless.

Although this is Loki’s first meeting with Ferinella, she isn’t ignorant about her.  Her name was on the roster ranking the upperclassmen she looked over during previous night’s strategy meeting.  As such, she is also aware of Ferinella’s military connections.  Furthermore, Tesfia and Alice also shared a trivial amount of information about Ferinella with her.  Loki says, “A pleasure to meet you as well, Ferinella-jou.”

The sight of four, peerlessly beautiful, girls seated around one man is a baffling spectacle.  It creates a battlefield where everyone’s envy filled glares are concentrated on Arus.  That, however, soon ends.

The five large screens installed within the cafeteria televise a new announcement for the over one thousand students having lunch.  “This notification is to inform everyone about the implementation of the extracurricular lesson scheduled for May 28th.  Students will be taking their first step as magicians upon graduating from this academy.  Therefore, in order to support that step forward, we have decided to implement combat training.”

They came up with a good pretext for this.[7]


The announcement continues. “You are all encouraged to eliminate mamono just like you would in real combat.  Handouts with further details will be distributed in each class.  We repeat…”

Once the notification ends, the ring of plates shattering can be heard emanating from various areas within the cafeteria.  Subjugating manono is an issue all students aiming to become magicians must face.  Not only can it not be avoided, it is also the biggest hurdle they’ll need to clear.  While those with nerve express their motivation, most are confused.

Arus and Loki, already aware of the extracurricular class, are unfazed by the notification and continue to eat like normal.  Ferinella also seems to have been expecting the notification.  Due to her experience with actual combat, she may have been notified in advanced.  Her only response is, “Looks like the Director is quite serious,” before returning to her meal.

Tesfia and Alice, however, turn blue.  As they stare at the screen, Tesfia says, “We- we’ve still got time… right?”

Alice says, “…….why now?”

Arus is the only one who could answer that question, but even if he does, it wouldn’t help their current situation.  It instead might end up turning him into a target for everyone’s confusion and resentment.

Ferinella, seated next to Arus, speaks to him in a low voice.  With a troubled expression, she says,   “What will you do?”

Arus responds with an annoyed tone after a few moments of silence.  “I’m already involved.”  He doesn’t need to say anything more, but after considering that she will be the supervisor, adds, “…that’s right, I’ll be troubling you for help.”

Ferinella doesn’t try inquiring about anything else.  She just looks down and says, “Good grief.”

–Tres Diamondes Nobles–

The academy grounds fill with discussions about combat training after lunch.  Since no one has ever seen a mamono, such a situation is unavoidable.  Also, for some reason, more people than usual gather around Tesfia and Alice.

They are eventually enlightened about their sudden surge in popularity from a comment Arus says during their training.  Their concern towards their honor becomes secondary as wry smiles cross their faces and they express their frustrations towards their panicking classmates.

Tesfia says, “How impertinent.  We don’t even know if we can form our own groups.”

Alice says, “That’s right, it’s starting to get a little annoying.”

The situation does, however, give their training a clear purpose.  Furthermore, while they aren’t as talkative as they usually are, the fact that they can hold a conversation during their training is a sign of progress.

Being able to talk while the flow of their mana is disrupted means this has become a habit for them.  They must have been continuing to train by pinching each other after returning to their dormitory every night. 

The process is slow, but Alice and Tesfia have made phenomenal growth.

Alice says, “More details should be release as the extracurricular lesson gets closer.”

Tesfia says, “We should be practicing how to subjugate mamono instead of making groups.”

Arus’ comment, “well said,” to their complaints goes unnoticed from behind his stack of books.  He then says, “Actually, the Director will determine the five man groups.”

““— —!!””

He wasn’t told to remain silent on the issue and thus told them, but Loki views the act as a leak of information.  “Arus-sama!”

Arus is no longer bound to military regulations.  He expresses that the current arrangements are nothing more than a loose promise by saying, “I don’t care.”

Although the puzzled expression on Tesfia and Alice are blocked by Arus’ mountain of books, he still hears Tesfia’s question.  “How do you know that?”

“I may have heard a bit from the Director on how this will be carried out.”

Tesfia grits her teeth, but that too is blocked by his stack of books.

Alice says, “Then, what group will you be joining, Al?”

Arus refrains from informing them about what will be occurring behind the scenes.  Not only do they not need to know about it, knowing about it would hinder them in combat.  “Well… as the number 1 magician, I don’t really need something like combat training.”

Regardless of whether Arus is being sarcastic or not, that tone can’t be projected onto him.

“— —!!”

He adds, “Naturally, I plan on finishing early and returning home.”

Loki’s ears twitch at his response.  A smile plays at the edge of her lips.

Arus then says to Tesfia and Alice, “Be careful you don’t get careless.”

Tesfia’s face flushes with anger as she says, “Unbelievable.”  That exchange, however, isn’t very serious.  Such petty arguments have been quite become common between the two.

She only flares up due to being unable to let his comments go.  As long as nothing else jumps out at her, she will silently focus on her training.  The only exceptions are when she needs a hint.

This time, however, Arus is the first one to make an offer.  It’s a sign that the extracurricular lesson will be dangerous.  “Do you want training on how to fight mamono?”

“Is this the next step?”

Arus redistributes the two rods he presented them on their first lesson.  He speaks with a smile that acknowledges the effort Tesfia and Alice have put into their training.  “To be honest, there’s a bit more to go before getting to this.  Still, you should be able to manage one way or another with how you are now.”

Twin bashu sounds roar out as mana diffuses.

Arus cups his chin and considers that his decision might have been premature.

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[1] ロキの順位をきっかけに正面に映し出されるスクリーンには試験結果の反映を知らせる文字が上がった。

[2] それも不気味がった意味合いが最近ではほとんどである。

[3] 推察通りの答えを返すと順位が上がったことに少しばかり顔が綻む。

[4] いくら意味のないことだと言っても気にはなるのだろう。

[5] 一方の相方――という括りは本人達からしてみれば不本意だろうが、アルスは実力では大差ないと見ているのであながち的外れでない括りだ。

[6] 腫れ物を触るような目が隣の男子生徒に移ったのは仕方のないことだ


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