Sore, Itadakimasu Translation

11.1 But, I can’t see it

…Ahh, how comfortable~

Saliroza here. I’m currently in the middle of taking a relaxing, warm bath.

It’s not like there aren’t any bathhouse available in the fort, just that they are too narrow and crowded. Well, what can I say? Surely, everyone too, enjoys their leisure time to the fullest.

Now that I have this luxurious bathroom all to myself, it would be even greater if I had Senette’s family beauty product with me…

No, no! I shouldn’t be greedy!

After all, this is a bathroom provided for those who fight with bated breath on the frontlines while I’m just a nobody who got a free pass to use it. Still, all this time, I’ve been refraining from doing any kind of self-care, sorry! But I’m still a woman! So, not sorry!

About the hot water, I heard that the water itself comes from that mountain in the East—it’s either that, or the rain water being stored around the fortress. Then, it was heated using the same technique as those lamps illuminating the hallway.

I wonder who patented this technique…? It bothers me a bit.

Well, thinking about that is of no use.

I already made up my mind to let go of anything under the notion of ‘self-reservation’. Thus, while stretching my whole body in the tub, I thought about how comfortable it is to immerse one’s self inside a wide tub full of gleaming, warm, water.

..Aah, Captain! I’m so grateful to you!

Accompanying such thoughts, I unintentionally let out a moan—

Uh, oh…

I cleared my throat while silently scolding myself.

…I’m so sorry, Captain. You giving me a chance to enjoy this lofty bath is an already grand enough thing—thus, I shouldn’t bother you by being noisy…

I shall focus on washing myself; wash, wash, wash the entire body!

Reluctant to waste even more of this luxury that is the warm water, I decided to call it quits—but not before I immersed my entire body inside the bathtub for the last time.

…Well then, this is it—!

Once I stepped out of this bathroom, the gate toward my grand future shall be openned—!

Here goes—!

“The bath is ready—!”

I’m declaring it in a loud voice for some reason.

And then—

“Okay. I shall go in, then.”

—I hear the reply almost instantly.

Wait, what?


Hold on–!!

I’ll get out in a flash–!! There’s no need for you to come over here–!!

Saliroza Senette, currently standing naked on the floor.

…Step, step—

the footsteps are inching closer!!


Immediately, I snatch the nearest cloth available in the cabinet and wear it without wasting time—but it fell off almost immediately!!

The area around my chest is a bit small, after all…

Thus, I’ll give my best to tighten it. Alright, first take off the cloth, stretch my hands, and then—

“Here, clothes.”

The sounds of footstep stopped, indicating that now the Captain is right behind the partition. However, without showing any intention of moving, he only extended his hand over the cabinet—in which a white cloth hangs.

Huh, well, okay…

What was the point of me making that fuss just a moment ago?

While wiping the sweat from my forehead, I receive the clothes from Captain while mumbling ‘sorry for the inconvenience’.

The hem flows down my hand, and I can feel how silky the fabric is. It feels moist, almost like water under my touch. I’m so pleased with this.

“Well then, I’ll get changed.”


From the tall, iridescent shadow of the Captain whom is standing right behind the lamp, I could see some, a few, things…fall onto the floor.

What a nice contour—is the first thing that crossed thoughts.

Oh, no, hold it there, Saliroza!

I decide to scrutinize the white clothes I’ve just received. When it’s laid out in front of me is when I realize:

The fabric is soft, and in way, it almost reflects light. Yes, that is beautiful, very. The long hem is also nice.  Hmm, the chest part needs some stuffing—but, there’s no sleeve. At the tip of the shoulders is only a thin and short embroidery of lace. Not to mention, the absence of the collar makes it even more revealing. Yeah, it is so revealing!

There’s no mistaking it!

This cloth is that isn’t it?! Those clothes that are mainly used at night!


Captain, this…where did you obtain it? Or, is it possible…?

..Captain, was this in your possession all along?

“Um, Captain.”

“What is it?”

“T-t-t-this outfit, um…”

“Oh, is it difficult to put on? Take your time. Don’t worry, I’ll wait for you.”

That’s not it–!

Ca, captain, you perv–!! Acting like such a model person, but you were hiding stuff like this–!! I don’t remember knowing such a pervert–!! Nor do I want this cloth to be in my sight for any longer–!!

In the meantime, while my mind is still going haywire, I hear the sound of footsteps. Captain calmly drags his lean shadow away, leaving the partition.

That guy, how shameless–!!

I bit my lower lip in both shame and frustration—I have no choice but to wear this…

Nevertheless, my relief of getting a change of clothes is short-lived.   

I’m sorry, I’ve totally forgotten about it until now—


Y’know, to hide my ‘above’ things and ‘below’ things…?

…None! I rake every section of the cabinet, but I can’t find what I’m looking for…but what does it matter?

Soon, everything will be taken off, anyway!

Of course, before it leads up to that, there’s also a lot of fun to be enjoyed! So as to help with the progression, it’s better to be like this, I guess!

That is my–Saliroza Sennette’s, the 19 years old virgin’s—final decision.

Thus, here I am, currently without underwear.

…Uwaaah! The outfit is a tad bit more transparent than I thought!

And also, ‘down there’, feels kind off airy…

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