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10.5. The Truth within the Feathers

*** From the POV of the Captain.

Judius Ellara Evius Kadin Foran.

—was my actual full name. Those who could memorize in it’s entirety, however, were only a few number of people.

Hence, I decided to just go with ‘Judius Ellara’.

Since I will no longer be returning to the Spiral Castle, having such a long name loses both its true meaning and purpose.

As of now, I hold responsibilities over one of the frontier fortresses.

However, it seems that those with higher living in the district are concerned that my identity would interfer with my position.

A meaningless concern.

As long as this fortress stands, so shall I. I have no intention of yielding, nor returning to the capital—especially not as a scoundrel.


I pick up a set of documents from my desk that were sent by the scout unit. I’m planning to re-read it again so I can get a thorough understanding of it before briefing everyone of the contents in the morning.

The lamp flickered weakly and a shadow fell upon the report, hiding the sentences written by the district’s director.

I have to fully understand this report.

To do so, I have to focus the entirety of my attention to reading it.

I have to concentrate on reading, without worrying about anything else—

I do not care. I do not care at all!

However, the only thing I’ve managed to do thus far is enter into a staring match with the white surface of the document.

Don’t peek.

Do. Not. Even. Look. Over. There.


The splashing of water echoes.

The sound of water splashing from the bathtub’s current inhabitant as she plays in it without a care to the world causes an immeasureable tremor upon my self restraint. My whole-body shakes.

Moreover, I can also hear the hum of a cheerful song.

Taking such a long time, and even humming a song, you sure are enjoying your bath, huh—Saliroza?


As every other descent of the heavenly race, there are feathers on both sides of my head. Many are ignorant about them. Even I myself preferred to keep silent simply because I can’t bother explaining to them to others.

Their functions and shape are mostly the same as a normal person’s. Only the ear canal is missing. The shape of the auricle is also different.

Yes, the Angel Race does have ears like humans—however, our’s is better. They’re sharper and the quality of the sound heard is clearer.


In order to divert my consciousness from the frequent splashing of water, I grasped both of my ‘ears’ with my hands in an attempt to block the sound.

The very purpose of it was to calm myself, but suddenly without any anticipation, the tune she childishly sung stopped.

Thus, ultimate silent descended upon the room. Even worse is that my ears amplify said silence.

It’s too quiet. I then realized my mind has grown too paranoid over that black haired witch.  The various things and scenarios that play in my mind caused my next decision.

Being really conscious, I exert my utmost effort so my voice sounds as calm and composed as ever;

“Need not you worry about me, take all the time you need in there.”

Haaai—‘ a cute voice answers.

Truly a witch, indeed. With only one casual word, Saliroza Senette has managed to bewitch most, if not the entire of my being.

By the way, in this fortress there were a few people appointed as ‘Captain’. Each has their respective role. I got a supply of women’s clothing from my subordinates whom are responsible for my living aspects.

When I requested for it, he fulfilled it without as much as asking a single question. He only gave his usual acknowledgment. He raised his thick eyebrow a bit.

His action was satisfactory.

Even when I told him to deliver a meal to the witch’s room, he didn’t inquire about anything. He meticulously prepared a bowl and a loaf of bread before taking his leave.

I once more give thanks to my subordinate who neither says anything unecessary, nor hands the task over to someone else.

That’s it. I have to focus my attention on something.

Focus your eyes on the clothing placed on the edge.


It looks pretty and the color is pure white.

In a manner similar to Saliroza’s previous attire, the hem is long. The design is simple, sleeveless and also without a further addorning of lace.

I noticed that the collar, which is round and decorated with embroidery, is quite revealing.

Besides that, the material for the fabric is thin—no, it is fairly too thin that I became unconvinced that this is a cloth commonly worn by women in their daily basis—is this underwear? Or is this something they usually wear during bedtime? My usual disinterest towards women and their clothing habits causesd question upon question to pile up.

Even though I’m very certain I had requested him for clothing, I had meant for normal attire. Those that are like gowns, those that are far from the word ‘revealing’.

Did I do something to him to receive something like this?


…That quiet subordinate may be concerned about me.

…Well, not like this is a bad thing—far from it. I think this kind of attire would also suit Saliroza very much.

Indeed it is very suitable, be it for the ribbon addorning her hair, but also herself and her slightly thin, but delicate figure—


Unsconsciously, both of the feathers acting as my ears swayed. I can feel it, however.

…So I had unknowingly released Inki. Am I that obvious of a person?

My heart is hammering inside of my chest, to the point that I’m confident it’s loud enough to resound within the entire room. I let out a groan as another way to vent my pent-up frustation, even for a bit.

…Screw this, how can I become affected this easily? Even releasing Inki without knowing…

I couldn’t remember the last time I had felt this kind of sensation, even when I was still residing in the Spiral Castle.

Eventually—“..Um,” could be heard faintly.

“What is it?”

“W, well, you see…”

A voice full of determination came from behind the decoration shelf that act as a partitions for the tub.

“T-the bath!!! It’s ready!!! You can enter!!!”

“Is that so. Then, I’m coming.”

The feathers ruffled slightly from the surge of desire that comes over me.  It leaves but not without leaving a trace.

I pick up the thin, white, clothes from the desk as I step towards the bath and bring them with me.

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