Translation Yuusha Ni Narenakatta Ore Wa Isekai De

2.6 The Dormitory and Sora

Sora doesn’t really have anything to do after finishing his meal and therefore decides to head to the board chairman’s office with Laila.  He has two reason for doing so.  The first one is about Laila.  Even though she’s a slave, she’s also a woman.  A lot of problems would arise if she were to stay in the same dorm as a man.  Therefore, he wants to discuss his options with Board Chairman Lydia.

The second reason is to get his clothes back.  He left everything he owns back at the inn in the Nelga Kingdom when he came (was forced) here.  He could go back with metastasis, but he’d rather not since he didn’t leave anything valuable behind.

The first lesson after lunch has just begun in school.  I should be able to smoothly get to the board chairman’s office without running into anyone.

Laila becomes confused as she looks at the letters on the board chairman’s door.  She says, “Husband, how do you read this?”

Ah, is that it?  Can she only understand the unique Dragon-newt language?  …Should I consider this a victory over her?

“Ah, what’s this?  Laila’s an idiot who can’t read.”

Laila takes a fighting pose as she says, “How rude!  How about I smash you into bits!?”

He reaches for the door while thinking, Uwa, she’s serious.  It’s pointless, but… got her. 

The door opens on its own, and Board Chairman Lydia appears with a pitiful expression.  She says, “Sora-kun… What the heck are you doing?”

“Ah, no.  I’m just teasing this fool.”

Laila relaxes her fighting pose as she looks between the faces of Sora and the board chairman (Lydia) with open curiosity.  Ah, here too?  She can’t understand us?  Switching back and forth between languages is gonna be a drag.  I gonna have to teach her the common language soon.

Lydia says, “Well, what can I do for you?”

“Yeah, about that—”

Board Chairman Lydia releases a few pained sighs as she listens to Sora’s explanation.  She says, “I see.  First, the matter about slave-chan.  There isn’t anything I can do.  Rooms can’t be given to slaves.  Well, there wouldn’t a problem if she stayed in your room…”

Haa, I had a feeling it’d be like that.  Jin probably won’t mind… not that it matters anymore. 

Sora says, “Then, I’ll just share my room with Laila.”

“Good, now about your belongings.  I’ll arrange for them to be delivered to your room by tomorrow.”

“Really?  That’s a big help.”  Doing this is really considerate of her.  “Then, since we’re finished, I’ll be going.”

“Very well, but next time, how about waiting a bit longer before coming to see me with trouble?”

“No way, I’ll continue without restraining myself.”

Laila starts to make a fuss.

Lydia says, “I see”

Sora and Laila then head for the dormitory.  As expected, Jin isn’t there.  Laila says, “Husband, what is this place?”

“This is a dormitory.  I share this room with another person, so try not to make too much noise.”

“I know.”

Jin returns after a while and is shocked.  Sora explains everything.  I hope they get along…

–Nobel Diamond, Nobel Diamond, how we anticipate your arrival–


I’m hungry… Today, I think I’ll go to the cafeteria.  He entrusted Sura to Yami earlier.  Maybe I’ll get lucky and find them.

Sora says, “Jin, I’m going to the cafeteria.”

“Yeah, alright—Ah! I almost forgot.”  Jin’s eyes sparkle, kira kira, as he adds, “I made plans to eat with my senpai and they said they want to meet you.”

“Oh yeah?  Well, I don’t want to go.”

“Eeh!  How come!”

“It’s way too troublesome.”

“Fine, then how about I treat you.”

Sora doesn’t have any money problems, but, getting treated isn’t bad.  He says, “Fine, by the way, can you cover Laila too?”

“Yes, of course!  Actually, Laila-chan can have everything I own.”


“I’m joking!  Quit looking at me like that!”

“Haa, let’s go Laila…  Hm, did you fall asleep?”

Laila is sound asleep on Sora’s bed.  Did today’s events leave her exhausted?  He can’t leave her behind, and she can’t walk to the cafeteria while asleep.

With a, “Yosh,” Sora hoists Laila onto his back.  We’re the same height, but she’s lighter than me.  Is this how women are?

Jin says, “Ohh!?  How crafty, Sora!  Let me carry her on my back too!”

“Shut up, hentai senpai.”

“Uwa, you’re terrible.”

–Nobel Diamond comes with churros for all, or would if he could be here–

Sora reaches the cafeteria, but doesn’t find Yami.  He does, however, feel a lot of gazes falling on him.  What’s so weird that they need to stare?  Oh yeah, it’s cause I’m carrying this girl on my back.  Not to mention, there’s also that thing from before.

Sora says, “So, where’s the senpai?”

“Waiting for us on the third floor.”

Sora and Jin climb up to the third floor.  As expected of 3rd years.  They see me arrive, but totally don’t care.

“O-i!  Jin-kun!”

A petit girl with short, blue hair and wearing glasses is the one who called him.  Once they get closer to her, Jin says, “I’ve brought him, Tess-senpai.”

Tess says, “Ooh, so you’re Sora-kun.  Have a seat.”


–Nobel Diamond prefers nachos over burritos–

Jin’s senpai only wanted to meet Sora.  That really was it.  Well, it worked out.  I was treated to a meal.  Laila, however, slept through everything and there didn’t get dinner.

Upon returning to the dorm, Sora puts Laila on his bed and asks Jin where he can take a bath.  He can take one a short walk away in a large black building.  It’s an onsen[1], with mixed bathing.

Sora says, “So, how spacious is it?”

Jin says, “It’s pretty much always empty~”

Always?  Either way, I should probably go in the middle of the night to keep others from discovering my left arm.

Jin says, “I’m heading over there now.  How about you?”

“Ah, I’m of the night bathing faction.”

“What’s that supposed to mean?  Well, to each their own.  Yeah, mixed bathing is nice~”

“Your face is slipping, hentai senpai.”

Jin leaves the room while saying, “Uhehehe.”

Sora figures he’ll just lay down on his bed, but then remembers Laila is sleeping there.  Should I splash her with some water?  …….Either way, she’s sleeping quite soundly.  Well, I suppose that makes senses.  She’s been sleeping on the cold hard floor of a cell up until now. 

How much more is she going to sleep today…?  What am I doing for her…?  Haa.  Hm, they look soft…  Should I touch them?

—Puni puni[2]

“Mn un…”

Uwa, her face is so soft.  Not good, this is addictive.

—Puni puni


Sora stops his naughty deed like a boke and waits.  During that time, Jin returns from the bath, does his homework, and tucks in early.  Sora leaves for the bath once the dead of night arrives and is confident most of his fellow students are sleeping.  With him, he takes the spare clothes he retrieved from the board chairmans’s office earlier that day, the poor tasting clothes Yami picked out for him.  Like I thought, these will calm me down a lot better than the uniform.

Sora reaches the black building Jin described with those thoughts in mind.  The inside is as expected, with splitting paths for men and women.  Sora goes straight into the men’s and takes off his clothes.  I’m not some hentai who’d enter the woman’s changing room just ‘cause it’s empty.

The bathing room is a simple chamber with a large, circular, bathtub in the center of it.  Sora enters without giving the room much thought.  As long as I can take a bath, none of that matters.


Have such a large place to myself is refreshing.  Speaking of which, there’s supposed to be a mixed bath…

Sora looks around and finds a door at the other end of the chamber.  It must be through there.  It’s supposedly even bigger than this bath.

Yosh, should I go in?

Beyond the door is a large bath surrounded by large boulders of various sizes.  It’s bigger than he expected.  How exciting!

Sora soaks himself in the hot water.  He looks up and, “Ooh.”  Countless stars shine up above.  There is no ceiling.

They’re prettier than the ones from where I used to live…

The good mood that overcomes Sora as he stares at the stars while soaking in the bath is interrupted by a flapping sound.



What the?  A bird?  No, that’s too loud for a bird.  What is it?

Sora swims towards the sound to investigate when,

“— —!”

There’s a girl with dark, red, hair draped over an eye.   Her remaining eye looks around with a sharp glare.  Sprouting from her body are a black horn and wings.

A black horn and wings…  Just an akuma?  I thought it would be something more interesting…

Sora tries swimming back to his spot, but the female akuma notices his presence and rushes him.  She flies towards him and covers his mouth before he can shout.  Sora says, “Wh-!  Mmmn!”

What’s with this girl!? 

She glares at him and says, “Die here, or swear not to tell anyone about my existence.  Which is it?”

This girl!  Tell me how to respond with my mouth shut instead.

She says, “Nod once for the former, nod twice for the latter.”

Sora, not wanting to die in such a place, nods twice, koku koku.

She removes her hand from his mouth while saying, “Very well.”

“Should you really trust me so easily?”

“In that case, if you expose me, I’ll destroy this academy.”

Scary!  This kid is scarier than Dai Maou Elias!  Although, if she destroys this academy, not my problem.  More importantly, “Hey, why’re you trying to hide yourself?”

She stares at Sora as though he’s an idiot.

Sora says, “Hey, hey, do you think I’m an S?  Looking at me like that won’t make me happy.”

“…You really don’t know anything.”


A troubled expression crosses the female akuma’s face as she explains the situation to Sora.  Simply stated, almost every race is hostile against the akuma.  When one is found, it is to be, “killed on sight.”

Speaking of which, something similar exists in Elias’s memories.

“Thanks (stick) for teaching this to me.”

“Why are you pronouncing it as stick[3].  Well, that’s fine.  Anyway, don’t involve yourself with me[4] too much.”


“Yeah, by the way, can you tell me your name?”

“Don’t involve…oh, fine.  I’m Ai=Nordy”

Ai…?  She has a cute name despite being so ferocious.

“I’m Sora.”  He doubts he should introduce himself as Basard to an akuma.

“…By the way, Sora, I’d like to ask for a favor.”

A favor?  Does she tell people not to involve themselves with her out of habit?  Well, it’s not a problem. 

Sora says, “What?”

“Would touching your left arm be alright?”

“Yeah, I don’t mind.”

“Really!”  Ai examines his arm by poking it various times.  She then says, “Who made this?”

“That—”  Sora almost says Vera, but stops upon considering that she might know Vera.  No, Vera is a Maou.  She’s bound to recognize the name.  He decides on misrepresenting the truth, “An acquaintance of an acquaintance made it.”

I’m not lying.  Elias (the acquaintance) is acquainted with Vera.

She says, “I see, please introduce me next time, if you can.”

“Yeah, I’ll mention you the next time we meet.”

Ai continues to examine Sora’s arm a bit longer.  Sometimes her chest brushes against it.  Amazing, I’ll keep this secret.

–Hello (absent) Nobel Diamond 1–

Ai says, “Fuu, I’m satisfied.  Well then, please introduce me next time.”


Ai then hides her black horn and wings with a skill and gets up to leave.  Sora lets himself soak in the hot water for a bit longer and also gets up.

–Hello (absent) Nobel Diamond 2–

Sora gets up from the bath with a, “Fua~” and returns to his room.  He goes to his bed and finds Laila sleeping there.  I completely forgot about her.  Haa, it can’t be helped.  I’ll sleep on the floor today… “Huh, uaa!”

Laila grabs Sora and pulls him into the bed to use as a body pillow.

Dang it, she’s too strong.  You follower, what are you doing?  Are you half sleep?


Sora drifts to sleep with the thoughts, Uwa, she’s totally half asleep.  Well, this is better than sleeping on the floor.


“So…… ra…… Sora……  Sora!”

Sora gives a faint, “Uuseh…” as he opens his eyes.  He’s inside an endless white space.  He says, “This place is…  Elias, you came to see me again?”

“Nn~ I came again, but also~ I have something to tell you this time~”

“What is it?”

“Right now, Sora~ is at the Sholidaya Academy, right~?”

“Yeah, how did you know?”

“That’s because~ I’m the Dai Maou-sama~”

“…So, why are you here?”

Etto~, Vera said something like, ‘I’m worried if that guy can master his new arm~.’  She’s a gentle child~ who should arrive tomorrow~.  Well, that’s everything~  Bye bye~”

Sora shouts, “Ha? Hold on a sec!”  But Elias doesn’t appear to have heard him.

My left arm is something that needs to be mastered…?  How do I master it?  More importantly, is it alright for a Maou to personally come here? …Isn’t this too sudden? 

Sora closes his eyes with those thoughts in mind.


T/N: Looks like Sora is now back to normal, but with an added effect of stupidity!  His genera suaveness completely vanished.  Then again, it might just be arrogance that lets him not bother thinking too closely about things.  Also, that place is totally encouraging mixed bathing.  I wonder if there some sort of connection between the bath house and the marketing of children’s goods…


[1] Onsen = hotspring

[2] Puni = squishy

[3] My guess, arigatou can be pronounced as stick, but in this case, it was written in hirakana.

[4] She refers to herself with ‘Ore.”


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