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The top member of the organization of which Suimei belongs.  He established modern magic theory.  His organization is also considered one of the four major magical organizations.  Despite his innocent disposition, he is a frightful person without a trace of majesty.  Regardless, many people worship him and those he meets are left in awe.

Those who wish to join his organization simply need to have the same goal as him.  He is not the boss of his gathered friends and disciples, but their leader.


The universal secret of which only God knows the truth.  It is a mysterious energy that cannot be detected, a mysterious vector, and a mysterious law.  It is a generic name chosen to represent activities based in mystery.

Also known as the [Eternal Universal Principle], it is an existence at the opposite spectrum of science.

—That said, scientific energy isn’t needed by the world since it isn’t able to explain mysterious phenomenon.  As the primary connection between phenomenon is still vague, many consider such phenomenon to have been caused by an [invisible dwarf] that exists all over the world.


A phenomenon in which a low ranked mysterious event is cancelled by a higher ranked mysterious event.  In general, such an event happens when lower ranked magic isn’t preformed in harmony within a higher ranked magic’s domain (rule area).  A phenomenon known as mysterious field movement tends to occur when such magic is invoked.

The same can happen with mysterious existences.  Therefore, care must be taken when invoking magic in areas saturated with mystery.  One example is when magicians release their core.  That action temporarily raises their level of mystery.

The weight of mystery of must also be considered during group magic to prevent mutual disruption.

[Mysterious Field Movement]

(Mana Field Vibrations)

A mysterious phenomenon that preludes a sever phenomenon.  It is a mysterious tremor that doesn’t shake its surroundings, but if the scope of the phenomenon is large, than it is accompanied by a loud, high pitched scream.  One could say that the entire Earth is trembling and screaming.  It is a grand outburst of high ranked magic.  Creatures of Terminal might be summoned during the time before twilight begins and before it ends.

[Phenomenon Torsion]

(Phenomenon Mixer)

A difficult phenomenon to preform that results in the outcome of other phenomenon being different from what was intended.  It involves a deep understanding on the secrets of entropy and occurs when the fields of [The Elements that Establish a Mysterious Law] and [The Elements that Establish a Scientific Law] are out of balance.  When it does occur, it usually does so against scientific phenomena.  Mystical phenomena will not be affected unless magic has a primary involvement.

※ Both Liliana and Suimei invoke this law in volumes three and four to invert the outcome of magic being used against them.

This phenomenon does not mean that [results that should occur will not occur], but that [a result that should occur does not occur] because a different phenomenon will occur instead.  The correct result is only a possibility out of the various possible fluctuations.  The broken flashlight at the beginning of the story is one such example.

[The 1000 Evening Party]

(The stage of many nights)

It is an institution that fosters cooperation among the magic organizations scattered across the world.  According to a recent survey, most magic organizations are affiliated with the 1000 Evening Party.

While many top ranking magicians recognize the institution, it is by no means a high ranking organization.  It is a system that exists only to adjust the world’s balance; it does not act out of self-interest.  Furthermore, it is not limited by internal organizations.

Intelligence agencies are part of the governing body.

[Red Dragon]

A mysterious calamity that materialized in Spain a few year back.  Despite entering the world with the factor of a dragon, it is not recognized as a living organism but as a phenomenon from the terminal event.

The dragon was prophesized to bring devastation to the world, but its destruction was confirmed by the collaboration of grand class and high class magicians.  Suimei Yakagi eliminated the Red Dragon with his spell, Meteor Shower Ens Astrale.

By completely erasing the Red Dragon, something considered the greatest threat to the world, from existence, the spell Gaia Force1 was recognized as magic of the highest order.

For information regarding the Red Dragon Incident, turn to Andalusia’s Dragon Fire.


One of the association’s Three Great Youkai… is a false title.  This person is the association’s longest living member.  This mysterious person with mushroom hair and a faint yet ominous smile with a plump figure dressed in a white robe lives deep underneath the association.

This person possess profound knowledge in alchemy, healing arts, and explosions to the point of being recognized as the world’s foremost authority on those subjects.  Regardless, this person is an oddball.

Since Suimei constantly pokes fun at this person’s existence, this person is called the Phantom Professor.


A false lifeform.  They are created through alchemy to verify the existence of a philosopher’s stone.  Homunculi usually have small bodies and are restricted to living in their flasks.

Hydemary has overcome the limitation of the homunculi and possesses a body of equal size to that of a normal human.  However, while she can move independent of her flask, her flask still functions as her weak point.

A homunculus’s innate intelligence is influenced by the philosopher’s stone.  Life is believed to have originally been born with universal knowledge, but the consequences from the sin of flesh now restrict ability and knowledge.  The souls of homunculi are purified through the alkahest2 —they are changed through the Lapis Philosophorum, and are absolved from the sin of flesh possessed by humans upon birth thereby allowing them to enjoy the universal knowledge life was meant to have.

※Universal knowledge here refers to only information that can be shared by all people in the world through language and culture.

[Philosopher’s Stone]

This refers to one out of three different philosopher’s stones called Lapis Philosophorum.  It is an all-purpose medium created through alchemy.  While it purifies the flesh of life through the alkahest, it cannot produce perfect humans.  This is because a perfect philosopher’s stone cannot be produced.

※The term flesh referred to here encompasses that off all living beings, not just organic life forms such as humans and animals.


Hydemary’s number one favorite doll, the magical bear, Beato-tan.  This stuffed bear magician, is equipped with a tri-coned hat, a star staff, and a three piece cape.  Hydemary refers to it as her magical power shackles; it restricts the movements of anything it grips.  Not only are its size and weight fluid, its weight is quantified through the mysterious unit [mana t].

In another dimension, it is a commercialized product alongside [Ultra-Synthetic Beast Kimeran-tan].

[Original Magic]

The system of magic wielded by Hydemary.  It is not one of the various types of magic systems, but instead a kind of magic that can only be wielded by the one who created it.  It has the characteristic of resembling a type of supernatural power.

[Vanished Night’s Glittering Stars]

One of Suimei’s denominations.  He receive the name by defeating the Red Dragon with his spell, Meteor Shower Ens Astrale.  Suimei personally refers to himself as a Magician “For Sale” due to not being famous.  For him, however, they are nothing more than names because of his tendency to work alone.

[King of Losers]


The title given to Suimei’s predecessor, Alfred Ozfield.  He was given that title after developing a fighting style that completely revolves around close quarter’s combat, the Conquering Fist Raglion Berze— it’s a style based off of boxing.  It was first devised within a grimoire.

[Raglion Berze]

The Conquering Fist, magic created by Alfred Ozfield.  The Conquering Fist Raglion Berze wasn’t completely useable by Suimei in this volume.

[Dual Spell]

The simultaneous wielding of multiple types of magic.  Magicians capable of accomplishing this feat are said to do so because of their own natural ability.  Do note that wielding two types of magic simultaneously is called Double Spell.

[Thousand Alptraum]

(Thousand Street Theater)

A grand spell used by Anneliese Alzbyne, the eldest of the Alzbayne sisters and also the greatest doll in the world.  Using it turns everyone within a single town into a marionette and grants them the same amount of power as the puppeteer.  It received its name due to resembling a poorly written play.  For the opponent, it is a nightmare.

[Magic Circle3]

A graphic that supports the wielding of magic by interweaving shapes such as letters and numbers.  While it has roots in summoning magic circles, it evolved by being combined with techniques based in mystery such as liturgy techniques and mnemonics.  Various types of magic circles exist.

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  1. Breath of the Star
  2. Alkahest is a hypothetical universal solvent, having the power to dissolve every other substance, including gold. It was much sought after by alchemists for what they thought would be its invaluable medicinal qualities.
  3. This technically says magic square.  Could also be interpreted as magic diagram.