Isekai Mahou ha Okureteru! Translation

50. The Goddess’ Revelation, Just or Not?

—He came to deliver a greeting.

That boy, Elliot, he introduced himself as a Yuusha.  That would make him El Meida’s summoned hero and the person Lefille was instructed to travel with by the oracle.

“You’re exactly as how the oracle described.  How about telling me your name?”[1]

“I- I’m Lefille Graphis.”

“Lefille Graphis, is it?  Well then, Lefille-chan, please treat me well.”

Elliot gives Lefille a smile while extending his white hand towards her.  Is his expression an endearing one or is it

“Well then, in accord with the Goddess Alshna’s oracle, let’s get going.”

“Th- That’s….”  Lefille is bewildered.  Elliot acts as if the natural outcome from them meeting is her joining him.

Suimei steps forward and inserts himself between Elliot and Lefille.  “You got a minute?”

“You are?”

“I’m her comrade, Suimei Yakagi.  You interrupted us with that sudden introduction, but… are you really the Yuusha?”

Christa gets irritated at the question.  She goes to criticize his doubt, but Elliot cuts her off with his hand.  He says, “Your reservation is natural.  I’ve no doubt there are people who’d spout such lies.  However, I’m the real deal.  Christa and everyone here in the Twilight Pavilion will vouch for me.”

“Everyone here?”

“I helped subjugate some monsters not too long ago.  I’m pretty sure they understand what I’m capable of.”  Elliot surveys their surroundings at those words.  Many nod as his eyes pass over them.

That explains why everyone started murmuring earlier.  People are bound to start talking if the Yuusha openly addresses a stranger.

Though, something feels off to Suimei.  Every time Elliot speaks, his words seem disconnected.  What does this mean?  Suimei is familiar with most of his world’s languages, so as long as he pays attention, he should be able to recognize the one being used even if it is being magically translated.  Since he can’t, that means that the youth before him wasn’t summoned from the same world as him.  What does that imply about his claims of being the Yuusha?

Lefille makes a grim expression.  “…..Suimei-kun, he also matches the description I received from the oracle.  I’m afraid there’s no mistaking his identity; he’s the Yuusha summoned by El Meida.”

“That is correct.  There is no mistaking that Elliot-sama is El Meida’s summoned Yuusha.”  Christa confirms Lefille’s declaration for everyone to hear.

Elliot thumps a hand against his chest as his suspicion gets cleared away.  “How’s that?  Do you accept that I’m the Yuusha?”

“There’s no doubting that you’re the Yuusha.”


“I heard the same from Lefille, but letting you leave with her is entirely another matter.”


“More importantly, is this really, absolutely necessary?  Do the Goddess-sama’s oracles have to be observed without doubt?”  Suimei’s question is one that deviates from the current world’s social norm, but he still has to voice it.

Christa says, “Of course.  They are our Goddess-sama’s desires.  We humans, having received her blessings, are obligated to grant them.”

Among the people living in this world, only a very small number receive a direct oracle from the Goddess.  Elliot is one example, Lefille is a more extreme one.  She basically inherited the blood of the Goddess’s right-arm.

Regardless— “Even if the person in question is unwilling?”

“Even then.”  Elliot declares it for everyone to hear.  He speaks with an astuteness towards Alshna’s decree that disregards his own origin of another world.

Where does his confidence in her oracle come from?  Still, the entire argument becomes laughable once Lefille’s condition is taken into account.  Suimei asks, “You’re on your way to defeat the Maou, right?  Should you really be taking people who can’t fight?”

“I’ll admit that I’m also somewhat perplexed by that.”

That’s right.  All sensible people will reach that conclusion. “In that case—”

“However, that was the oracle’s decree.  Doesn’t that mean there’s something only she can do?”

“You’re reading way too much into that message.”

“The one presenting us humans with oracles is a glorious existence we could never fathom.  The only way we could ever understand her intentions are by seeing them with our own eyes.”

“Kami-sama sounds pretty sketchy.  She could have said that on a whim.”

“That’s impossible.  Truth is, that oracle saved me.”

“Quit being so dramatic with your gestures.  Or are they supposed to prove the credibility of your Goddess?”

Christa says, “From what I understand….”


Christa glares as she says, “From what I understand: you reject the oracle; deny our Yuusha’s, Elliot-sama’s, will; and are defying Alshna-sama’s decree.”

The remark leaves Lefille flustered.  “That- That’s…”  She averts her gaze like a little girl after being scolded.  Mentioning the Goddess Alshna’s name stabs at a deep rooted anxiety that disrupts her usual confidence.

Felmenia tosses Lefille a lifeline by challenging Christa with a rarely seen attitude.  “I will not deny the importance of our Goddess Alshna’s commands.  However, do you not believe you are being a little too inconsiderate of our circumstances?  Would you not agree that leaving with Lefille here and now is somewhat hasty?”

“Are you that ignorant to our current state of affairs?  The mazoku have conquered the Kingdom of Noxias.  Then, just a few days ago, they invaded the Kingdom of Aster.  With all this happening, do you really think we have time to be so laid-back?”

“That invasion was repelled.”

“You can say that in hindsight, but it doesn’t change the fact that they invaded.”

“Regardless, Lefille joining Yuusha-dono does not mean our present condition will change.  Instead, does that not create the needless possibility for rumors slandering Yuusha-dono’s reputation to arise?”  Sparks fly as Felmenia clashes her glare against Christa’s.  She had the weaker position at first, but with a skillful counterattack, flipped their positions to leave Christa pursing her lips.

Elliot says, “Still, I’ll be troubled if she doesn’t come with me.”

Suimei says, “Aren’t you being a bit too high handed?”

“From your perspective, that may appear to be the case.”

Suimei frowns while wondering, Isn’t that just evading the question?

Elliot shifts his stare towards Felmenia.

Suimei says, “What?”

Elliot’s tone is as though he’s evaluating merchandise.[2]  “Pal, the girl next to you looks pretty strong, but I doubt you’d be able to keep up.”


“Put short, you don’t want to separate from Lefille-chan, right?  I’m sorry, but give up.  I cannot take you with me.  This might feel like I’m stealing your girls from you, but I’m overthrowing the Maou.  I’m doing this for everyone on the planet.  Hold in your tears for the sake of this world.”

Suimei’s lip twitches.  He isn’t someone who will remain calm after having such an insult thrown at him.  Also, while he isn’t someone who’ll adopt a reserved tone just because it’s a first meeting either, Elliot goes too far.

“So, what do you have to say?”

“For the sake of this world?  Isn’t that nothing more than self-indulgence?”

“Self-indulgence…  From the context, you’re claiming that I’m fabricating a reason to take those girls with me?  If you really want a reason, then because I said so should be enough.”

Suimei goes to continue arguing when-

“Enough.  You have nothing to do with this.  Nothing you say matters.”

“Wrong, Lefille is my companion.  That should have been obvious.”

“Like I said earlier, I’m doing this for the world.”  Elliot once more uses “the world” as an excuse.

Suimei tries to keep his irritation from showing.  “Yeah, I heard you the first time.”  That’s something he shouldn’t say out loud, but does so anyway.

Lefille says, “Suimei-kun!”

Felmenia says, “Su- Suimei-dono!”

Yuusha Elliot also stares at Suimei in shock.  “…..Isn’t this your world, too?”

“Maybe, but I don’t care.

“Come on….”  Elliot is at a loss as he stares at the steel resolve within Suimei’s eyes.  They continue regarding each other until someone interrupts.

Christa says, “I heard those words!  Everyone, this man opposes our glorious Goddess-sama’s decree.  He stands against our Goddess-sama!”  She has her back to Suimei’s party as she calls out to everyone within the Twilight Pavilion.  From that corner of the guild building, she tells a dramatized version of what occurred.  Her exaggerated defamation both incites her listeners and isolates the offenders.

Felmenias and Lefille’s chairs clang against the ground as they stand.

Many people respond to Christa’s loud voice.  The Twilight Pavilion officials who had been monitoring them while whispering amongst themselves, adherents of the Salvation Church who had come to accept requests, and curious onlookers all direct their glares towards Suimei’s party.  The straining atmosphere breaks and soon everyone voices their condemnation.  Abusive words like “scoundrel,” and “shameless” are thrown about.

Suimei, well aware of his own shamelessness and ego, watches without a word.  However, Christa’s tactic of drawing support from outsiders by manipulating their faith churns his stomach.  “….Goddess-sama, Goddess-sama, considering I know nothing about her, her intentions are garbage.”

Lefille says, “Don’t say that.  Our problem is that their emotions are being riled up with lies.”

With everything that’s happening, Suimei says to Elliot, “You’re like an idiot.”


Suimei’s indirect method of speaking catches Elliot off guard.  Then, without disregarding Elliot, he glances back towards Lefille.  Her mind must be plagued with mixed feelings.  The Goddess’s intentions are conflicting with her own desires.  That mental struggle makes her pale with anxiety.

Suimei says, “Just look at Lefille.  A Goddess that fills a forward person like her with so much doubt can’t be any good.  Or am I wrong?”

“You’re still going on about that…?”

“What of it?  You’re trying to take them.  Tch—  If you really want them, then how about taking them by force?”

At Suimei’s dangerous suggestion, the phrases, “He said that to Yuusha-sama?”, “Does he really think he can defeat the Yuusha?”, and “Stupid,” fly about the room.

Elliot thinks the same.  “Hey, do you realize I’m the Yuusha?”

“Yeah.”  Suimei’s response displays how deep his obstinate refusal to yield runs.

Yet, Elliot, even upon seeing Suimei’s attitude, refuses to give up.  He turns to Lefille and says, “Do you, at least, understand the importance of Goddess Alshna’s oracle?”

“I- I, that…”  Lefille turns silent and nods.  As someone who received the Goddess’s blessing, that’s the only response she can give despite feeling the contrary.

Elliot says, “She appears to understand.”

“Perhaps, but that doesn’t matter.”  Suimei made a promise with Lefille and for the sake of that promise, he won’t budge from his position.

Elliot sighs at being denied again and again.  He then looks at Lefille with burning determination.  He says, “…Understood, I’ll just take them by force.”

Christa then makes another uproar within the Twilight Pavilion in an attempt to legitimize Elliot’s decision.  “Did you hear that?  That man just said it!  He’s going to oppose our Goddess-sama!”

In response to Christa’s cries, various patrons voice their complaints.  This time, however, the patrons are louder and more of them get involved.  Although they make bitter expressions at Felmenia, their hostility weakens towards Lefille.  The people glaring at her turn blue, as though they’re standing on a bed of nails.

“…Every single one of them.”

Suimei confronts their condemners with his own voice.  He tells them that they’re ignorant to their circumstance; that they’re blinded by their self-righteousness; and that as long as what they do aligns with their God’s intentions, then they’ll even mindlessly attack the helpless.

“…..Suimei-kun, maybe we should just give up….”  Suimei gives Lefille’s head a gentle pat.

Everyone believes that the Yuusha’s opponent doesn’t stand a chance.  Suimei, however, is accustomed to being underestimated.

Felmenia looks unnerved as she says, “Suimei-dono, this place…”

“There’s no choice but to go through with this.  Stay behind me and don’t get separated.”

“No, that I cannot do.  I did not come here just to run away.”

“You sure?  Sorry for dragging you into my mess.”

The Yuusha’s team stands before Suimei and Felmenia.  Even if the current situation occurred because oracle, it is nothing more than violent oppression.  Don’t they realize how much Lefille is suffering because of this? 

Christa is making a racket.  Yuusha Elliot is positioning himself at the proper distance needed to strike.  All the patrons within the Twilight Pavilion are surrounding them to create a ring.  Suimei will never forgive them for this.  He sought power for a reason.  Remembering sets his heart ablaze.  Any restraint he had burns away.  “—Excellent.  Come on.  I don’t know much about Yuusha, but if you stand in front of me, I’ll blow you away.”

“I’m pretty sure I told you that I can’t take you with us.  Do you really think you can be my opponent?”


“Even though right now I’m like this, back on my world I was a decently famous swordsman and a master sorcerer.  Now, I have the blessing granted to this world’s the summoned heroes.  Don’t you understand what all this means?”

“Not a clue.  I don’t know a thing about that.”

“Guess you’re not someone who can be reasoned with—” Elliot draws out his sword.

“—Please, wait!”


Suimei and Elliot are restrained by those sudden words.  Everyone’s attention falls onto that voice thanks to its timing.  Judging by the pitch, it probably belongs to a woman.  Then appears the beast raced Sister Suimei and Lefille met at the church.

Christa turns towards her.  “And you are?”

“I am a Sister from the Salvation Church, please call me Clarissa.  I have come to deliver our Goddess-sama’s most recent oracle—”

–★ cute star, one day you’ll fly across the sky ≈ ★–

Clarissa looks at both Elliot and Suimei as she steps onto their stage.  “Both sides, please stand down.”

Christa steps forward as she voices her doubts.  “Most recent oracle, you say?  Does it really have anything to do with us?”

“Yes.  This involves both Yuusha-sama and this gentleman.  Our Goddess-sama recently graced me with her oracle.”

Elliot says, “Me and him?”

“Correct, neither party is to directly fight over the girl with red hair.  Instead, this match should be concluded by capturing the shadow plaguing the Imperial Capital.”

Everyone else in the room becomes restless at the sudden arbitration.  No one expected a second oracle to follow the first one.  One with this sort of timing is unprecedented.

Suimei asks the Sister, “Sister-san, what do you mean by the shadow plaguing the Imperial Capital?”

“That most likely refers to the culprit behind the coma incidents.  The solution offered by this oracle lies in arresting the one responsible…”

Elliot says, “In other words, he and I will be competing to capture him, right?”

“Yes, therefore, please end this match.  Your bout will be fruitless.”

Elliot, realizing that their fight is pointless, obeys by sheathing his sword.  “….Understood.  If that is the oracle’s message, then I shall withdraw my blade.”

Suimei also stands down upon seeing that.  Continuing to fight despite how the situation is progressing would only make matters worse.

Elliot turns towards Suimei.  “And that’s that.  So, what are you going to do?”

“Hmm, I have no obligation to obey Alshna’s preaching.  However, if this will let us resolve our problem without future conflict, then I accept.”

“The way you talk ticks me off— but, it’s decided.”  With that declaration, Elliot rejoins Christa.  He then turns and says, “Your name is Suimei Yakagi, right?”


“I’ll remember that.  Let’s go, Christa.”  Elliot, despite the various gawkers, takes Christa with him through the center of guild and out the door.

Once Elliot’s back is out of sight, Suimei walks toward Clarissa who says, “Long time no see.”

“I never thought a Sister would interrupt us.”

“Me neither.  Not once did I expect that by coming to the Twilight Pavilion for an errand, I’d see the gentleman I spoke with before and Yuusha-sama face off.”

Suimei is very surprised.  He never expect to get into a fight with one of the Yuusha summoned to help save the world either, but there he was—  Suimei realizes something is off with what Clarissa said.  She came to the Twilight Pavilion for business.  The term “oracle” doesn’t fit into the conversation’s flow.  “Sister, about the oracle you mentioned…”

“You mean the oracle from just now?  You see—”


The Sister leans closer towards Suimei’s ear and speaks a few words, “I lied.”  Impish giggling leaks out from her as she pulls away.

“Ha…. Huh!?”

“If I didn’t do that much, Suimei-sama[3] would have destroyed Yuusha-sama— Ahem!  Something like that would have been too harsh.”

However, judging from her attitude, protecting the Yuusha doesn’t appear to have been her intention.  “Maybe, maybe not?  I could have lost?”

“Ara, who knows?  I have bad eyes.”

“No, that’s not true….”  Knowing how a fight will turn out is impossible.  People can make predictions, but the Sister’s case appears to be different.  Even though she isn’t a warrior, she did the impossible and saw through him and Elliot.  But it makes sense if I consider it a characteristic from the beast race.  He says, “Is lying about the oracle, alright?  I mean, aren’t you a member of the Salvation Church?”



Clarissa shakes her head.  “This isn’t something someone in service of Alshna-sama should say, but not everything our Goddess-sama says is correct.  With that said, seeing you stand up to protect those you hold dear was very admirable.”  Suimei is caught off guard by those unexpected words, allowing Clarissa to grasp his hand within a gentle hold.


“You are a kind man.  Please, don’t ever lose your heart.”  Clarissa turns on her heel with those words and leaves.

–Woosh Woosh ★ Cute Star, Woosh Woosh ★ Cute Star–

Suimei and Elliot come to an agreement on how to settle their dispute thanks to Clarissa’s intermission.  Suimei’s party, as if they were running away, leave the Twilight Pavilion for a quieter place almost as far as his house.

Felmenia makes a grim face as she says, “We have involved ourselves in an outrageous situation.”

“Yep.”  Suimei also finds that competing to capture the one responsible for the coma incidents is an unexpected situation.  Clarissa’s quick wittedness might have saved them, but it also wrapped them up in an incredible predicament.

“….Sorry, you’re all caught up in this mess because of my oracle.”

“Eh….?  Ah, no- not at all!  Lefille, this is not something you should worry about!  Despite how this developed, won’t everything not be resolved with victory!?  Therefore, we’ve just got to win!”  Felmenia turns towards Suimei for help upon realizing her verbal slip.  He, however, isn’t paying her any mind as he stands in place with his arms crossed.  He just stares at the ground as though trying to drill a hole into it with his eyes.  His attitude puzzles her and feeds into her nervousness.  “Suimei-dono?”

“… Yeah, you’re right. As for catching whoever is behind the coma incidents, for now, how about watching how this develops?”  Suimei’s distraction stems from the fact that their current situation is a result of Clarissa’s lie.  Even if they win the competition, that will not resolve the fundamental problem.  At best, their trouble will only be postponed.  The Goddess could even undo everything by sending another oracle.  Issues with religion never run smoothly…

While Suimei is lost in thoughts that run as deep as the ocean, Lefille tugs on his sleeve.  She speaks with a worried tone. “Suimei-kun, what’s wrong?”

“No, I’m just thinking about what we should do next.”

Felmenia says, “Hmm…. Should not gathering information be our first step?”

Suimei says, “Yeah, except…”

“Be at ease, Suimei-dono.  I, Felmenia Stingray, as unworthy as I am, shall work my hardest.”

“Sorry, I’ll be depending on you.  Can you gather information for me?”

“Please entrust me with that task.  However… I may fail to live up to your expectations.”

“That can’t be helped.  Out opponent is the Yuusha, after all.”  Suimei suspects that the citizens of the Imperial Capital will become less helpful over time.  Them choosing to cooperate with the Yuusha over the Yuusha’s opponent is only natural.  While they probably won’t go so far as to hinder their efforts, they won’t demonstrate any good will to them.  They’ve been burdened with a very large handicap— Well, overcoming it isn’t impossible.

While Suimei entertains those thoughts, Lefille raises her hand.  “Then, I’ll also help gather information.”

“No, I’d like to ask you to do something else.”

“Something else… do you want me to look for the criminal?”

Suimei shakes his head as he says, “No, no, there’s no way I could ask the current you to do something like that.”  Such a request would be too irresponsible.


“Lefille, I need you to search the Imperial Capital and bring back as many stray cats as you can.”

“Ca- Cats?  What are you going to do with stray cats?”

Suimei starts explaining their situation with, “Well, if we can’t ask the people for help, then we’ll just ask the cats.[4]

T/N: So, you guys getting excited??  We’re almost at the new stuff.  I’ll admit that this chapter was a bit of a pain.  It was long, not really arduous, but yes tedious.  I thought we’d get a fight scene, but nope.  Not even the start of one.  Maybe Elliot will discover the lie near the end of this arc, pick a fight with Suimei, only for Lefille to beat him up due to having returned to her true form??  Disclaimer, I don’t know if she will return to her true form or not by that point in time, but that would be amazing to see play out.

On another note, I’ve lately been dreaming of opening a publishing company focused on translating light novels.  From what I’ve seen off of some messaging boards, the current quality of light novel translations isn’t that good.  My company would fix that little hole.  It would also publish multi-volume work at a fast pace.  Truth be told, I have no idea what the translation quality of current light novels is really like.  So, if I’m wrong, then that would probably be a total flop.  What do you all think??


1 Eliot uses “kimi” here.  That version of “you” in Japan is only used with people you’re very intimate with.  He also uses it with Suimei, so he’s probably just trying to be friendly.

2  The text doesn’t say anything about merchandise.  It just says he has an evaluative stare.  I made that change because it sounds more natural and seems like it fits/ describes his character.  On that note, the text isn’t clear if he only wants to take Lefille, or both Lefille and Felmenia.  Sometimes it leans one way, sometimes the other.  For that reason, I’m referring to the LN interpretation and translate as though he wants both of them.

3 Clarissa actually says, “you-sama” which sounds weird.  Suddenly referring to Suimei in third person in direct conversation isn’t much better, but that feels like the best way of indirectly granting respect and a sense of intimacy at the same time.

[4] This is a pun.  There’s a saying in Japan that goes, “I’m so desperate I’ll even turn to a cat for help.”  That said, this is a nice interpretation.

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