Ominous Ocean Omissions

UNITED NATIONS BUILDING, NEW YORK- BREAKING NEWS, A self-proclaimed personification of the world’s ocean has stormed the U.N. Building in New York City, New York. Eye witnesses claim the being “is made entirely of water,” has “fish swimming inside of it,” and “bullets go straight through it.” It is currently holding all present U.N. members hostage with the demand to speak to all world leaders. It will wait until all are present before divulging more information. Many speculate that if this really is a personification of the world’s five oceans, then it is here to complain about humanity’s treatment of the planet’s waterways.
World leaders are torn on how to respond. One third are willing to attend its summit in hopes of negotiating terms with it. They fear man kind is doomed without its cooperation. Others call for a more militant approach. President elect Donald Trump is most vocal in the use of armed intervention. “That thing attacked American soil! It attacked my nation, my country! That’s an act of war! If it wants war, we’re not just gonna give it war, we’re going to win! That’s why I’m here. I’m here to win. Win for you and America!” 
More to come as the story unfolds.
-Gandire Dezi