Heinous Hereafter to Heroics

NEW YORK- Hero Shadow Claw shot in the back after intervening in convenience store robbery. Four armed men held the staff and customers of The Corner Store hostage at gun point Thursday evening. Shadow Claw appeared at the scene soon after. Camera footage reveals him defeating the robbers, but was then shot in the back by the owner, John Doe, 65.
Doe is quoted to have said, “I don’t need some damned minority sticking his nose in [my business]. He came here to harass me.”
Shadow Claw, whose identity is being kept confidential, was rushed to emergency room. Witnesses claim that a “clear division” fell over first responders. One half pointed their guns at the vigilantly and had their cuffs out with clear intent to arrest him. The other half fought to keep them away so they could get him onto the ambulance.
Shadow Claw has become something of a celebrity at his hospital with armed guards both outside and inside his private room. Other heroes have been spotted patrolling the area as precaution to potential danger. No one, not even reporters, are allowed to speak with him. Charges accumulated over his years of heroics will be pressed once he is discharged. 
-Gandire Dezi