“Back when we were children, she used to be cute, but now, she’s nothing but an oh so upright noble lady, the kind which I despised the most. She’s no different from the other noble ladies now.”

Such was the complaint of Elizabeth’s fiancé, the prince, which she accidentally overheard.

Huuuh—!? Isn’t it because you wished for me to become your fiancée that I had to undertake the lady’s education—!?

It is the story of a lady who fell out of love, discard the prince, and attain her own happiness.

Erizabēto wa aiso ga tsukita
Elizabeth is out of Love

Raw: https://ncode.syosetu.com/n2202gk/

Author: Makiburo まきぶろ
Translator: Antoinette Vanessa

Chapter 1.1 Before
Chapter 1.2 Before

Chapter 2.1 After
Chapter 2.2 After