Gandire Alea:

Your lovely fox in a box translator from American Faux.  I first made American Faux a translation site because I wanted to read Isekai Mahou.  More stories were taken on as they ignited my curiosity.  My curse and blessing, I want to know, “What comes next?”


Antoinette Vanessa:

“American Faux’s second member!  *maid’s fluttery bow of courtesy*.  My area of expertise shall be fluffy romance, princess, prince, castle, and all those lacy flowery things!  Be aware of the risk of diabetes that comes with my translations.  All in all, this maid is in your care~”












“Can’t seem to stay away from these busty blonde girl light novels. Whenever I feel the urge I’ll try to provide an update on Kenshin no Keishousha and Saikyou Mahoushi short stories.”




“Name’s Erika, and I guess I’m a guest translator on American Faux? I translate webnovels on my own wordpress, but because Alea’s been nagging coughmorelikestalkingcough me, I gave in and that’s why I’m here. I grew up on otome games, and shoujo manga, so I’m very biased towards those types of stories when I’m translating. Please give the stories we have on here a lot of love! \o/”



“I am the hidden, last, boss editor of American Faux.  Almost everything here has experienced my majestic hands.  Fear and worship me, or become be melted!!”