Mamono appeared 100 years ago and attacked humanity.  Mankind, unable to even scratch the tough hides of the mamono, consolidated their dwindling numbers into seven countries in order to better protect its survival. The tides shifted after the military implemented magic against the mamono, but the battle for survival didn’t end.

Arus Regin, after continuously risking his life against the mamono on the front lines, completes his military service at the age of 16 and submits his resignation.  The country, however, cannot let him go.  Arus, out of the over 100,000 magicians, is the number one reigning [Singles Magician].

Expect a simple fantasy tale.

My random release received a lot of support.  Saikyo Mahoushi is now elevated to main project status.  Please be patient as I translate this series.  There are over 200 chapters so it may take a while.  One final note, please support me on this translation too~

Saikyou Mahoushi no Inton Keikaku
The Strongest Master Magician’s Retirement Plan
Raw Source:
Author: Izushiro
Translator: Gandire Alea

Traducción Español

Side stories:
SS1: The Distance to that Pursued Figure
SS2: An Unexpected Encounter

Chapter list


Arc 1:
Book 1: [Early Bad Luck]

  1. An Unlucky New World

1-5: Aster Lucerne Translations
6. The Teacher from the Battle Faction
7. Consequences of Leaking a Secret

Book 2: [Exams]

  1. Acknowledged as a Magician
  2. The Superior Bad Students
  3. The Three Digits Upper Class-man
  4. The Limits of Talent
  5. The Top Magician is Cut from a Different Cloth
  6. Ambushed Partner Candidate
  7. Taboo Setting~ Reflection~

Book 3: [An Obstructive Factor]

  1. An Unexpected Cover Up
  2. Redefining the Meaning of a Partner
  3. A Plan and Counterplan
  4. The Notification About the Extracurricular Lesson’s Implementation
  5. The Preceding Day~ Top~
  6. The Preceding Day~ Bottom~ Resolving the Heart

Book 4: [The Strongest Hidden Player]

  1. Encounter with a Mamono
  2. A Position’s Responsibilities
  3. Arbitrary Disturbances
  4. Fighting Alone
  5. Concluding~ The Strongest One~
  6. Epilogue

Arc 2
Book 1: [Causality]

1. Conviction
2. Two Way Road
3. The Makings of a Bully
4. Examination Results
5. Melancholic Headache
6. Clarification of Magic