Fourth Novel’s Grand Prize First Breakthrough

An entire high school class is summoned to a different world.  Everyone except for one boy becomes a Yuusha, Sora.  Unable to become a Yuusha, he is forsaken by the queen and banished into the void in a half dead state.  Then, just before his life can run, the Maou rescues him.  The young man, having had his life saved by the Maou, dedicates the rest of his life for revenge.

Yuusha Ni Narenakatta Ore Wa Isekai De
I Couldn’t Become the Yuusha of the Other World


Author: Kurata Furato
Author’s twitter @Kurata_Furato
Translator: Gandire Alea

Chapter List:

0. Prologue

Book One: Another World
1. The Dai Maou-sama and Sora
2. The Adventurer’s Guild and Sora
3. Sura and Sora
4. A Young Woman and Sora
5. A Young Woman, a Bath, and Sora
6. A Fierce Battle and Sora
7. Maou’s Castle and Sora
8. Romance and Sora
9. First Kiss and Sora

Book Two: The Academy
10. John and Sora
11. The Academy and Sora
12. Classmates and Sora
13. School Meals and Sora
14. Slaves and Sora
15. The Dormitory and Sora
16. The Sparring Tournament and Sora
17. Vera and Sora

The Labyrinth Edition
18. Nanalia Village and Sora
19. Anthropomorphication and Sora
20. The Labyrinth and Sora

The Yuusha Edition
21. Restarting and Sora
21.2 Restarting and Sora
22.1 Rose and Sora
22.2 Rose and Sora
23.1 Meeting and Sora
23.1 Meeting and Sora