Lady Villainess Philia D’la Love’s Mistakes Translation

28: Doubts and Confinement (Philia Edition)

I awoke while feeling the sensation as if I was floating. The familiar canopy of my bed entered my sight, and I noticed that the room was already bright.


My voice spilling out of my throat was alarmingly hoarse, and I coughed spontaneously. I felt lethargic just from this and sank into the sheet on the bed feebly.

My body felt heavy. It was as if it was stuffed by soil to my fingertips. From the sunlight peeking out through the closed window’s crevice, I could tell the sun was already high in the sky. Although I thought it was not good if I didn’t wake up soon, just opening my eyelids was too exhausting, so I closed them.

The reason I was extremely exhausted was because of my fiance’s aberrant, intense request that continued every day. I expected that Luca had an abnormal amount of lust for me. Maybe because he was keeping it moderate until now, I became lax. He did show the sign of touching me when I was home in the past. In fact, he would cling to me no matter what I was doing. Although, the way he did looked sweet, like lovers flirting with each other, even if it was sensual. 

Now, he wanted to connect more directly. 

I tried to stay in my room when Luca was at home. He would try to roll up my dress hem regardless of the time or place, and if I attempted to fix my dress, he would barge into my room and continue his long lovemaking session. 

He even fed me my dinner in bed. Afterward, he would once again begin his lovemaking session. It was exhausting to repeat the process of falling asleep from the continuous pleasure transmitting to me that made my consciousness fly and then wake up in the morning with Luca once again stirring me from inside.

It was tiresome, but the breath I exhaled was still hot from the lingering pleasure’s aftermath. My whole body was left with the feeling of Luca’s touch, especially the place that was continuously drilled by him deeply, not wanting to leave even for a moment. I still felt as if something was pumping inside me.

Although Luca tended to be erratic, there could only be one reason for him to be so unstable and indulge in our love affairs. 

“It was all due to that frivolous knight…”

My hoarse voice with a deep-seated grudge echoed inside the room.

My recognition of Lord Cesari was as a womanizing knight. He was a capture target in the game, but in reality, I had very little contact with him, and he was an existence not worth mentioning these twenty years until now.

However, ever since I got engaged with Luca, his involvement with me had increased for some reason and reminded me of his nasty personality. When I took revenge on him as I got angry, his acts became even more vicious. His became an unusually troublesome existence.

Lately, his Cesari family and my d’la Love family had been cooperating in a project. Because we were the same age and next-generation successors, Laurenz and I had been meeting each other more frequently. Rather, he seemed to be purposefully creating more chances for us to meet.

At that time, he would be unusually headstrong and begin to act provocatively or sarcastically. Somehow he managed to drop my favorability of him that was already rock bottom to even lower than before. The fact that I liked him very much among the other capture targets and always played him first in the game was the dark past I wanted to erase from my mind.

The way Laurenz involved himself with me seemed like someone of clingy nature. And at that time, it made me feel his dark sentiment.

Recently, I had been assuming that maybe he was “envious” of me.

A few days ago.

Laurenz visited my house like usual without any appointments, and I was trying to get him out quickly by dealing with him at the entrance hall, not even inviting him to the reception room.

Then Luca, who probably had anticipated Laurenz’s arrival, returned and approached with a murderous look.

I immediately hurried towards him, trying to soothe my fiance’s jealousy.

“Welcome back, Luca.”

But just as I was about to pass by Laurenz, he grabbed my waist and hugged me tightly from behind. Not only that, he even grabbed my chest with his rugged fingers. However, it was through the dress and corset. At the sudden outrageous act of him grabbing my breasts, my head turned blank for a moment and became stiff. 

My sudden paralysis was broken by a delightful voice whispering so close to me I felt the breath flowing inside my ear. 

“Ah, what a shame. They feel hard today because of the corset. Even though yours are amazingly soft.”

“You bastard!”

When I heard Luca’s saying this in a roaring voice that I had never heard before, Laurenz got away from my body and pushed me to the side.

I was still dazed as Luca plunged forward with rage blindly, but Laurenz caught and stopped his arm was.  

Luca might’ve been training hard, but he was still eighteen. His body was still boyishly thin. It was not enough to win against such an experienced soldier. 

Even so, Laurenz had a sickeningly sweet smile like usual as he looked at Luca. Luca was shooting him a deathly glare, not showing any sign of taking even a step back.

“It was merely a joke, d’la Robe. You are too stiff.”

“I will kill you!”

“No way, such straightforward threatening words are just uncharacteristic of you. Give me a break. Whenever it comes to Phily, you act blindly and speak bluntly. That is why Phily has such a hard time….”

“Ugh, Lord Cesari!”

When I called out to the man who was hurting Luca with a smiling face, Laurenz turned away from Luca to look at me. Luca was still glaring at him as if he wanted to rip out his throat.

He was as aloof as always, but I felt a burning frustration when his ashen purplish eyes stared at me teasingly. 

“What? You don’t need to call me so desperately…”

Luca hugged me as if to block Laurenz’s sight, who was probably trying to pull another prank. 

Luca’s black coat blocked my vision, but I could sense Laurenz laughing amusingly.

“Ah, did I tease you too much? Hey d’la Love, isn’t Phily going to suffocate if you hug her so strongly like that?”

“Please shut up already, Lord Cesari…”

“You’re just like a little kid who is grasping his toy and doesn’t want to separate from it. What a poor soul, not even noticing that it’s getting crushed from holding too tightly…”

“Shut up! Please, get out!”

This was the first time as an aristocrat’s daughter that I yelled at someone and hugged Luca back strongly.

“It seems like I angered you. I will do as you request then… It was worth coming here to hear your voice.”

I gently stroked Luca’s back, ignoring the fading footsteps of the man who kept joking until the very end. 

I had done this countless times in the past. Ever since he had become a grown man with a broad back, I had a hard time trying to hug him. There weren’t many times I had caressed him like this to soothe him.

But I could sense the desperateness and anxiousness like a baby of the current Luca, who was holding me to his chest as if clinging to me. Rage and distrust towards Laurenz were furiously billowing inside me.

I no longer saw him as a womanizer or a playful man, but a man fixated on Luca to an abnormal degree and someone who got sadistic pleasure from all of this. 

I was only vaguely suspicious the other day when I talked with Julio, but I had confirmed it today.

Luca was a special existence for Laurenz.

I didn’t know if that sadistic nature was the opposite of the lovesickness consisting of his lust or frustration towards himself for being charmed by Luca, who was of the same gender. If it was like that, then it all made sense.

First of all, whenever Laurenz touched me, it was mostly to provoke Luca. It was the same at the time of the first banquet and the other day, and the other day at the botanical garden, even if he wasn’t there to see it.

Whenever he came to my house these days, and we were alone, he would kiss my fingertips elegantly like a womanizer, but it was at best in the polite category. Or when he stared at me obstinately while saying infuriating things, there was no sign that he would touch me so rudely.

I thought it was not that Laurenz wasn’t interested in other women, but Luca was special. I obviously loved my fiance. I might’ve actually been an eyesore for him, not an object of his interest.

It didn’t matter what he thought of me; anything was fine, but I couldn’t let Luca fall into his clutches.


Suddenly, Luca whispered in a teary voice, and I felt an agonizing love for him.

“It’s okay, Luca. I will protect you.”

“Did that man touch you?”

I didn’t immediately understand what Luca meant when he asked in a low voice while hugging me so hard that I groaned.

“I wonder what he said means. There’s no way you have shown your defenseless, seductive figure without the corset to that man and kept it from me… right?”


Should I say what I expected of him? Even though he was raging that much, he had heard what he ought to do properly.

I should have immediately denied the words filled with dark emotions. However, as I was burning with the desire to protect him, who until a short while ago looked like a lost child who didn’t have anywhere to go, I couldn’t cope with the sudden change and force and couldn’t help but choke at the words.

Apparently, the brief pause was enough for Luca. I had thought about it before, but the timing from question to answer was too short. 

Luca’s arm scooped up the bottom of my butt and lifted me as if he was half-carrying me on his shoulders.

“Wait, Luca!”

“Tell me everything. No holding back. I want to know when, where, and how he touched you.”

“This is high… and scary.”

I closed my eyes from fear when he began to carry me up the stairs unstably. In that brief moment, he went through the door and threw me onto the bed. 

Even though he said to talk, Luca turned up my skirt and pannier without saying a word and took off my underwear. The next moment, I opened my eyes wide. A hot and erect thing was pressing against my modest and unwetted secret place.

“Ugh, stop… Aaaah!”

Normally, he would play with it with his finger or lips, and then he would forcefully open my place by stabbing his thing inside me once it was sufficiently wet with love juice. A high-pitched scream overflowed from my throat as I could not control it. My vaginal folds that weren’t wet were rolled up from the forceful advancing of his hot stake, and a stinging pain spread.

“It hurts… no Luca, stop…”


Luca sucked up my tears that spilled out from the pain while I was gasping in agony. Such a lovemaking session should have been painful for him, too, but he couldn’t stop himself.

He continued desperately as if he wanted to taste the pain together. Thrusting deeply, he gasped for breath.

With my stomach full of him, I grabbed the chest part of my dress and pulled it down without answering him and panting inaudibly, not caring about my skin getting rubbed.

My breasts swayed pathetically as if pushed by the corset that was forcibly pulled down. Luca’s hand grabbed them roughly and kneaded them so forcefully they began to change shape.


“Ahh… My sister’s breasts are immense, soft, and they really feel good. Did that man also do this to you?”

“No… Hear…”

“Did he also know that although they are soft, when touched like that, the nipples become hard? They become pointed as though they wish to be sucked. When you play with them, the red color deepens… It’s really cute.”

“Stop… Noo…”

“That’s right, only playing might be frustrating. This isn’t the only place you like, after all…”

Luca’s finger slipped between my thighs and lovingly traced the part spread by his cock before searching for the hidden pleasure buds.

I felt tickling from Luca’s finger. He knew my body very well. My body that was shriveling from pain feebly loosened.

Luca’s painful expression also suspiciously loosened, matching my body’s rhythm. 

“Ah, sister, it really feels good. Your inside is wriggling around me…”

I was jolted slowly from Luca’s impatient movement, and the pleasure spread from within.

My body that Luca had opened and carefully loved could pick up pleasure from anywhere, even from the soft interior. 

I knew that I must talk and pacify Luca, but I couldn’t do it anymore when I was hugged gently, our lips meeting each other while our waists slowly rocked.

“Luca, Luca…Please.”

“More… Sister…”

As it was rougher initially, I clung to my beloved lover’s gentle embrace. Then Luca’s movements became even fiercer when my hands circled behind his back.

After that, as if we were engulfed in a moment, we continued our lovemaking session repeatedly and intensely until all of our strength was exhausted.

And the result of that was the present.

Luca didn’t press further about Laurenz’s prank, but he continued to investigate me as if to get something out of me. I tried to pacify his passion by responding to him, but I didn’t see any sign of him settling at all. 

I tried to keep the conversation going. I wanted to hide from him and just tell him about the rest of the situation, but I was afraid of Luca, whose pupil froze at the mere mention of Laurenz’s name and him silently leaning on me so that I couldn’t speak about this. 

I couldn’t even advise Luca to be careful of that man.

I was so tired I couldn’t even move. My grudge was mine alone to turn toward that man.

“I will really, really… ruin you. Then, you will not be able to do anything strange to Luca…”

As I didn’t even have enough spirit to get up, I cursed and grumbled while taking advantage of the fact that I was alone. 

“Luca seems to be visiting Laurenz’s house just because he doesn’t want that guy to come into our home… The opponent’s territory is too dangerous for him. Ah, geez, if that womanizer did something strange to Luca, I will not forgive him. Julio, do something about it!”

By that time, I was already venting my anger at my best friend while writhing in agony but then closed my mouth when the sound of twisting the knob resounded. 

Only one person would enter my room at that moment.

“Phi, are you awake?”

I was a bit stunned as it had been a while since I had been called that.

I hoped he would change the way he called me, as calling me sister made me feel guilty whenever we touched each other. I suggested a nickname, but he reverted to it when he was too emotional or passionate. Naturally, he hadn’t called me that recently at all. 

When I looked at Luca reproachfully, he seemed to have somewhat calmed down. He averted his eyes as if wanting to escape from my gaze and looked at the pitcher of water placed beside my pillow.

“You must be thirsty. Do you want some water?”


Certainly, my scratchy throat was getting increasingly drier as I was cursing and mumbling alone. 

Luca picked up the water pitcher, poured it into the glass, and brought it to his lips. I wavered a bit, realizing Luca’s intention as he bent down holding water, but I couldn’t win against my thirst and opened my mouth to accept his cold lips’ touch.

The now lukewarm water slid down into my mouth, making a gulping sound as I felt its sweetness. 

Luca gently licked around my wet lips to clean them, and just like that, he got up. Recently, he would attack me if I made eye contact. 

Looking at him carefully, he was just as beautiful as ever, but he looked a bit exhausted and dispirited. It was understandable for him to feel exhausted. Although he was a very busy person, he was overusing his body, indulging in sex day after day and sleeping much less than I was. 

I was also dead tired and wanted to be angry at him but couldn’t. I was more worried about Luca’s body.

He used to be so full-spirited because of his temper but now looked so dejected. It was strange how his emerald green eyes drowned in grief and refused to make eye contact with me. 

Don’t tell me that man forced him.

“It can’t be.”

“What happened, Phi?”

Luca asked me, somewhat perplexed. He was surprised by my sudden outburst. 

My heart bled from pain seeing his different appearance, and I extended my arm and grabbed his hand.

“You… You know, no matter what happens, I will still love you. This feeling won’t change no matter what.”

“Phi… Really?”

Luca’s eyes turned a bit wide, becoming wet from my sudden confession. 

My instinct to protect him kicked in, seeing his expression that wanted to depend on me. He nodded while firmly locking my fingers with his.

“Obviously. That’s why… I hope you can speak openly….”

Just as I reached the crux of the matter and asked him, someone knocked on the door. 

“Pardon me. It’s me, Dandro. Are you here, Lord d’la Love?”

“Yes, I’m here.”

“I apologize, but Lord Cesari…”

Luca’s complexion changed before the steward could finish talking behind the door. 

“Chase him away… Don’t let him take a single step in here no matter what he says.”

At his low and eerie voice, I hurriedly pulled his hand.

“Wait, Luca, I will talk with Lord Cesari.”

As I was excited, thinking I would be able to ask it directly, Luca looked down at me so sharply I almost made a gulping sound.

“So you want to meet with that man?”

“T-that’s right. That way, you don’t need to meet with him anymore.”

“Are you thinking of putting me on the sideline and meeting with that man with just the two of you? What in the world are you thinking, sister?”

Luca, who was already exuding a threatening aura, put his knee on the bed, and it creaked.

“I had assumed you would realize that after I embraced you so restlessly, but you still don’t understand, do you?”

“What do you mean?”

“Please don’t compel me to do terrible things…”

He yanked the cord holding the canopy cloth together. As the bed was covered, the silk cloth made a rustling sound in his hand. 

In these last few days, he had tied up my wrist, even if loose, and I had been driven to unconsciousness from pleasure. When I flinched, thinking he was doing that again, Luca tied my right arm to the inside of my right leg and then tied my calf and forearm together.

I was stunned by his actions. Luca pulled out the tie around his neck and bound my left side similarly.

My knees could not be closed when I was tied like that, and I was locked in a horribly embarrassing position.

“I-I hate it.”

“It couldn’t be helped. You’re not listening to me at all.”

“What do you mean I am not listening… Rather, where did you learn how to…”

“I don’t want to talk about this.”

His sulky face was a bit cute, but I didn’t have the leeway to admire it nonchalantly. 

It was frightening to think about where did the phobic Luca learn this from, but I was not in the state to thoroughly investigate it. I was squeezed and tied tightly, and my posture hurt since it was unnatural. When I tried to make the posture more comfortable, my knees inevitably opened, which was incredibly shameful since I’d been deprived of clothes.

Luca squinted his eyes as he looked at me, struggling in this indecent posture, and slipped his hand between my thighs that I wanted to close, but I couldn’t. 

He gently pushed aside the light bush and labia to search for the bud and unhesitatingly buried his face there. 

He lightly kissed it as if just giving a peck. He then viscously entwined his tongue, just like how our lips meet when kissing. And he alternated sucking sweetly sometimes.

As he played with my already oversensitive place in a position where I couldn’t even close my thighs, an immoral pleasure rose even though I knew it was unbecoming. I could feel throbbing down there.

“I was feeling sorry for you… But you’re feeling immensely good here, aren’t you?”

“M-mean… No, this is…”

“Amazing. Your nectar is overflowing steadily… When I come back, I will give it plenty of love, okay?”

Luca got up after only playing with the sensitive bud and put the disheveled collar in order.

“Wait, you aren’t saying I have to be…”

“Please behave yourself until I get rid of that harmful pest. If you look like this, you will have to stay here even if you don’t like it, right?”

Saying that, Luca gave me a radiant smile, but it didn’t fit in this situation in any way.

“Please, Luca… Release me.”

Even if I were left like this, I couldn’t possibly consent to Luca meeting with Laurenz alone. 

“Hey, please. Take me along with you to meet Lord Cesari…”

“Sister, every time you talk about that man, I want to do something even worse.”

I couldn’t help but close my mouth when he said that while twisting his lips, the gloomy shine swirling inside his green pupil. 

“I’m requesting you don’t compel me to do anything more extreme than this…”

I couldn’t say anything anymore when he gently nudged my cheek and pleaded.