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3.2 Mareena’s Request

Upon steeling herself, she ended up becoming too brave, which resulted in her screaming.


When she regained herself, embarrassment pervaded her body all at once. From top to toe, she turned red. However, there was no place to hide. In the end, all she could do was hide her face with her hands. 

If possible, I want to bury myself in a hole!

“By that, do you mean an offspring?”


Please don’t reiterate it. Please don’t laugh. Otherwise, she’d find it difficult to stay.

Mareena, who was concealing her face, noticed that Lewis was unfazed. She softly glanced at him. He seemed to be preoccupied with something. The moment she raised her head, their gazes met. Mareena immediately lowered her face.

He was a beautiful man. His hair was black, as were his eyes behind his glasses. Not to mention, he was lean and good-looking.

“I understand your request. Do you have any preferences?”


“The appearance of the other person, etc.


Instead of laughing, Lewis gave a serious response.

“His hair should be grayish black, and his eyes green or near black. It doesn’t matter if he’s taller than me.”

“How specific.”


“May I ask you about your circumstances? Of course, what is said here will not be divulged to anyone else.”

“…My husband is cheating on me. My life is also being targeted.”


“He’s having an affair with a maid I once cherished.”

Mareena spoke bluntly.

“My husband’s hair is grayish black, while his eyes are dark green. I want a child who will look like him.”

“…It seems that you love your husband.”

“No, it’s not like that.”


“If the child doesn’t resemble him, I might be suspected of cheating, right?”

“That’s true.”

“Do you think I’m a terrible woman?”


“You must be surprised at how lightly I’m treating my own life.”


“You’re lying.”

“To us, it’s nothing more than a request.”

“…That’s right.”

A request. 

Indeed, it was only a request.

“Our guild only consists of commoners.”

“…Is that so?”

“In other words, the blood of a commoner will flow within the count’s family.”

Mareena held her mouth. How did he discover that she was a countess?

“Forgive me. As I’m in this line of work, it has become a habit of mine to judge based on appearances. Normally, I wouldn’t say this, but it regards the content of your request. I want to make sure that you understand exactly what you’re trying to do.”

Lewis’ argument was sensible. Aristocrats were proud of their bloodline. If it became known that the blood of a commoner was flowing within her family, she’d be despised and be suspected of being a vulgar person. No matter how well she kept the secret, if something went wrong, rumors would spread like wildfire.

Above all, was Mareena prepared to accept the blood of a commoner?

“Let me say this, between commoners and aristocrats, I don’t think there’s a difference in human value. But just like commoners, every aristocrat has something they’re proud of. I feel the need to preserve my bloodline because of something I want to protect.”

“What is it you want to protect?”

Mareena pointed to her own eyes.

“These irises.”

Lewis looked into her eyes.

“They’re certainly the color of Gordon Westmont’s eyes—the man who had led this kingdom to victory.”

“Do you know of him?”


“It’s not a very famous story, though.”

“I did my research.”

“I’m happy. Gordon Westmont is my idol.”

In the past, a war between the crown and the uprising divided the kingdom in two. The royalist army was led by a certain knight captain, one claimed to be the strongest soldier in the kingdom at that time, who managed to utterly defeat the opposing army and end the war—or at least that’s what is commonly believed. But in truth, Gordon Westmont joined hands with foreign countries to do so. Afterward, he pressured the uprising and forced them to surrender. While the story of the gallant knight captain was famous, the true story of how Gordon Westmont achieved his victory was quietly told as well. Either way, whenever anyone speaks of Gordon, they always mention his eye color.

“The color of these eyes are the pride of our house. As of the present, Gordon’s blood has faded so much that I’m the only one with such distinct dark-blue irises. If possible, I want to protect this color.”

“I see, and in order to do that, you need to have a child.”

“That’s right.”

“What will happen to this child once the color is inherited?”

“Since it’s my child, they’d eventually succeed my title.”

“…Will it be loved?”

“Of course, they will be an irreplaceable existence for me.”

If it was her child, then she could love it generously and unconditionally. 

—Or was that obsessive?

“…Do you think what I’m trying to do is the worst?”

“Do you want me to?”

Mareena shook her head.

“Then you shouldn’t say that. Be proud and hold on to your pride.”

“Thank you very much.”

“Then, about your request…”

Mareena’s shoulders jumped.

“…How about me?”


Lewis stood up and retrieved a small vial out of a desk drawer. He dripped the liquid onto a handkerchief, before proceeding to wipe his hair with it. Then, the color of his hair transformed into that of silver.

“I have silver hair, and I think it’s a bit dark.”

“T, that’s true…”

“I’m Lewis, the third son of Baroness Pachette, albeit formerly. I’ve since left my house and become a commoner.”

“Sir Lewis…”

“Please stop. Just refer to me as Lewis.”

“I understand.”

“So, what’s your answer? If I’m not good enough, there are two others who meet the conditions. I can introduce them to you.”

“N, no! Uh, that! Lewis is good enough…!”

Her voice gradually shrank. Mareena was amazed at what she had implied. But since she had decided to be embraced by a man, she couldn’t be embarrassed.

“Hahaha, what an honor. There’s no need to be embarrassed. I shall accept your request.”

“O, okay…”

Her heart tightened in her chest. Although her fleeting joy vanished the instant after.

She shouldn’t be hurt by his words. After all, her sole goal was to become impregnated. He was merely fulfilling her request.

“Let’s decide the schedule in detail.”

“Before anything else, I’d like you to prepare two more things.”

“What is it?”

An aphrodisiac and medicine that’d aid in conception.

Then, they decided on a schedule based on Mareena’s physical condition. They opted to meet twice a month for up to 6 months, and if there were no results by then, she’d try with a different partner under the same conditions. If after that she was still without a child, she’d give up.

What a clerical and dry plan for conception. With a total stranger no less. She also had to explain her menstrual cycle to a person she had just met. There was no need to say anything more after.

It no longer mattered whether she was a dignified girl or a naïve virgin. She no longer cared about the shame.



The discussion was over.

“We shall contact you again when your request is ready.”


She also paid in advance. There was no turning back.

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